29 Faces - Face 7 - Alien Girl

Greetings from rainy, rainy, rainy Kent. Hark - is that Autumn I spy peeking round the corner? 

Face 7 of my 29 Faces and still playing around with oil pastels. 
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Mixed Media Oil Pastel Gouache Girl Face

I drew straight over the top of a background that was already in my sketchbook. I went through a phase of painting cells  for a bit - I still like doing it if I'm honest - they don't resemble anything like what I'm copying but it's kind of therapeutic. The background here was an experiment with drawing ink and then Gelli Plating over the top with masked circles. Trying to get the effect of cells... anyway - I thought it would be a cool background. Both the pages were clear Gessoed and sanded down  before I started drawing.

When I got to this stage I liked the colour of the background in her eyes - so decided to keep that, only adding the whites and a bit of black for her pupils. I also thought the drawing ink made a good hair shape... so she kept that too.

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - In my sketchbook: Beginnings of a face

Devvie says she looks like an alien "in a good way." I like her lots I must admit - even more than my blue haired lady. Craig prefers the blue haired lady because she's brighter.  I think everything about this one is more me. I'm tempted to do a zombie in this style!

Man, I'm loving 29 Faces

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Love the colours Carmen - super piece.

    Toni xx

  2. Epic. Gorgeous. Make a Zombie right now!

  3. such beautiful and expressive eyes. Great piece.

  4. I think she's great - well done!! Love her hair... but the face is just beautiful.

  5. Very powerful eyes, and I love the hair and the sweet little lips with just that little curl upwards that makes them perfect. Tiny details like this add so much to a painting. I like your process - I wasn't too sure what you meant by cells - the circles? Altogether an interesting process and dreamy result.

  6. I really like her, especially her hair. Very creative.

  7. Interesting technique with great results

  8. What I'm particularly loving about watching you take part in 29 Faces is that you are trying out so many different techniques!

    This girl has quite an ethereal look about her, not quite of this world. Or alien (in a good way) as Devon says!!

    Zombie face soon DEFINITELY!


  9. Also love the bsckground! I psychically predict that you do do a zombie!


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