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The Collector

Are you a collector? I used to collect many things - there was always books. I can't collect as many now because we just have no room. They have to be special now. Something I'll read and re-read to be granted staying space. I used to have a particular love of Anne Rice First Edition Hardbacks... till I realised that buying them again in paperback because I was to scared to read the hardbacks was a bit daft - and expensive... and taking up to much room. So they're all gone. As  a kid I collected cat ornaments. Love cats but live in a house of doggy people. Now I just have 3 little Quarry Cats. Ornaments are such dust magnets but the Quarry Cats are just chunky enough to scrape through.
Then there was the Sylvester the Cat memorabilia. Love Sylvester. Again, to much space, to much dust. They're all gone - apart from one much loved but damaged mug in my shed.

Craig and I would love a clutter free house. We are just getting to the stage now where my art stuff is, for the most part, out in my shed. His hobby and his work, is out in the workshop. So, for now, all the clutter in the house is mostly the kids. Which we have to put up with. We moan about. But we put up with. I didn't think I was a collector of anything (apart from art stash) anymore. But slowly I've realised that all this time I've collected something that's never changed. Something that Craig despairs of and tries to bin before I can squirrel it away. What is it? Can you guess?
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - My Art Shed
My shed. Can you see? What could it be? Lets look closer...
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Marmite Jars
Think you might have guessed it?
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Marmite Jar
Pretty sure you have ;)
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Marmite Jar
So versatile!
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Cactus Marmite Jars
So pretty!
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Marmite Jar
So functional! (Holding left over oil here)
Marmite Jars. I've always found them beautiful. I wash them and hoard them as soon as they are empty otherwise Craig tries to get them in the recycling. He's even tried to buy the squeezy bottles in a vain attempt to break my collecting. As if. Marmite in a squeezy bottle is just wrong and I refuse to try it. 

I've read that some people save the jars full. They don't open them. That could never happen in this house - I love it to much. An un-opened jar sitting taunting me on the shelf? Ain't gonna happen. So, in the meantime. My little collection grows - but at least this one is functional (I have to justify keeping them!) And they are used as pen and brush holders, I've planted cactus in a couple, the one in the kitchen I put left over oil into (thus doing my bit to save the nation's drains!)  I have an idea for a couple of arty projects with a few... 

I even have this cool mug my sister bought me for Christmas one year - but I have a terrible cup/smash ratio so it sits safely guarding my aqua brushes and some pencils. It has starred in it's own arty project. Click here to see it immortalised in Tracey Fletcher King's Cuppa With Friends project. Fame at last for my little Marmite mug :)
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - My Marmite Mug
I think I've broken Craig now. He finally admitted defeat in my badgering to buy the big, mahoosive 500g jar (Hurruh!) which I've nearly emptied. I convinced him it was much more economical than my powering through the 250g pots. I am stupidly excited at getting my mitts on that jar!

I'd really love one or two of their special edition jars but thus far only have a couple of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee ones. *Insert sad face* Who knows - give me a couple of months and I'll have our toothbrushes in Marmite jars to show you!

And yes. Craig is a hater. Apart from on his roast potatoes.

So there you go. A peek at my secret collection. Are you a collector? Of what? Do show and share me your link - I'd love to see. 

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. I cant stop collecting things ...but I did get rid of a lot when I moved ...only to collect paper paint beads etc etc ....just need to use them lol
    I have that Quarry cat in my Cat Collection....and two Methil in the original style which I prefer.
    I love Bovril Jars and need 'help' to bin them ....easier now DD likes the plastic squeezt verson . xx

  2. :D what a great blog post :) I especially enjoyed the phrase 'cup/smash ratio' :) you have a real way with words, you know.

    And I had already picked up on your Marmite pot obsession from seeing photos of your studio shed :)

    I don't think I collect anything any more, really, other than art supplies, but I don't think that counts as the plan is eventually to use them up rather than just admire them.

    I used to collect snail ornaments when I lived at home, but I left them there when I moved out in the mid 80s (I'm not daft, that way my mum had to dust them, not me!), so I'm not sure they count as mine any more

    Oh and I went through a phase of collecting those little pewter fantasy figurines with the crystals - what were they called? I was even in the special collectors club which meant you got a special edition one once a year.

    and of course there was my record collection (over 4,000 vinyl albums) and my graphic novels and comics (also in the thousands), all of which got left behind when I did my midnight flit from my ex husband (sob, I miss my stuff!)

