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Can I get this post done before the weekend is up?... Let's see - might be a quickie! Things that have made me smile in the last couple of weeks - Go!

These two. The boy dotes on her. She only has to pull a face and he's in fits of giggles. She's very into her skipping this week and as soon as she's home from school she's out there with her rope or the hula hoop Nanna gave her. So much so... Devvie and I are talking about getting an adult rope to join her. Just talking about mind. I'm also thankful the weather stayed nice for her school trip - the next day was abysmal.
Whoopidooings: Two monsters side by side

This picture holds lots of smiles for me. The postcard on the wall is from Natasha and makes me smile whenever I look at it. The canvas is just one I've had laying around for ages and I finally feel in the mood to do something with. So I've been prepping with clear Gesso this week and sanding. It's stroke-able and soft now ;) The French magazine is from Rebecca who very kindly sent it as collage fodder - it's gorgeous! And the spiky teazles - a gift from my lovely Craig when I mentioned in passing last week that they would be pretty to draw. This might not seem much to someone not in the know but he suffers terribly from hayfever. Getting these for me involved him wading through waist high grasses with his trusty secateurs. That's love that is. More precious than the biggest bunch of flowers in my eyes.

The various arty projects I'm taking part in. I had my Corpse back so will blog that later, I'm loving the collaboration with the WW girls, Summer of Colour and ICAD is really proving eye-opening as well. Love my little, ever growing, stack of cards!

Change is a brewing. I'm sensing a better outlook on the horizon. (No you haven't stumbled on the weather channel.)  Various things... all of which seem to be coming together at once. Devvie left school last week - well, until 6th form but that isn't school - more like college. It's very, very strange hearing her talk about work options and gap years (her friends) and Australia!! So I went a bit wibbly wobbly over that and also missing my Mum a bit. But I've also started watching what I eat - not dieting just cutting out (most of) the naughty snacking. Still eating pretty much what I want at meal times, just sensibly - I've given up on diets. I love my food to much. So I thought - right, if I'm going to eat what I want I need to start shifting this old bod. So I now do the Wii for at least one hour a day. Not all in one chunk. But at least 10 minutes a time - sometimes up to 40 mins. Doing the Wii Fit workout routines or Just Dance - stop laughing, I get enough of that here. So far... I'm noticing a difference. The jeans and t-shirts are looser and  with my back... That's hurting a lot less - could just be that everything else is hurting a helluva lot more but I missed a day yesterday where we were out for the day and I really missed it.

Then, all of a sudden, I'm getting on top of the housework? Wait, what? I know! It's taken me going through one room at a time, sometimes taking a few days on each room... but those rooms take me minutes now each day to flick around and do. We wont mention the Pheeb's room which is just... I'm shaking my head just thinking about it... but the rest of the house - I'm kind of actually OK with people seeing! It started off I think with wanting to declutter and then my thinking - hang on, I do this and I get to play in my shed more... without feeling guilty... and it actually feels kind of like exercise too.

So then there's more. I am in my shed. Playing. Experimenting. Messing up the couple of non-painty bits of clothes I had left! ICAD is responsible a lot for making me work outside the box but so are the collaborations I'm taking part in. Am doing stuff I would never have thought about doing before. I'm in painty grungy, gloopy Heaven out there.

But of course, the penalty for all that is that I run out of time for the internet - so if I am behind a bit on my blog reading. that's why. You'll find that you'll all of a sudden have a bulk load of spammy comments off me when I set aside some time to catch up with a cuppa or 10 :) 
And of course, my biggest positives of all. My gorgeous family for supporting me always and loving me regardless.

If you fancy listing all your positives from the week... or just rambling away (sorry!) Please do drop by Virginia's and say hi. We'd love to see you.

Thank you as always for stopping by - how have you been?


  1. Love the pic of your two wee'uns don't they look sweet together! The teasels are gorgeous, well done Craig for getting them - and the canvas behind is going to be fab too! All round your week sounds pretty darn good!

  2. Lovely post! Beautiful photos! Really enjoyed reading it. Have a lovely, healthy, creative week! Your little ones are so sweet, remind me of mine years and years ago - 19 and 22 now! xxx

  3. Brilliant post, you happy girl you :) Little Logey Bear looks so cute reading his book while Ruby snuggles up with him (love her onesie!).

    It's wonderful to see all the arting you're getting up to as well. I have really enjoyed looking at your ICADs.


  4. Great post ...your arty things look very interesting and the love between sis and little bro is beautiful to see.
    Like you,I like food too much but we are trying more veggie meals ...dont think they are lower in cals at the moment but I'm working on fat levels ....and I know my portion control is rubbish for excersise ...forget it ...just makes my joints swell...well thats my excuse. lolxx

  5. i cant get over how your babies grow!! ove your post, your energy is doubt that exercise and eating better amkes a difference...ive lost some weight over the last year and my hips hardly hurt at all! finding time for everything is a skill, i think you're doing the right thing ... Create while you can!

  6. They do say that it takes 9 months to grow the baby and another 9 months after that to start feeling like you have got your body back. Sounds like things are going well on that front :)

  7. Oh what a fabulous post Carmen, loving the photo of Ruby and Logan - so very very cute - precious time! Loving that you are feeling changes starting to come to fruition, step by step - that's how to do it! I hope your week ahead is beautiful and blessed oh and WTG Craig for getting you the teasles, my Mum used to make Teasle people out of them, little mice like creatures with a teasle used for the head - crazy what you remember sometimes isn't it! Hugs

  8. Enjoyed every picture and can't believe how big that gorgeous boy has grown. Teasels are great to draw, so I look forward to seeing the finished painting.
    Keep happy. It's wonderful that you have such a supportive family - and cutting out is much better than dieting. Good luck with the weight.

  9. He is getting so big! So gorgeous. I can't imagine my two been so big to be discussing work and OE's, the idea of it makes me want to cry. Yay gloopy paint play and I was so excited to see my postcard on the wall. I have to concentrate on getting healthy not losing weight or the number on the scale not going down would depress me.

    So much wonderfulness in this post, and I send my love regarding your mum. xx


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