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Hello Strangers.

It's good to be back in Blogland after my mini absence. It was a combination of things: My PC going at a snails pace so I've mainly been using my  tablet which isn't brilliant to blog on or leave blog comments - much as I love the thing.  The Logey Bear is teething, so Craig and I are stumbling around like zombies through lack of sleep. I've finally finished Julie's Better Blogging class (or The Push-Up Bra Approach) which gave me lots of ideas... and I've been spending a lot of time (when the Bear allows) in my shed.

So my first positive (and I'm looking back over a couple of weeks here) is Julie's class. It's here. It's full of handy tips and advice to blog better, faster and more efficiently, with more content and how to pull that audience in. Some of it you might already do, some of it might be new to you. It's FREE and it's definitely worth a look. You'll need a notebook and pen ;) I definitely think of my blog as a work in progress so I've taken away some good advice for sure.

Push-Up Bra Blogging with Julie Kirk

Next up, I ordered a new USB stick. I made some tea. I sat myself down in front of my PC and worked my way through all my photos (folders dating back to 2009) I sorted, I deleted, I sorted some more - arranging into date order, subject etc, etc. I deleted, deleted, deleted some more. Then backed it all up onto the USB... and rolled my PC back to factory settings. It took two days!

I only put the 2013 folder and my Art folder back on the PC, the rest is staying on my USB. I'm going zoom, zoom, zoom now! I cannot tell you how much joy this has given me over the past couple of days. Plus - I'm discovering things about my PC I never knew before. I can download apps like on my tablet - there are so many cool art ones! I can do that working on two screens side by side thing that you see on the TV adverts! I have Photoshop Elements on here! Whaaat?

It's like I have a brand new computer!  Happy, happy!

Rainbows after the rain.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Rainbow after the rainWhoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Rainbow after the rain
This gorgeous art postcard from Natasha all the way from New Zealand. You know what - I have this pinned up in my shed Natasha. I think when times are tough this could become a mantra.
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Natasha White Art Postcard

Craig and I celebrated 11 years together. I say celebrated... he spent the evening with his birdies and I played with paint in my shed! The secret of a happy relationship! We are going out next week for his birthday though, so will make it a double celebration then. We joke a lot about our relationship but honestly - I don't know what I'd do without that man. I'm thankful for him every day even when his little idiosyncrasies drive me potty. I'm assured the feelings are reciprocated. (And I have way more quirks that he has to put up with.)
I've rediscovered and fallen in love with my sketchbooks. I had fallen into that trap whereby - I get little time to play, so everything I do must eventually be a finished brilliant something. And of course that never happens. Because I'm not practising. Then frustration bites. I wallow.  I don't want to ruin my lovely sketchbooks. I don't create. Since having my shed, I've suddenly just let all that go. Just played in the sketchbooks. Not worrying that I'll 'ruin' them. not worrying that what I'm doing isn't perfect - just doing something. And having so much fun. And the ideas! The ideas that are just crashing in! I'm such an idiot! I have lots to share in future posts if you're interested! (Tough if you're not!)
Gratuitous Logey Bear pictures. Even when teething he's still a sweetie. I know, I'm biased ;)
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Sleepy Bear
Whoopidooings: Rocking My World Friday - Sleepy Bear
I'm going to sign off soon as am so tired and it's getting quite late.  I'll leave a little list of other things that have made my day, week or just moment in the time I've not been blogging. I'm sure there have been more but these stick in my mind :)

  • A new kettle = non-gritty, limescale free tea. 
  • My girls all working hard at school and (for the most part) getting on with each other.
  • 10pm bedtimes... even if we are woken up every hour or so.
  • Crispy, tangy apples... cheese and crackers.
  • Kleeneze Spider Repellent spray (Made from Chestnut Oil) keeping my shed spider free for over two weeks now.
  • Our local bootfair and the man who sells hot honey roasted peanuts there. Yum.
  • Lots and lots of online inspiration that I've signed up to. I'll list below.
Starting this week:

Self structured/work at own pace:
Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques. A free 7 week course
I hope to catch up on all my blog reading now that I'm all zippy and speedy. Get those kettle on :) If you feel like joining the merry band of Rockers please pop over to Virginia's and leave a link. We are a small but welcoming group. Most of us don't bite ;)

Thanks for stopping by - how have you been?


