Rocking My World Friday...

Happy Rocking Friday peoples. Three years young! As good an excuse for cake as any.

So, what has made me smile this week? Well, Cooper. Who is Super Cooper at the moment. He has never been allowed upstairs, ever. But he slunk up to tell us our carbon monoxide alarm was bibbing the other night. It was just low on batteries but such a good feeling to know that he would alert us in an emergency. Many doggy choccy drops were rewarded, let me tell you!


After my spice draw getting jammed again, I tidied it. Took me 10 minutes if that, has needed doing for... months probably. I wrote the herb and spice names on the lids too, so no excuse for anyone rummaging around me drawers! Ooer missus! Small thing. Makes me happy. 

Pheeb's and Ruby both having an excellent parents evening. Both doing really well. Both happy, helpful children who work hard. I also asked Ruby's teacher if she knew what had happened to the scrapbooks (Learning Journeys) that had been filled in while she was at nursery. These are books that are filled with snippets and photos of the child's day along with codes as to how they are progressing (PD = Personal Development. CD = Creative Development etc.) She said she had them and did I want Ruby's. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So this is a huge positive for me this week. I don't know about you but I would much rather pay for one of these at the end of the year than one of those stiff formal photos - wish you could do that. Such an insight into her days. So glad I asked now. Teacher had a whole pile of other children's books in her cupboard that just hadn't been claimed/asked for.
Getting  two hours with just Logan and me at home today. Can't remember the last time I had a block of time like that. By the time I fed him,  made a cuppa, cut a mask - I had half hour to splash some paint about. Gelli Plate fun was had aplenty!

Plus 10 minutes last night - having so much fun with this. Doesn't look like who it's supposed to but fun none the less. Been watching Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Gelli Plate class this week and it's been a great kick start. Really enjoyed it. So another huge thank you to the WW girls for my Gelli-tastic birthday present! I never actually realised how much you could do with it in such a little time.

Lost 2lbs this week. That's battling full on wind and trying to stop a pram taking off on the way to school that is. Full body work out!
  • Getting organised, making use of my calendar whiteboard (thanks Irene) and so, getting some arty time. 
  • Rye Ryvita with blue cheese. Nom nom nom.
  • Hot sweet tea.
  • Craig. Always.
Thank you for stopping by everyone :) If you fancy counting your positives, why not join in with the 4th year of Rocking Your World Friday and link up with Virginia here.


  1. Love Ruby's learning journey scrapbook!! what a great idea and how cool you get to have it! Your gelli plate art looks fab too.

  2. Surprising how much can be done in ten minutes here and five minutes there. And how precious those moments are when life is going at awhirl.
    I like the black figures on the gelli background. Look forward to seeing them finished. So good to appreciate the good things in one's life, the tiny things.
    It's not 8am yet but we've had a few laughs and conversations together. Best moment of the day so far: cuddled up to my beloved when I woke and he said "You smell of ... Mmm ... Hot water bottle". Laughed so much I had a brief asthma minute or twoo. Who says romance is dead.

  3. I love that scrapbook! We have one for TTO from nursery school, but the other one went to a different nursery and didn't get one. I keep meaning to try to fill one in for her now. It's interesting how some teachers see this kind of thing as important and others don't

  4. Oh fabulous info, loving that you got Ruby's learning journey scrapbook, I didn't know such a thing existed and I certainly don't know if they ever did one for Malachite, what a shame that they sit gathering dust in a cupboard holding such precious memories! Your gelli plate art looks fab, still haven't bought that class, really should you all seem to have got loads out of it!

  5. Great surge of creativity there that no the Kiss chap???
    So glad you got Ruby's journal ...the good ones are worth their weight in gold.
    I am having a down few days ....I just need to take my own advice ...its mainly the fact that I've put on even more weight and DS get married in three weeks ....then when I try to be good I feel down because my final pleasure has been taken away sucks some times ...I just have to accept i'm old and a large weeble and does it matter in the grand scheme of things probably wouldn't if DIL's family weren't skinny and young ...her Mum is only a couple of years older than Jay.....sorry ...didn't mean to go on.xx

  6. Feeling warm and grateful just reading your post. The herbs and spices thing..the whole, it takes ten minutes but is life changing thing - why do we put them off?

  7. Oooh...Good Cooper!! Isn't that always the way, those jobs that we procrastinate about never take as long as we think they will and then the proud feeling afterwards is madness. I cleaned out the hall cupboard a couple of months ago and made Tim come look at it as soon as he got home and then kept gazing at it's lovely organised look for a few weeks afterwards (don't ask what it looks like now!!).

    Yum blue cheese. As soon as I read that I felt like some, thankfully there is none in the house! Yay for the gelli plate and losing weight and all your pluses. Yay for good husbands as well! :)

  8. Lovely post, I received some similar scrapbooks today from my twins school and totally agree, I'd much rather have them than the stuffy school ones :)

  9. Maggie's Kinder teacher last year put scrapbooks together for each student with photos and projects from the year....such an amazing keepsake....and I didn't have to crop a single anything....haha!

    I've been hearing about Gelli plate s all over the place. I may need to pick your brain concerning this matter :)

    Always love that you have so much to be happy about....couldn't happen to a nicer gal :)


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