Tutorial Try-Out: Lynne Hoppe Face

I'm still picking tutorials from Kristin's list. I've wanted to do this one for a while but put it off because I so admire the dreamy style that Lynne captures.

So here we go - Lynne Hoppe's How To tutorial.

I don't have hardly anything that was on Lynne's supply list so I muddled through with what I do own. The main ingredient lacking was a cream oil pastel - I used white.

My lady didn't come out dreamy at all - in fact quite stern. I may have even remarked she looks like a Tudor... a boxing Tudor - what an unfortunate nose! Then I noticed some words on her background paper - so highlighted them. She's a Matriarch, Mayhap...?

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Lynne Hoppe inspired face.
Emily Anne - Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee!
I have to say, I absolutely loved this tutorial - my lady may not have come out like Lynne's but I loved the technique, I loved how she suddenly just appeared from the paper. I kinda love her  - boxers nose, serious face and all.  I will definitely play around some more.

Lynne mentions in the tutorial that sometimes the pieces crack with all the different mediums going on there and my girls' face did start to peel as she dried off. I slathered her in gloss varnish to try and protect her but had to be careful as this caused another reaction with the oil pastel. It started to move! I gently laid her on a spare page in my sketchbook to dry and noted down what had happened so I can play around some more. Now that the gloss has dried she seems pretty stable - unlike her creator! Ha! Lynne's right though - the flaking does just add to the effect.

Another very generous tutorial - definitely recommended a play :)

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  1. Thos is.fabulous Carmen even though she does look on the stern side.

    I cannot draw to save my life but will go and have a wee look at the tutorial

  2. ah, carmen! i do love her! she has a wonderful, vibrant energy that just pops off the page! thank you for trying out the tutorial - i am so honored and the results make me smile a big smile. : )


  3. I think you're right! I have a couple of postcards of Holbein Tudor portraits and she is staring out from the page just the way they do. She has real personality

  4. How can you say that of her. Even matriarchs have feelings you know! In fact I think she is very handsome, as they used to say, and looks wistful and thoughtful. I think she has a PhD in maths, a true blue stocking.
    A terrific result from the tutorial. Like you, when I did it I had hardly any of the suggested supplies and used what I had, but I did learn a lot from it.

  5. She's great! I reckon she's had a hard life proving her worth in a world dominated by men. And she likes cats.

    I will check this tutorial out, it looks great if your results are anything to go by :)


  6. Hi Carmen! How have you been? I love how your face turned out! such a cool tutorial! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!!!

  7. Looks fantastic! Thanks for the link. :)

  8. I love all manner of cracking and flaking!
    Well, on art anyways ;P

    She may be stern....but just serious about being created, methinks. A strong personality to help her come through on the page :)

  9. Thank you, for this wonderful post, dear Carmen. So nice to see your face in l.h. style. Wonderful work - and I will go immediatley and have a look to this tutorial.
    Hugs Erika


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