    I think it was the trauma of losing all my albums and comics that got me out of the collector mentality, actually, as I can't quite face putting that much effort into building up another collection that I might lose....

  3. Great post Carmen. And I spotted the jars in the first photo - so am feeling smug!

    I don't really collect anything in particular - all my craft supplies I'm always happy to use up and move out. So I think clothes are possibly the only thing I consistently bring home and admire! I have a little printer's tray where I keep little 'bits' and I hang on to anyhting that's gone rusty and display it in the garden, but even then ... there's nothing especially 'collection'y about it all.

    Sometimes it's good to let stuff go isn't it? [I just need to work on James and his many many many un-made model planes now ...!] x

  4. Do you enter the comps to win marmite on twitter? I was hoping I'd win one of the gold ones but didnt :(

    Collect, hmmm, AS a teen I collected X-files memorabilia - had loads of photos, books, videos, cards, figures etc etc etc, but it got too big so it had to go. Nowadays I think I collect for the kids, lol, I am obsessed with getting full sets & unfortunately it looks like the youngest has a similar mindset.

    You could say I collect hats, I tend to get a few new ones every year & hang them in the back entrance way so they dont get ruined when I'm not wearing them (coz I could really wear them all at once now couldnt I!)
    I seem to collect 12x12 papers, mmmm, precious, though they do get used. & skulls, they have to be nice skulls, not mishaped or pink, but I do adore a good shaped/designed skull whether an ornament (glass cabinets are fab for keeping the dust away), clothing etc

  5. I only like a single scraping on hot buttered toast. You should get a yellow Marmite jar from self ridges to add to the collection. I used to collect everything from keyrings to mice to mini perfume bottles but now I mainly just collect craft stuff!

    1. Mel, I would LOVE one of the Selfridges one but am nowhere near a store. Will have to see if they do it online :)

  6. Carmen!
    Fun post! I am a strange duck..I am a bit of a Minimalist around the house...but I hoard art supplies, bits and pieces and 'Found Objects' like a crazy woman. My Studio is the only place that I really allow the madness:) But lately it's been seeping out into the rest of the house! I try to keep it "managed" in baskets...but having 5 baskets by the couch isn't really 'dealing with the problem':) I am also a hoarder of Magazine clippings:)

  7. Love your Marmite jar collection... I wanted to get one of the Diamond Jubilee ones but would have never finished the contents, I don't eat a lot of it, a tiny jar will last me a year... not sure I understand it on roasties though.... Hope you are doing well.

  8. You do know you are likely to be inundated with marmite jars dropping through the door now don't you LOL! Loving the collection Carmen!

  9. When I got married we decorated the tables with posies of flowers from the marmite jars!

    Yes, I'm a collector too, with many many collections..

  10. Oh, wow! You've made me see the beauty in Marmite jars! What have you started? I'm really tempted to hoard all sorts, but our tiny house is bursting at the seams with the four of us - son has books up to the ceiling on every wall; daughter can't throw away train tickets ever since she did an art project involving them yonks ago; husband just won't throw away ANYTHING and I collect masks! I'll take a pic and post some of them one day, you gave me the idea! Julie Ann xx

  11. I have to say that although i truly believe that marmite is evil sludge compared to Vegemite, I do think the marmite jars are much prettier... I think I would collect them as well... I loved painting your mug and it was one of the more unusual and interesting ones... thanks for being part of the fun and the mention...xx

  12. that is some collection of Marmite!!!! looks great!!!

  13. Your marmite jars are much cooler than ours! We are a marmite house and have just recently gotten it back. It used to be made in the city the big earthquake destroyed and so the country actually ran out for nearly a year.

    We had to use vegemite, but it wasn't the same and consumption went down. You should have heard the excitement in this house when we got it back again!

    What do you do with roast potatoes?

  14. Oh Carmen, I'm laughing so hard reading this post!. See, opposite attracts in the nicest of ways :). I have not tasted Marmite, but the bottles are pretty just like you said. Bold yellow and deep brown beauty. Oh yeah, your succulents are cute. Hope they grow well. LOVE your atelier shed, I wish I had one to day dreaming in. LOVE the jubilee Ma'amite one, wonder if they are going to make a royal baby ones, celebrating Prince George?. Tell me if they do :). Thanks so much visiting me & my spinach today!

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