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Rocking My World Friday...

Well - this week has gone in a blur again I can tell you. I've very much enjoyed being able to upload some arty crafty posts. Seems like forever since I have (posts below this one) So that has been a major positive for me this week.

Fitting into my normal jeans. For the past 4 months I've still been slouching around in my maternity jeans so it's lovely to pull up a pair of normal jeans, didn't even have to undo them to get them on, and for them to comfortably - nay - loosely fit! Yay!

As I sit typing this, Logan is asleep on the sofa cuddling his favourite toy in the world. Devvie is revising and the other two monsters are outside roller skating in the SUN! It's lovely, it's quiet, there's no bickering. Heaven. It may only last 5 minutes but am loving it.

It was my birthday this week. I hit the grand old age of 36 which Craig informs me is really old. (He's only 4 years younger! Cheek!) I was really, really spoilt. Devvie baked a lemon drizzle cake for the day - always a hit.  Then at the weekend she baked a Petersburger Streuselkuchen cake which was a recipe we found on Pinterest. We loved it but all agreed it could have done with maybe some berries in it or a berry sauce to cut through it as it was quite heavy - the middle is just like egg custard. She said while cooking it that she'd had the urge to add vanilla but stuck with the recipe... and I reckon she was right. I think my Devvie has good baking instincts and have told her she should go with them in future. Whereas to me baking and cooking is just another chore - I like the end results but not the faffing in-between.  She says she enjoys cooking, baking in particular and it relaxes her - especially at the moment where she is revising all the time... plus she is really good at it.

Back to my birthday... I was surprised completely and totally by my lovely Wednesday Whine friends who, in cahoots with Devvie and Craig surprised me with a Gelli Plate starter kit they had compiled. Devvie and Craig's job was to make sure I didn't go buying it - fat chance, I was saving to buy the plate at Ally Pally! 

Their present included the 8"x10" plate, a brayer, masks, paints (including some metallic ones I had been drooling over for ages) texture tools, a sketchbook AND Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Gelli class. I mean - what do you say? I'm still, now, days later, bowled over and in shock at their thoughtfulness, generosity and just plain deviousness. I really don't feel like I deserve it but will have a damn good time covering my guilt in all that lovely paint :)

Also in the picture, two fabulous books I received too. You might have seen the artist who wrote Acrylics Unleashed on the Cornwall program on BBC1, Glyn Macey. I've wanted that book for a while, my friend Caroline surprised me with it. It's beautiful I have to say. My friend Sue surprised me with the Hairy Bikers diet recipe book - some yummy sounding recipes in there that will help me stay on the wagon. I also got some beautiful handmade skully bracelets from my friend Gail, I was sure I took piccies but they're not on my camera. Then my sister stopped by last night with  the first 3 volumes of Grimm Fairy Tales graphic novels and the Afterlife box set. Mmmm. Andrew Lincoln. Suffice to say I have been thoroughly spoilt and really enjoyed my day. Thank you to everyone who made it so special.

And now - you know that peace and quiet I mentioned? Yeah that's pretty much shattered and it's taken hours since I said that to write this post! So I'll sign off with a thank you for stopping by and big virtual hugs. :)


  1. So glad you had a great birthday - tell Craig from me that 36 is YOUNG! Love your birthday goodies, can't wait to see what you produce with them all, and the books look a great read too. The cake looks and sounds gorgeous, too. Have a great week again next week!

  2. So pleased you had a good day and were spoilt....those cakes both sound heavenly....I haven't tried any desserts yet from the Hairy Dieters but will be trying the mince and potato pie tonight!
    Logan is gorgeous......sigh....Your weekend sounds good as well as your week.
    Hugs xx

  3. Sounds like your birthday was great xxx .Logan is such a cutie I'm so jealous xxx

  4. Logan and his friend make such a cute shot.
    36 are we?? ...a baby still. I felt so mature back then and when I see an old photo I realise how young I actually was.
    One more week and I will be 66 ...trouble is I feel around 36 mentally but 86 physically. I wish I had known what post 60 would feel like, back then.
    Congrats on slipping into your real jeans now.xx

  5. 36? You're only just out of being a teenager, woman!!

    How wonderful you've got someone who WANTS to cook in the house, make sure Devvie gets plenty of practice - although not too much practice if you want to keep on getting into your non-maternity jeans! Well done for that, makes you start to feel a bit normal again, doesn't it?!

    Logan is ADORABUBBLE!

    I hope you get a bit more of that peace and quiet soon,


  6. You are year of the Snake too! I turn 36 this year as well. You were well spoilt! How exciting. A fantastic week. Don't you love those moments of peaceful playing!!

    I am also glad it is not just me that takes hours to write posts! :)

  7. From the geriatric heights of 77, over double your age, you are a mere babe. Do not worry about age - even with 78 looming life is still fun.
    What wonderful friends and family you have to spoil you so lavishly with arty things. I look forward to seeing what these gelli-plate images look like.
    Logan is looking so grown up now. Happy late birthday wishes.

  8. Happy Birthday Carmen! Sounds like it was a good one - what a difference a year makes,eh?

  9. Oh what a fabulous post, loving all the birthday goodies and that cake looks amazing - how fabulous that Devvie loves baking. I like baking as does Craig but my hips - now my hips aren't as keen as the cake - literally quite literally sticks to my hips even if I only eat a morsel of cake - madness I know!!

    Logan is utterly gorgeous, how cute does he look with his favourite toy!

    Hope you are having a good week.

    Much love

  10. Late happy birthday. That haul of goodies looks great. And that little man is such a cuteee! Oh I remember those moments of peace well. And of course I literally do mean moments lol! Sun shining here today too. We got out for a lovely walk just after lunch. Take care and I will see you again on Friday - virtually - so to speak! jenx

  11. 36 is a great age! Sounds like this year is being good to you so far :)

    I turn 40 in April...and I'm actually looking forward to it (something I never thought in a million years I would ever embrace).

    I wish my girly was big enough to bake for me like yours....mmmm, those desserts sounded delicious!

    So glad you are well, happy and spoilt :)


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