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29 Faces - 9 and 10

My two eldest wanted me to do them a face in the oil pastels. I have a bunch of Strathmore Trading Cards which I experiment backgrounds on - so I thought I'd try a couple of faces on those. 

These backgrounds (forgot to take starting pictures) were where I had dropped wet drawing ink onto water soaked cards. This first one you can just make out where I have also used it to scrape acrylic paint on another project - all adds to a background effect right?
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Green Haired Girl ATC/ACEO
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Red Haired Girl ATC/ACEO

This time I just did a layer of Matte Medium over the background before I started in with the oil pastels - I was being stingy as my clear Gesso is running on empty. This is where I am loving the learning curve that is 29 Faces. I definitely prefer using the oil pastels over sanded down Gesso. I couldn't control it very well at all over the Matte Medium. It wouldn't blend so well for me - just kept moving the underneath layers around. I suppose it has a better tooth to hang on to with the Gesso. 

I also didn't do a base coat of Gouache this time - and you can see the background coming through the faces a lot more. Like I say - steep learning curve. But loving it.

Just as a quick aside - Craig's Mum won the Strathmore Trading Card blanks on their Facebook page ages ago. She gave them to me. I have thrown everything at them: Water, watercolours, acrylics, spritzes, mixed media... and now oil pastels. They take some hammering. If you want to buy some pre-cut ATC/ACEO blanks you wouldn't go far wrong picking up a set of these to play with - if I remember rightly, they come with little envelopes too. I will be buying them again. And no, I am not being coerced/bribed/ paid to say that - just like to pass on info when I like a product. 

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Wow these are fab, i love your backgrounds and the faces are brilliant. I have one wee set of very cheap oil pastels and I just couldnt get on with them - they dont seem to want to smudge or blend.

    What make did you use Carmen (hoping its not ones that are way too expensive lol)

    Suzy x

  2. Your art is really art's such a pleasure seeing how your stuff evolves.
    I like the background coming through,

  3. These are fantastic! So bright and colourful! I love oil pastels but I'm just no good with them. You make it look easy :)

  4. Reading about your experimentation is really interesting. Your 2 faces today are fab and I agree with Julia, I like the background showing through :)


  5. Loving these faces! I think the background coming through adds to the art.

  6. Two very interesting and attractive faces. I like the way the background shows through on the faces. I also like the backgrounds, so I shall have a go with dropping the ink on wet wet wet paper. Thank you for the idea. Might take a while, as my mind is teeming with ideas at the moment. I must get down to writing them down before I forget them. Yes, 29 Faces is challenging but fun, and I love visiting to see yours.

  7. These are great, despite the uncooperative pastels atop the medium. Live-n-learn! And I've seen those ACEO blanks and have wondered about them ~ it nice to know ~ thanks for sharing your experience with them!

  8. I think they are both beautiful. I also appreciate you giving how you did it and what worked and what didn't. I'm still learning, and things like that help so much.

  9. Great faces! I really like your style and colors.

  10. Isn't the discovering quite exciting. You know you are growing and exploring. Love these. What are you sealing them with?


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