Rocking My World Friday...

I'm late, I'm late... by about a week or two. I've still been counting those positives though. Here goes...

I almost deleted my blog - don't ask me why. I couldn't tell you. I love my blog. Just one of those moods where I felt rubbish at everything. What I did do was go back to the beginning and started reading. I came across a certain post where I joined in with a little idea Virginia had. She was listing all the things she had found positive in her week. I decided to play along... 3 years later (yes - 3 years tomorrow Virginia!) and I totally credit Virginia and her Rocking Friday posts with changing the way I think. Reprogramming my brain to think (for the most part) positively instead of jumping straight on that oh so easy negative. Big huge hugs Virginia and Happy Birthday RYWF! Hip Hip Hooray!

You know what else I realised when reading back on my blog? I spend an awful lot of time saying what I can't do, what I'm behind on, what I haven't done... instead of celebrating what I can do, what I have done and just getting bum in gear and doing stuff. So thank you to the people who have been helping me organise myself - Craig, the Wednesday Whine girls - Craig's Mum for picking me up a white board calendar. If anyone sees any hint of negativity from here on in, you all have permission to get in line and conga slap. 

Next up - we had one day last week where the sun shone. We were able to put washing on the line, and leave the back door open - it felt like Spring had finally sprung. Cooper spent the day working hard, catching some rays...

Then the next day it went back to normal and it's been alternating between rain and snow ever since.
The fishing club quiz night. We didn't come last for once. The man on the table next to us gave the girls a big tub of chocolates that he won on the raffle. It was our first proper social night out with Logan too. He seemed to enjoy it - when he'd had enough he just went to sleep on Craig. 

The girls are working their way through the recipes in my kitchen binder or on my Pinterest board. Over the past couple of weekends Pheebs and Ruby have made chocolate chip muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Devvie did both cheese scones and fruit ones last weekend and made this cinnamon loaf this weekend. 

Picture source and recipe.

If you make anything this week - make this! It is divine! A new family favourite, definitely. Yum. 

Oh and another positive - with all this baking they're doing,I haven't put any weight on. Haven't lost any, mind you... but none gone on. Craig however, says I have to tell you all he's lost 6lb over 3 weeks and is catching me up!

We went to one of those soft play playground places at the weekend. Thought Pheebs might think she was to old for all that. Needn't have worried. In fact, Devvie, who'd gone out shopping with friends felt like she'd missed out I think. Nice to know they're still my babies sometimes!

Never to old to play in a ball pit eh?
Funky coloured gelli-fied jiffy bags arriving in the post. Look at this - now if that doesn't brighten your day like it did mine... I don't know what would! It came from Jo bearing bubba goodies for Logan. I've kept the jiffy - isn't it fun?

Gelli Plated Jiffy Bag by Jo (Fiddlesnips)

I really need to start writing stuff down for these posts don't I? but I reckon that's a pretty good list for a scatterbrain like me :)

How have you been?  Why not join us in this little feel good exercise - it doesn't have to be a Friday for you to play along. Just link up at Virginia's any-time throughout the week.Thank you for stopping by today! 


  1. I am never sure why you look at the negatives in your life because all I ever see are posatives. You have a beautiful family and are a great mother and are creativly talented and probably in many other ways too ...and you are very caring too this is just scratching the surface ... oh yes ... you have a cute dog and an amazing hubby...KI rest my case. xx
    ps .... the cake looks yummy too

  2. Oh, I have been thinking of you, but didn't want to intrude, I am glad you didn't delete!!

    Ready to conga slap...sounds exciting. Love all your positives, yay for not gaining, just as much something to celebrate as Craig's loss...and go him as well.

    Yay for social nights out, and time with your babies. Loved your photos of the girls. Have saved the recipe for next week's baking...or maybe tomorrow. :) And gorgeous it made the postie happy too!! :)

    Take care, thinking of you often. xx

  3. Actually, Angie has said it all for me! Love this post, I need to learn from it!

  4. Please Please don't delete your blog, I love it (and you!) It IS too easy to look at the negatives (I am quite good at that, perhaps I should join in a RMWF) so I think you're right to try and ignore them in future!! So pleased the girls still like being girls not little women, sometimes, they (generally, not yours specifically) try to grow up so fast these days, it's sad. So it's lovely to see them play! and cook! can you send them round please?! xxx

  5. Am poised and ready to conga slap :D

    You're so very hard on yourself, Carmen, you really are. So stop it. And for goodness sake don't even consider deleting your blog!!

    Lovely post, loved all the photos (Cooper chill-axing makes me wish I was a dog in your house!) and that cinnamon loaf looks yum scrum and I bet the cheese scones, muffins and cookies etc were delicious too - well done, girls!

    I'm glad the parcel arrived safely - thanks for photographing it, it was fun to do!

    Have a great week,


  6. What a fab post. Lovely photos of your gorgeous famil....oh how Logan is growing [but they do of course! :-) ] .
    A x

  7. Another great one! Listen time you feel like deleting your blog, email me straight away. I'm prepared to spend hours talking you out of it if I have to :)

  8. Is that a Dougal from Magic Roundabout birthday cake I see under those birthday candles?
    Enjoyed your post so much. It's such a good idea to look back at posts at the start of blogging and see how one's style or approach has changed. It's like looking back at early sketchbooks and seeing improvements.
    I'm ready to join in with the conga slapping, though if we all do it at once you'll probably destroy your blog anyway just to get away from us!
    So good to see your family joining in activities and BEING a family. Things they will treasure when they are older and even as mothers themselves.
    Look forward to you ARC review on 29th.

  9. Ah that made me happy, I was thinking of the anniversary all day yesterday on and off - had a pretty hard day at work, so I'm so glad you reminded me what the day was - thank you! Glad you've managed social activities and that Logan is up to the social life - fabulous stuff. Loving the photos of your girls in the ball pool - fab!

    Hugs as always

  10. If you would've deleted, I would've hunted you down, you know! So glad I didn't have to do that!

    Hey, was just thinking we can "chat" on Facebook when you're logged in. Takes typing, but might be fun til we get the Skype thing up and running :)

  11. Btw, Cooper looks adorable there in his patch of sun.
    ...and I don't think you ever get too old to bounce off walls and dive into pits of colorful balls ;P


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