Silver Crow Project

WW Collaboration - Red, Black, Teal & Copper

Virginia and Sarah - don't look if you want a surprise :)

I thought I'd do a little update on the collaboration I am taking part in. I started here with my Poe inspired piece and that's on it's merry way around the group. I've since received three more to work on and am showing you the two that have left me again.

First was Sarah's. Her theme is Copper & Teal. This was the piece I made to fit onto her card.

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Teal & Copper theme
Gelli Print background
Stamping with photo canister & Donna Rodgers stamp
Acrylic Paint (Kaiser Colour & Reeves)

This is what it looks like slotted onto Sarah's card, it's sitting under Sarah's starting piece - the circles that are echoed in my piece from hers was a happy accident.

Next up is Virginia's. Her theme is Red & Black. This is the piece I made to slot onto her card. Being a real Rock Chick - I'm hoping she'll forgive me the Michael Bolton lyrics (Man, I had such a thang for him as a teen! Well - his voice anyway. Shut UP!) Anyhoo - I kept "hearing" Time, Love & Tenderness when I was doing this - so on it went. Don't think it shows up to well in my pictures.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Red & Black theme
W&N Galeria Modelling Paste
Acrylic Paint (Reeves)
Masks (Tim Holtz - idea-ology)
Alpha Stamps
And again, how it looks with the other pieces so far. It sits with Virginia's starting piece, then Sarah's and then mine. 
Next I have Susie's Steampunk inspired piece. Now I love the look of Steampunk but I always struggle translating it into something - so I am stalling with this one. Especially since the bits already on it are so good. I'm a bit scared of ruining it. Thinking cap on!

I'm really loving seeing these come through the door - especially as they get more layers on them. Can't wait to see what my Poe looks like when it comes home!

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Wow these pieces are fab Carmen. I particular love Sarahs teal and copper colour scheme and as for Michael Bolton *snort* fancy you admitting to that lol xx

  2. OOh, that looks like another interesting project, great to see your creative muscles being stretched once again and love what you have done. Steampunk eh? Would have thought that was right up your street? Just add gears, lots & lots of gears, can't go wrong, lol.

    Thanks also for giving me that shove I needed to get back into Blogland, much appreciated. x

  3. oooooh I love what you have done with mine! very Klimty! and Virginia's is looking fantabulous too (although....Michael Bolton? really? oh dear :) )

  4. What a great idea. That's something I'd love to do too. You did absolutely fab work, love the copper and teal one with the gorgeous image and I the red/black combo has always been one of my favourites. Suzanne x

  5. I do love the idea of the pieces slotting together like that. Very clever! and very rewarding to look at too..

  6. Your teal and copper piece is terrific, and the other two as well. This looks like a good collaboration piece. It will be interesting to see the completed pieces.

  7. ah I do love you, dearly, and we will get that cup of tea at the artistic stamper store one day.... it amazes me that people use my stamps far better than I ever could - which is just downright weird don't you think?

    slightly more weird..Micheal Bolton, 'tis a tough one but yes I still love you...


  8. I love your Michael Bolton confession. (Just secretly you were not alone!!)

    I really love how those cards come together, and echo connections with other cards. They will look amazing when they are finished.

    I love the look of steampunk but I am useless at doing it. Just go for it and listen to your inner jukebox (if you haven't yet done it!! :))


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