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Rocking My World Friday...

Knew I couldn't maintain posting on time for long. Still, if I'm quick I'll at least scrape in at the weekend!

Lets see, what's made me smile this week? Well, a while back I won a giveaway over at Cameron's for one of her hand painted rocks. I said that I'd give it to Devvie because it was the week of her birthday. Well, it arrived this week - but that's not what made me smile (although it did.) No, selfishly - the thing that made me smile, a lot, was the teeny tiny extra rock that Cam did for me because she knew I was giving the deer away. Nestled in amongst some stash and stationary (also so very me) was a little crow on a smooth, oh so handleable, stone.  Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you Cam.
Whoopidooings: Giveaway goodies from Cameron Reutzal
Craig. Urban Forager extraordinaire. Sat here chuckling. I  googled earlier to see if "Skip Diver" was an actual term. It is. The UK version of Dumpster Diving! And the wiki page explained to me all about Urban Foragers. I love it - that tickles me so much! I am imagining sending Craig out on expeditions with a spear in the future - if nowt else I might have to make him a badge! But anyway - for weeks he's been telling me NO! We will not fork out for an inferior piece of wood for my desk in the shed. Give him time. He will find the perfect piece in a skip. He just needs to find the perfect skip. He, Man. He can sense where to look! (Actually my Mum had wicked "Urban Foraging" skills - ah, if only I could tell her! She would feel so redeemed! My Grandad used to just call her a scavenger.) Getting to my actual point - he came home on Friday - Victorious. He'd found that skip. Cue angels chorus and light shining upon it...
Whoopidooings: Urban Foraging spoils
Gorgeous piece of kitchen sideboard - thicker than what we've actually got in our own kitchen. 4 foot long. Heavy as a... well, a flipping heavy thing. I can't lift it. He's carried this home, in the rain! What can I say? He was right. I'll repeat - Urban Forager Extraordinaire :) Love that man!
Devvie gave me the birthday present she had been working on this week.  It's mixed media on a roughly A4 sized piece of ply wood. Love it, my picture doesn't show up all the little details very well. Isn't it gorgeous?
Whoopidooings: Mixed Media on Wood - Lucky Bird by Devon Louise

This girl. Ah, but we are butting heads at the moment. Since she turned 5 it's like she's pushing every button to see how far she can go. Teachers say she's a delight at school. A hard worker - can't do enough to help teachers, other children... an angel. Comes home and it's like a switch flips the moment she steps through the door. There are moments when I spy my baby - and I know they all go through it. I remember with her older sisters... just don't remember it this bad. I know, I know this is a phase and will pass... which is why moments like these are so precious. When she sits, totally focussed, in the zone with her paints... (Not knowing Mum is behind capturing this rare calm in the storm.)
Whoopidooings: Childs Play - painting
I love too how she will sit, flip open her book, dip brush in paint and just go. No agonising over how it will look. Just paints freely. How did I lose that? How do I get it back!
Whoopidooings: Childs Play - painting
She's coming back to "Lady with huge blue basket walking in the pink sun" at some point. She says it's not finished :)
A few other little smiles...
  • I won £10 on the (free to play) Birthday Lottery - that's going in the pot towards a book I'm saving for.
  • An almost whole week of pretty decent weather (if we discount my getting caught in a hail stone shower - without a coat!)
  • Silver crow being spotted near our house, foraging for bugs
  • Tree's in our road suddenly exploding with white blossom. Looks lovely.
  • Blue cheese toasties (Again, I know - but they are yum!)
  • Early nights, in bed by 10pm. Craig says we're like pensioners but it's nice going up, maybe reading for a bit. Who cares eh?
It's in my head that I'm forgetting lots but will sign off now. I hope you've had lots of smiles and positives this week. If so, why not drop by Virginia's and join in?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Great post ...what a great read ...glad the silver crow is still around. What an amazing find in a skip ...what a scavengerhe is and with such patience ....gorgeous. xx

  2. Wow what a day that was! How precious to capture your daughter painting... nice to have the art bug so early!
    Happy (belated I suppose) birthday! Sounds like you came out a winner in many ways!

  3. What a good week - worth waiting for to read... sorry your angel isn't being an angel at home, but she can't be that good at school and home as well, surely?! LOVE the wood that Craig found - beautiful!!! The painted pebbles/rocks are beautiful too...

  4. Well done to Craig, fabulous find! Bless him, lugging it all the way home. Devvie's artwork is gorgeous and Cam's stones are so cute - the bonus crow is perfect for you!

    An early night is a real treat for me, I love it!

    Have a great week,


  5. Lovely that you have so much to smile about and that you treasure it. Me? 1. Had nice comments from Carmen on my blog, which make me happy, 2. My old feller is 80 today and a happy day is planned and 3. Webhad a great clothes buying day for him in Liverpool 1 saturday, which does give hope he'll be here long enough to wear them!

  6. Ipad locked up. Looks a good work desk. What a man and what a find.

  7. Wow! Respect Craig! That is a fabulous find!
    Love the stones...the deer is cute and the crow is sooooo you.
    Ah..the age of pushing Mum's buttons...I remember it well....just tell yourself what I kept telling least they're well behaved in school....the other way round is dreadful!
    Enjoy your early nights....I love snuggling with a good book at night.
    Hugs xx

  8. You won the deer! I SO loved that one - and HOW SWEET of her to make you one of your own. She's so cool :) AND I LOVE the Lady with a huge basket! YES, if we could only let ourselves go with such abandon. Bravo, xoxo

  9. The great thing about Rockin My world is that it's great to read on any day of the week. It's sounding pretty good on a Tuesday! Lovely stuff..and that skip find? That's magic..a bit that size costs a fair bit. Well worth diving in a skip for

  10. That is a beautiful piece of wood! Wow! A man who will dig in the trash for you, in the rain, no less, truly loves you....haha! for Ruby, don't they always say that the way they act when we're not with them is the real measure of our parenting skills. Things will turn around again, but even if they are shaky now, you can take to heart that you are awesome and doing an awesome job :D

    I'm so happy you love your package and little crow stone. I was excited to send it to you!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week!


  11. Oh Oh it's taken me ages to get to sit and read, got a coffee, listening to music and your Rocking post - pretty damn perfect! Loving the urban forager - he was right Carmen and that piece of worktop will be awesome! Angelic and helpful at school and then switched flipped when she returns pushing buttons all the time - yes I know that one - loving the photos mind - she looks all angelic! Love the painted pebble and the artwork from Devon gorgeous! Spotting silver crow special moment too! I'm liking these blue sky days - bliss - hope your week so far has been fantastic hugs

  12. Yay for the giveaway win! How sweet of Cameron to send an extra stone and so perfect. There is a connection with that Silver Crow isn't there. Good score by Craig...everyone needs a good urban forager!

    Devon's work is gorgeous. What a touching present, I love presents that are made with love, so much more touching when you know they have put some of their hours and love into it.

    There is a part of me that wishes Miss 6 would not save all her boundary testing for at home (because I checked with her teacher as well!), but those other moments are so precious. Though my biggest boundary pusher is Master Nearly Ten at the moment. I need to channel a zen master at the moment. Deep breath!! :)

    Watching them paint is such a lesson isn't it. I love watching my ones paint. I love that she is coming back to it as well.

    Yay for Spring and warm weather...Blue Cheese toasties...that is what I want right now.


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