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Rocking My World Friday

Hello Strangers :) It's been a quiet week for the old blog but I've been busy off it. Fancy seeing what's made me smile? Read on...

Firstly and with much fanfare - it's my gorgeous Devvie for getting all the grades she needed for her 6th form place... and then some. She's worked her socks off and I'm so proud of her and happy that it all paid off. The future is bright.

The celebratory Chinese takeaway and ice-cream we had that night was pretty fabulous too, it has to be said!
The day after Devvies exam results we packed a picnic and boarded the train to London to visit the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. None of us had been before and I hadn't realised that all the museums were so close together. These two were next door to each other and the Victoria & Albert is just over the road! We didn't see even half of the two we went to see but we will definitely be back. The museums are free so for the price of train fare, a couple of ice-creams and a small donation we had a relatively cheap, knackering and fun day out.
Whoopidooings - Natural History Museum
We were heading to the dino exhibit when we came upon the birds.  The albino section was so interesting - after our trip to Scotland I did a bit of crow googling because the crows up there are so much bigger. I pondered whether what we have visit us are jackdaws and what they had up there were carrion crows. After seeing this exhibit I'm convinced of it. This picture is of an albino jackdaw... it's distinctly silver in colour! Apologies if you are glazing over at this point - the more I find out about these fascinating birds the more I want to learn. Am on the lookout for a good handbook now so if you can recommend one - drop me a comment please.
Whoopidooings: Albino Jackdaw at the Natural History Museum #Crow #Corvid
This is a Dodo - it was pretty busy so I couldn't get to close to see if it was an actual Dodo and there were two of them in the case. Devvie is sure she caught a glimpse of the word "preserved."
Whoopidooings: Dodo at the Natural History Museum
The dinosaur section was fab. If you are going to visit I really recommend you go to the website first and book a fastpass to this section. It's F.R.E.E. And it means you get to walk smugly and oh so V.I.P-like past the massive (and I mean humungous) queue and walk straight in. Oh yes you can. 
 Whoopidooings: Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum
Had to laugh at Craig's OCD flaring into life in this section - you walk along a tall walkway so can see on top of the cabinets... which had huge dustbunnies covering them. He was lamenting not having a hoover with him. Seriously. We don't call him Monica for nothing!

There was a wall depicting possible reasons for the dinosaurs demise. Craig found this one particularly amusing and we all had great fun spotting which skeletons could be Nessie.
We took the harness again which meant Logey Bear could join in the fun. He loved the rock exhibit and wanted to bring them home I think. The water feature in the basement of the Science Museum was his favourite though. Doesn't he look big here?
Whoopidooings: Fun at the Science Museum/Natural History Museum
You'll notice no piccies of the Ruby Monster. Craig was taking all these on his phone and she was running around all over the show like Speedy Gonzales - all we got of her were blurs as she streaked past .She loved it and wants to go back - we definitely will as Pheebs missed out, being away for 2 weeks. Much recommended indeedy.
Lets see, what else...
  • The lovely book a friend, who is packing in paper crafting, sent me. Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin - It's one I've been recommended many a time on Amazon so will enjoy reading that.
  • The first two books in a zombie detective series (Hessius Mann novels) that I bought dirt cheap from the Amazon Marketplace arrived this week. 
  • Finding Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon is just £1.57 on Kindle versus £7.19 in paperback... I may have accidentally clicked 'buy' (Wow - it's been a real book haul week hasn't it?)
  • I've decided to take part in the September 29 Faces. I've seen this challenge around Blogland for a while and it looks fun. 
  • Pinterest. (You can find me here.) I've been finding it hard to get back into online life since taking a break for a few days. Pinterest has been easing me back in with lots of lovelies to look at.
  • As has Words With Friends - thanks for playing me if you are and for putting up with me not playing till I'm (usually) in bed.
  • My sketchbooks, who I no longer fear.
I'm off now to link up with Virginia and the other Rockers - why not pop over yourself.

Thanks for stopping by today - how has your week been?

p.s Hello to Ruth who left a lovely comment on my last post. (Thank you.) I tried to return a visit but your name wasn't clickable and the email notification had no return email attached. Very jealous that you live up there :)


  1. Your family trip to the museums sounds brilliant - can't believe you've not been before, hope you get to go back soon. The V&A is brilliant too, but probably not as much fun for the kids.Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to reading what rocks your week next week! (still deciding what to do with the Ma'amite jar!)

  2. I love the London museums and can say that I have been lucky enough to have visited most and some more than once (even though you had to pay for some of them when I was growing up) - sounds like it made a fab family day out.

    You seem to have had a very 'booky' week but how wonderful that you now have these to dip in and out of.

    Have a super week ahead.
    Toni xx

  3. BIG congratulations to that girl! Well done. It's great to be looking forward to the next stage.

    I love that you went dodo this week too. Now my imagination is working many dodos were there? do you think yours ever met mine etc etc?

  4. Well done to Devvie on her great results

    Sounds like you had a fab trip to the museums. My wee Bird book is at the caravan as we see many more birds there. Cant remember the name but Ive had it since I was young

    I adore pinterest but you can lose hours there

    Have a fab week

    Suzy x

  5. Carmen. Your week sounds wonderful, thank you so much for sharing. My kids are at the age now, where I can't drag them to any kind of museum for anything. I hope it passes. You inspired me to try the 29 Faces for September as I have been looking for a way to jump back in to the art/bloggy universe as the kids go back to school. 29 seems daunting now, but we'll see how it goes. Cheers!


    {indoors voice} What a great week. Those museums are fantastic - I love how the escalator goes up through the planet. The last time I went to the Natural History Museum, the queues for the dinosaurs was very very long, so your pre-booking tip is very helpful. Especially as it's free!

    Have a great week!


  7. Hi Carmen, just returning your visit to mine :) 'cos I can click and get linked back to your blog... I used to use google reader for blog posts but that has now demised so I'm a bit lost as to fnding the blogs I follow :(
    Anyway, I loved reading your post, Well done to Devon and wow, Logan has grown up - he was a babe in arms the last pic I saw of him! Happy family times - the best!
    Muchos love x x x

  8. We are very familiar with museums...a summer must in almost every city that has one from here to Washington.

    Those look incredible...and FREE?! That's insane! Insanely fantastic, that is! I think Maggie and I would be there quite often!

    You call Craig, Monica?! That's hilarious! One of my all time favorite TV shows ever....and it would not have been the same without Monica :)
    I wish I had a Monica...a clean freak that's a chef....that would be the best....haha!

    Much love!

  9. Oh on a Rocking catch up, the trip to the museums looks awesome and looks like you had a fab day, I didn't know they were all close together either, not that we've ever visited there. Loving the Logie Bear photos - he is getting so big now! Giggled at the Monica reference and dustbunnies LOL.

    WTG you on the book haul and the book for your kindle at a decent price and finally WTG Devon for getting the grades she needs and some for 6th form - I know how hard she's worked!!!!!



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