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Tutorial Try-Out: Easy Watercolour Portraits

I've been meaning to join in with Kristin's Tuesday Tutorial Try-Outs for a couple of weeks. Ever since I saw the fun that Jez and Natasha were having with them.  I thought I better get bum in gear this week, seeing as I suggested this one! I've had this tutorial pinned over on Pinterest for yonks with all good intentions of getting round to it "one day." Which is really the idea behind Kristin's Try-Outs. Making that one day today.

The tutorial we are using is Easy Watercolour Portraits over on the Grow Creative blog.
Now... who on Earth could I think of to try this out on? Hmmm. Who would give me a nice striking photo...

Whoopidooings: Alice Cooper
Image source
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Watercolour Alice Cooper
My favourite of them all!
Whoopidooings Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider Album Art
Image source

Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Bette Davis (Baby Jane) in Watercolour
Bette Davis - Baby Jane :)
Whoopidooings: Bette Davis - Baby Jane
Image Source
Whoopidooings - Butterfly Girl
Image source
Whoopidooings: Carmen Wing - Butterfly Girl in watercolour
Craig's favourite!
I loved this technique and spent a few hours happily filling up my watercolour Moleskine that I've been afraid to use lest I ruin it. I can see me playing with this and expanding on it with other bits and pieces some more. Lots more actually.

If you'd like to play along, you still have till this coming Tuesday to link up with Kristin. Then the next tutorial choice goes live - I'll be playing again. It's abstract faces! Yay!

 I'll be back tomorrow with Rocking Friday - Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow, these look great - especially blue Alice!! Will be back to read your Rocking post tomorrow!

  2. These are great! Craig's favourite is mine too. Should I be worried? :)

  3. Great paintings Carmen... ignore the comment I left on my blog, have sent you another e-mail to explain from my yahoo address.....

    These are SOOOO Awesome!!!
    The pics you chose to do are perfect - I really can't express how much I love them translated into this technique!

    Thank you for suggesting this tutorial - it was a big hit... Everyone seems to be loving their results! Hooray!


  5. These are fantastic. I love this technique. I enjoyed making my own portraits with it, and know I'll be trying it out in otherways, so thanks muchly for suggesting it to Kristin.
    My favourite is the girl with the strategically placed butterflies. Gorgeous.

  6. absolutely gorgeous Carmen, you really are talented.

  7. what a fun looking technique... may have to try this one... thx for sharing! =D

  8. These are amazing must have a read of the technique properly.
    Not sure how you cope with 4 kids ...Kris had a friend on a sleep over ...why are 3 boys 3 times as loud as 2 ???? xx

  9. Wow, these are amaze-balls, Carmen! Alice is very cool, Baby Jane looks suitably bonkers and I have to agree with Craig's favourite. Now the warmer weather is upon us I think I might start wearing only a few strategically placed butterflies, what d'you think?!

    I will be looking up this tutorial asap!


  10. Amazing paintings! I need to check out that techniques page! But oh boy, you totally nailed these! Love your work! And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, I appreciate it!

  11. Gorgeous, Carmen!

    I love your choice of photos, too....especially the butterfly girl ;)

  12. Amazing! I saw your portraits and I had to follow the links. :) Thanks for sharing your find. :)

  13. Oh my gosh!! LOVE the way your ones came out. I love the one with the butterfly as well, but then the paint splatter on the top one...Oh I love all of your ones. A fabulous tutorial. I made it harder on myself by thinking I needed to find just the right photo, I love the technique. I don't love my results, but I see massive potential. Thank you for suggesting the tutorial!!


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