Rocking My World Friday...

Two  Three weeks worth! So, what's made me smile over the past couple of three weeks? (I started writing this last Thursday and time got away from me again! Whoops!)

Let's start with the birds. I've seen Silver Crow around quite a lot. Usually in the fields and at a distance. He/she seems to have paired up so maybe I'll be reporting signs of little bubby silver crows soon. Wouldn't that be fab?  

The other birdy smile... Driving along, I had to stop at a red light. Watched as two pigeons waiting at the kerb, walked across  the road in front of me, correctly using the crossing - going about their business. And then the light goes green again. Just made me chuckle - imagining two pigeons beaking the button, getting the lights to change. Maybe you had to be there but it had Ruby and I giggling.
Managing to 'play' nearly every day during these Easter Holidays. It might be for 10 minutes, might be for half hour but I'm getting into a routine. Sometimes it's the Gelli Plate, past week it's been working on the Exquisite Corpse project through the collaborART blog - can't show that till it's done the rounds and come home. That in itself has me loving drawing again. Have been a little scared to put pencil to paper and find out just how rusty I am... not as bad as feared, it turns out. Love the beginnings of my "monster." Which has re-ignited an interest in drawing... something.  I'll show you the sketchbooks (if you're interested) when my monster comes back as it would give away my part of the beast if I showed now.
(Still had to scrape the car off some mornings - but grateful for the sun and blue sky at least!)
(And I jinxed myself writing that as we've had rain the past couple of days!)
My Mothers Day present arrived. Craig had said that's what they were going to get me but were waiting for a good price. Thanks to the Cowling & Willcox sale (£16.30 for this set) it arrived on Friday. Woohoo! Already opened and played with - I can assure you.
Liquitex Basics Set
Devvie, going in to school nearly every day during these holidays. Doing revision and work towards her exams. She's really impressed me with how hard she's studying, she's getting the laptop out and working of an evening as well. It's her birthday next week  It was her birthday yesterday. - she hit 16! (How? How? How do I have a 16 year old?) She's still went in on that day too. Will make up for it when we go to Ally Pally on Sunday.

She's been talking about saving for a guitar for ages - so we surprised her (Well, it's a special birthday isn't it?) And she's been so good and patient letting her sisters strum it... and even Craig parade around thinking he looks like a rock star strumming it... badly. He doesn't. But it's fun to watch.
Guess what she wants for her birthday now? 

Whoopidooings: Monkey cake :)
Monkey cake for the Monkey mad girl
My baby!
Eating out twice this week. Blimey - we're almost sociable! An all you can eat buffet at our local Brewers Fayre pub. It was pie night - we've been meaning to pop along and try it for ages... it was lush. Will definitely do that again. And Pizza Hut for Devvies birthday - we turned up, quite by accident, when they had an all you can eat buffet too. I sense a theme - we usually eat quite healthily of late so, as you can imagine, are like little weebels this week. 
Picture source

Then Ally Pally on Sunday which usually means Devvie and I succumbing to a pasty on the way home at Victoria Station. Mmmmm. We'll be wibbling and wobbling all right!
Now - I think I've talked enough for one post. I'll maybe just mention a couple of quick bits: 
  • The baking the girls are still doing every week. Yum. 
  • Toffee popcorn and Netflix updating with some good TV series/films. 
  • Devvie and Pheebs seriously impressing me with how well they're getting on recently (knock on wood, knock on wood) Hardly any bickering for these Easter holidays... it's eerie, in a good way!
  • Getting out in 10 minute bursts to tidy my shed - Craig has started talking about getting out there to fix me a desk up.
  • Making paper butterflies with Ruby
  • Logan eating more solids
  • Craig - just always :)
Thank you for stopping by - if you feel in the mood to count your positives why not stop by Virginia's and link up?


  1. I do not know how you find time to do anything except enjoy your family, so glad you still find time for the tinterweb bog hops, I am down with liz for the last week in May = shall we meet up at Jennie's? also - I still have some baby journals to give away on the open collaborart swap, and I know you have if you want one put your name down - I know you have this thing about letting others go first - well they have had loads of time if you do want one...


  2. So many things to comment on and I forget some by the time I get here ( ipad locks up if I go back and I have to start again).
    So nice to see a happy functioning family making the best of life - memories to remember.
    Your paints have a lovely range of colours, so many shades of some colours. Lovely.
    Look forward to seeing more of your gelli prints and drawings.

  3. Great rocking, Carmen!! I had a fab time at Ally Pally today, hope you and Devvie do tomorrow - so sorry we won't get to meet up this time.

  4. Oh Carmen fabulous post, so lovely to read this morning, hope you are enjoying yourself at Ally Pally - miss you all


  5. Lots of smiles with this post - those paints look lush!

    Love Devon's birthday photos, her cake looks super-cute!

    It was so lovely meeting up with you and Devvie today - can't wait til next time (more cakes please, Devon??!!).


  6. Oh Carmen! So much to smile about! I'm so glad Devvie enjoyed her birthday so! That cake was so perfect for her....and how diligent she is studying so hard!

    Love these posts. We get to have little peekies into your life and get warm and fuzzies from all the good stuff being listed, noticed and appreciated :)
    Makes me want to hug the ones I love right now!


  7. Happy times :) Loved reading this Carmen, its illuminating and fun to have a peek into how my bloggy friends live their lives.
    Our babies grow up too fast don't they - you blink your eye and kaboom, they've gone and become a young man or woman! Lovely photo's of Devvie :)x

  8. So much yumminess in a box. The paint. Be still my heart! Go you for the creativity. 16...she looks gorgeous, such a light to her. Love her with the guitar and such a good big sister. I wish my two were getting on, at the moment it is bickering central. I live in hope with the holidays beginning now.

    Love the cake, V is into monkeys and frogs in equal measure. Tim told her she could have a pet monkey if they found one at the pet shop and now it is her mission in life to keep looking to see if monkey's have come in. He will have big trouble if they ever do begin stocking them!

    Thank you for your posting. Yes to lost connections and your comments! Family makes it harder, even with the emotional connection lost there is still family obligation ties. But sometimes you just need space from it all. Sending you love. Your comments on my world are so welcome and such a boost. xx

    Your family is divine.

    And 16??? I can't even come to grips with the 10 that is fast approaching, let alone imagine him at 16!


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