  1. I like the sound of your week, well done on 11 years together. Logey Bear is an absolute cutie...teething or not.

  2. Oh. I can't tell you how much the words you said about the postcard mean to me. Deeply honoured to be on the wall!!

    I have noted down the course details. Sounds fantastic. I am glad you got your computer issues sorted. Isn't it funny what is found when we remove some of the noise!! :)

    I am doing Summer of Color and Icad as well. My gosh, I want to steal the time from bored people, it is wasted on them!

    Logan...smooshiness. Happy belated anniversary, the perfect relationship, filled with love and space. Enjoy your combined celebrations, sketchbooks and your new kettle and all the rest of the fabulousness. I have missed you so I am glad you were just busy with life.


  3. Really positive and interesting post . Thanks for sharing! I'd forgotten how gorgeous babies can be, those photos are so lovely and I don't usually coo over any old baby - mine are now aged nineteen and twenty-two! I love that card and the sentiment from your friend too! x

  4. I changed all my profile photos last week and could not work out how to change the ones that came with my blog comments. Dumb I know! But...I have just done it, so you have the dubious pleasure of having the last comment made with the old photo and now the first comment made with the new blessed are you...honestly!! :D (Also how tired and delirious am I that I think this is incredibly funny).

  5. Wow ..that was a great post were so brave to sort out your computer ...didn't you do well.Logan really is so cute ...teething time is rough on parents and child a like...good luck ...hope you manage to get some sleep.Your spider spray sounds brilliant ...let me know if you ever find something that deals with ants!!! Take Care xx

  6. What a gorgeous boy you have!!!And I'm not biased!!

    Will be taking a look at Julie's Push up Bra blogging course... I have to admit I don't know much about pulling people in to my blog or using it as a tool other than to show what I've been up to, then hope for the best!!

    The shed sounds like a resounding success... I have an art room, small, very untidy but home for my endeavours and somewhere I can dip into whenever I feel the urge... and leave in a state without impacting on the rest of the house which was a big problem for me before!!! I was everywhere!!

    What a brilliant idea for your computer, now that, I am very tempted to do......mine is ok at the moment but I am gradually filling it up and the USB would be terrific back up......finally congrats on 11 years - sounds like you are there for the long haul!!!!

  7. Oh you - thanks so much for that. I'm so pleased you got something from it.

    Happy Anniversary to you both - James + I each have our own hobbies too, there's definitely something to be said for not having someone moping around or not understanding while you spread papery mess everywhere! He understands how interests / obsessions work!

    Logan - clearly adorable - and, if I'm not mistaken starting to look a lot like you now.

    Have a great week - teething aside. x

  8. Hi Carmen what a cutey lLogan is hope the teething sses quickly. Good work on sorting out your pc and doesn't Julies course give you so many great ideas for blogging. I loved reelading it. That mail art is Gorgoeus, something I've not tried yet. Glad you are getting some arty time, we are our own worst critics.

    Going to check out those arty links, thanks for sharing

    Suzy x

  9. Awe, Happy Anniversary! 11 years - that's awesome! As is your little one - he looks like a doll. AND thank you for your help in spreading the word about the SOC - I'm so happy that you'll be playing again this year, xoxo

  10. Carmen! Jim and I just celebrated our 14th on the 31st of May....well, I was at a workshop while he watched Maggie for 4, yes, I completely understand!
    Happy Anniversary!

    Wow! Logan sure resembles Ruby! What a cutie! Pictures of them sleeping are always so sweet :)

    So glad you are playing with abandon! I'm sure Craig just loves the fact that you are enjoying his handiwork out there! :P

    Biggest hugs!!

  11. Oh my Carmen that's a beautiful post, loving the post card and the photos of Logan what a cutie! Enjoying your sketchbooks celebrating anniversaries, so much to be thankful for - simply amazing and made me smile. Hope this week has been full of positives too


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