When we - a group of great but yet to meet face to face friends - decided to properly meet up in April we agreed to make tags for each other as a little memento. Some of our group couldn't make it, well - we are spread the length and breadth of the UK... but we all did a little something anyway. 

These are the tags I made.
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Gelli Printed and Doodled skull tags
Two or three layers of Gelli printing with circles, cross hatching and swirles drawn in with a skewer. Random masking done with some circles. For the last layer I cut a little skull mask. When it was dry, went doodle mad with my white Posca pen... and one I used black Copic because it was a second print using the black paint so the background wasn't so dark..

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Gelli Printed and Doodled skull tags
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Gelli Printed and Doodled skull tags
I can't believe I haven't done any tags before this. I'm sure I keep meaning to but I don't think I have. Or have I? I don't think I have...

Anyway - these cured the headache from Hell so I know what to do I when I have one in future.

These are the tags I received - I think most of us went mad on our Gelli Plates. The end blue one is by Jo's daughter, Hope. The texture is gorgeous. It's like looking down through the clouds on a piece of landscape.
Whoopidooings: Tags by friends. Ally Pally 2013 Tag Swap
L-R Sue, Jo, Hope
Whoopidooings: Tags by friends. Ally Pally 2013 Tag Swap
L-R Sam, Sarah
Virginia's tag
I managed to scan everyone else's, mine included but, had to photo Sarah's. The scanner had a hissy fit at the colours and refused to recognise it in any more than black or white! It really is that bright in real life and she said the alien is made up of multiple stencils. Boggles my brain!
Whoopidooings: Mail Art from Virginia Hoskings
This one is mail art from Virginia
I don't think this is the last time I'll do a tag, now that I've started. I like the size and quickness and it's great to just mess about and try new techniques. 

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. nope no gelli plate used on mine .... funny that the scanner baulked at it :)

    1. That's what was boggling my brain! Ah. That makes more sense - still very clever!

  2. Great collection of tags from a great collection of gals!


  3. Tags are such fun, I can't believe you've never used them before to work with/on!! You have a great selection here, yours are particularly fun and - well - YOU!! Love them all.

  4. They're all fab. Yes, the blue one has a great texture on it. Love yours especially. Great makes all around. Suzanne

  5. I love your skulls. Love. I have never made proper tags, I have never been quite sure what I would do with them, but I love looking at them. I adore the ones you received as well. They look stunning.

  6. Oh it's lovely to see the 'other' ones today, I was looking through mine this morning. I loved Hope's one as well hadn't realised she'd done different colours! They are all fabulous and completely different! Glad the mail art arrived OK, thought it was time to clear some out - might prompt me to make some more!

  7. Fantastic tags! Love those sculls. :)

  8. Your tags are so you ....love them ....and the skulls are not scarey ...much. lol. Great seing the other makes too ....a fun memory of a fun day with your like minded friends.x

  9. Your tags are awesome!!
    They really are fun....and dress up gifts perfectly!

    Your are so like you :)

  10. yours skullies are always very cutes!!
    Beautifuls tags Mme Carmen! ^^

  11. What lovely tags, loving the skulls, so pretty but so you :) xx


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