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Rocking My World Friday...

... on Friday! Blimey! Steady yourselves there. I know it's a shock ;)

It's that time of the week when I look back at what's made me smile over the past seven days. Firstly, again, is the knock on effects from Julie's better blogging class and the reason I'm on time today. Note taking throughout the week and uploading photos into my "Blog Fodder" folder which has it's very own "Rocking Friday" sub-folder. All meaning I'm organised and posting today - on time! Thanks Julie. Gradually I'll get my ever increasing art uploaded too.

Positive two. I'm arting every single day. This is partly down to having my shed, which is slap bang next to my back door making it so easy to pop in and out. Partly due to Logey Bear being that little bit older so he can either come sit out in the garden in his high chair while I'm in there - or the girls watch him for me of an evening for half hour. It's also a lot to do with ICAD which I am loving, absolutely LOVING taking part in. Post to follow later today on that hopefully. And just... I don't know, got my mojo back I guess.
Whoopidooings: Rainbow paintbrush
Spotting a rainbow on my paintbrush :)
Watching Mama Starling teaching her bubba's how to feed. I'm pretty sure these are the ones that have been nesting in the eaves above the loft bedroom. You could hear them scrabbling about and running around. And if you tapped your fingers along the ceiling you could hear them follow the noise.
Whoopidooings: Mama Starling and her babies

Whoopidooings: Mama Starling and her babies

Whoopidooings: Mama Starling and her babies
Doesn't she look so stern here?

Sunshine! A whole week of it. It's not been to hot and it's not been to cold. Just right - it's really lifted my mood. Washing drying on the line, being able to leave my shed open all day to just pop in and out as I can, walking to the school without getting drenched or blown away. Lovely.

This lot. I had to laugh when I saw them lined up like this. I'm also proud that those laptops the older two are on? Bought with their own money - saved up for over months and months with pocket money and Christmas etc. Devvie has had hers years now but I remember the year she got it, she was just a bit short to hit the sales. So we offered to sub her the rest but told her it would mean 6 months without any pocket money. We half expected her to still try it on and wheedle some money out of us in those following months. But she didn't.   Sometimes when people say kids have to much... and then I tell them this, I then get told how harsh  and strict we are. (Can't win eh?) I don't care. When I see my girls like this it makes me proud that they know the value of stuff. And I thought they all looked so flipping cute lined up like that.
Whoopidooings: 4 Little Techies, All In A Row

And a few quickies...

  • Home baked rolls (Well, from a packet mix but it counts!)
  • Getting the house clutter free. Slowly. One room at a time. (Averaging 2-3 days on each room!) 
  • The explosion of buttercups and dandelion clocks
  • All you can eat pie night at a local pub for Craig's birthday. Nom.
  • Being told my kids are angels with great manners at said pub (Granted the waitress was having to deal with a kids party from Hell a few tables over.)
  • The 75p skipping rope that has obsessed a certain little Ruby for 2 weeks now. She's getting very good at it.
  • Logey Bear enjoying his solids. Making it so much easier at meal times or when we go anywhere.
  • WW Girls and online friends.
  • Craig, always.
If you'd like to join us and look back at the week and what made you smile - there's always something, I promise you - then please pop by Virginia's and link up. We'd love to see you.

This week I'm also linking up with Annie's Friday Smiles  why not pop over there too? Double the good feeling! Can't be bad.

Thank you as always for stopping by - how has your week been?


  1. Oh that's a lovely post, loving that you are arting and I absolutely adore that photo of your beautiful children all lined up on the sofa - simply amazing!!!!!! The starlings feeding awesome, we've had sparrow fledglings in the garden this week which have kept us amused. The blue skies certainly help on the mood lifting, long may the continue (not too hot and not too cold suits me too Carmen). Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead

    Much love as always!

  2. Well organized! :) Love you photos. I remember when I was young I too had to buy the "bigger" stuff with my own money, like bike and roller skates.

  3. :-) You sound so, so positive and happy. A lovely read!

    p.s: thanks, again, for sharing the series. x

  4. Beaytiful photos of the starlings, and of your beautiful family. Lovely to see hoe you treasure their positive approach to life.

  5. What a great post. Its also thanks to Julie and her blogging series that I am (a) joining in with things like this and (b) like you I have a pile of draft posts ready to go, how cute does that family of starlings look, but not as cute as your own family all sharing the settee, I applaud you for teaching your kids the value of money, mine were always taught that too and better to be the strict parent than the one who couldnt care less.

    Im glad you are enjoying ICAD and creating every day, its thanks to your link last week I found this and Im loving it too. Cant wait to get home from work tonight to tackle todays one

    Have a good weekend

    Suzy x

  6. What a week - no wonder you wanted to publish on Friday!! The girls (and Logey) are fabulous - and a credit to you - and I agree with YOU, the way you are bringing them up to appreciate the art of saving for something and not whining. good on you - and them! They'll thank you one day. The starlings are so cute, apparently they are becoming scarcer, so you are lucky to have them. I came across ICAD a few days ago and meant to start, but haven't got round to it - look forward to seeing your cards soon. xx

  7. What a lovely post Carmen....why not link it on my blog to make others smile too?
    Annie x

  8. Lovely post! I love the fact that you are getting to craft everyday and the photo of your family on the sofa is adorable! Thanks for the smile! Caro x (#8)

  9. I really enjoyed your post. Love the photo of the family on the sofa. Well done for doing your "art" every day. I try to do something crafty each day, don't always succeed but I try.
    We've had a starling fest here today too. I get so much pleasure from watching the birds, especially at this time of the year.
    Thank you for the smiles.
    Carol xx

  10. REally positive! Love the bird photos. And arty every day.. great! jenx

  11. You have 3 amazing daughters who are going to spoil Logan rotten I think. It makes you feel proud when your kids ...or GKids in my case ...are complimented. When I am with other kids who are rude noisey and disobedient I cant help thinking what did we do to have such polite quiet obedient ones and when will they change into monsters....not that they are perfect but they seem it against others LOL

  12. Just catching up on last Fridays Smiles
    Love the paintbrush

  13. That photo is so flipping cute! Glad you captured it and shared it.

    We did something the same with Sebastian and his most annoying Playstation 3. He saved all his money as well and then we helped him when there was one with a really good price. I think it teaches them the value of money, the reward of saving, what happens if you need credit and the consequences of that. We are such good parents. Haha. Also he is so proud of himself for paying for it himself.

    So much other fabulousness. The paibtbrush was a most excellent shot. Isn't it great when we are in the flow creatively, and there is such peace of mind in creating every day.


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