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A while ago I signed up to take part in an Exquisite Corpse project on the CollaboART blog. Remember the game from when you were young? Someone draws the head, folds it over, someone else draws the body, folds it over... and so on. Well, Exquisite Corpse is apparently the proper name for that game or Consequences.

There were no constraints, either theme or material wise, on my corpse - just that it would be a 'monster'.

I decided her head would be based on a crow's skull and this is what I sent off with three other bits of card in separate envelopes.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Crow Skull for Exquisite Corpse
W&N Galeria Modelling paste
Acrylic Paint (Kaiser Colour, Reeves & Liquitex Basics)
Fineliner Pen
Posca Pen

And this is what recently came home - please excuse the lighting - it was quite overcast when I took the picture - but isn't she beautiful?
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Collaborative Mixed Media Exquisite Corpse
Head - Me
Tentacled upper body - Jas
Mermy lower body - Karen
Tentacled 'feet' - Sarah
The whole thing measures 12x8" and I love it to bits. Am going to fill in the background on Jas's piece and then frame it. I say again, isn't she beautiful?

Would you like to see what I did for the other players? Here we go.  For Sarah's monster I played with some shedded bearded dragon skin I'd been hoarding since my niece gave it to me. I love the effect and will be using it a lot more.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing: Exquisite Corpse monster piece using Bearded Dragon shed skin.

And here it is when I added the colour to it using acrylic paints...

Acrylic Paint (Kaiser Colour)
Stencil (Balzer Designs)
Bearded Dragon Skin
Fineliner pen
You can see Sarah's completed monster if you click here.

Karen wanted a Stampotique inspired girl and I had the waist to knees portion...
Magazine Clippings
Gelli Printed Scraps
Doodling with Copic & Posca Pens
Stencil (I forget the make)
Acrylic Paint (Kaiser Colour)
And Jas wanted a Victorian Steampunk alter ego of herself. This one scared me I must admit. I've said before how much I like the look of Steampunk but am never really sure what the components are and I didn't want to fall into the bracket of "just stick a cog on it!" She also wanted to have one leg pimped up... so this was what I went with in the end...
Acrylic Paint (Reeves)
Fineliner Pen
Copic Markers
Both Jas and Karen haven't uploaded their final corpses yet but I'll update and link when they do.

Do you fancy taking part in a mixed media collaborative project? Why not pop over to CollaborART. It's just celebrated it's first birthday and it's such an amazing little community of artists. At the moment it's only open to people within Europe but who knows when that might change?  This link will take you to the FAQ page which explains everything about the site. As someone who has been involved pretty much from the beginning, I can't recommend it highly enough. There is never any pressure to take part in collaborations which range from 1-1 swaps or bigger group projects like this one. You can dip in and out or just watch other people's collaborations evolve as they post their progress - a couple of the journals going around at the moment have reached EPIC proportions! Come over and say hi - we'd love to see you.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. OOOh sooooo love her.. this is fantastic.. what a fun way to play... all your pieces are very cool...

  2. This is an amazing project - and yes, your monster is strangely very beautiful!! Bearded Dragon skin? Of course you'd use it!! Very cool effect :) I love everything you've done for the other corpses too (I didn't know that was the proper name).


  3. Love it - your crow's skull is fantastic! I was always rubbish at drawing consequences (never knew it by any other name!) due to my lack of drawing skills but the ladies here certainly don't have that problem!

  4. Oh it's all fabulous stuff, I love your entries on the others and your finished piece is fantastic - I too plan on framing mine!

  5. Love this post and all it's goodies. Are you on twitter Carmen?

  6. Oh wow, that's absolutely amazing, love it! The crow's skull is awesome and the background stunning. Great work.

  7. These creatures are so epically weird. I LOVE them. Are they on Flickr all together? The Paint work and shading is just stunning. Please show us more as you make it!

  8. Carmen wow just stunning!

  9. What amazing pieces of art them.

    Thanks for the kind words ....we tell the kids that they are waiting at Rainbow Bridge for their friends so they can play together and that our special ones wait for us so we will see them again one day... I dont push the last bit too much lol xx

  10. Wow, that is awesome! Enjoyed this post very much.:)

  11. I have never heard of this game! Genius! Yours came out beautifully - it's amazing how well it all matches up. My favorite, though, its your bearded dragon skin. That is absolutely gorgeous! Where do you find the time?

  12. That is so cool! I admit, I've never hear of this game either, lol. Love what you did with the dragon skin! I'll have to check out this site!

  13. 'Stick a cog on it' - wonder where that phrase came from? lol. I used to love playing Consequences when I was little, but we only ever drew cartoons, not this 'serious' stuff. Some great textural elements in the finished piece.

  14. Such a clever person you are! They are all great, though I do especially love the use of the bearded dragon skin. I played exquisite corpse with the children a little while ago. I love that game and fantastic idea for collaboration work!

  15. I had no idea that the game was called exquisite corpse. I think that this would make for an awesome animated monster. It looks like that thing can fly and swim. I would love to see the finished product of the Victorian steampunk look. Thank you for the link to the faq page, it sounds interesting.

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  16. ^^ i like very much your bird's skull !!
    Friendly yours,


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