Budgie Love

This is a post I've been meaning to write since Christmas.

When Craig and I decided to do token gifts (don't get me started on his deviousness) I knew exactly what I wanted to get him. I had recently discovered Jenny Blair through Facebook - someone else had 'shared' one of her stitched collages and I was blown away. 

I'd had a good snoop through her blog on first discovery and seen her budgies. Craig keeps budgies - amongst other birdies but budgies are one of his true loves. So I asked Jenny if she had any for sale.

This little beauty is 3.5" by 3.5" - I think Jenny was a bit worried about all the pink but she needn't be. Craig loves her. So do I actually and have managed to keep her in the house instead of his bird room by saying I needed her to do this post! I suspect she will be disappearing shortly!

Budgie Textile Art by Jenny Blair - http://www.jennyblair.co.uk

Her work is so tactile and really something to see up close. So detailed - so perfectly scaled. It's like she literally paints with a sewing machine. 

Budgie Textile Art by Jenny Blair - http://www.jennyblair.co.uk

The framed piece is actually a print of 'Gloria' one of Jenny's other budgies. That too is beautifully detailed and the next best thing to owning an original I reckon. 

Budgie Textile Art by Jenny Blair - http://www.jennyblair.co.uk

If you haven't discovered Jenny and her textile art before  I really recommend a visit to her blog or Facebook page. You'll see not only fantastically detailed animal collages but people too. She leaves me in awe and wonder and a smidge of green eyed jealousy. On the blog she also does a lovely post called Treasuring You where she celebrates the little things that make her smile - it's very similar to Rocking Your World Friday - well worth a read :) 

I have a whole list of her work that I want to own - a highland coo, one of her people... I keep hinting that she should do a crow... or raven.  Go see her... then come back and thank me!

Thanks for stopping by today :)

p.s Ooh. Ooh.  Stitched zombies! She should so do stitched zombies!


  1. Stiched zombies would be awesome!

    I've had the pleasure of seeing these gorgeous stitched creations before! How wonderful that you have them in your very own house :)


  2. I've been. Thank YOu. Now I have a list too, Thanks agaiN!

  3. Fab fab fab! I am in awe of anyone who can make a needle and thread do what they want - let alone this standard! And a budgie called Gloria? Why not?! Love her :)


  4. oh wow, how gorgeous!! Off to check her out now... can see your white crow done like this, for sure....

  5. Just the right card for a budgie lover. I love jenny's collage textile method, so as a lover of any textile technique I will say thank you now and buzz off to see her blog.
    Strangely I have a different textile collage technique on my blog of yesterday (which some came on screen below the previous post) - quite different but you will see why I am grateful for the info about Jenny's blog.
    How has the transfer to your budgie shed studio gone? Are you in there now?

  6. awwwww you lovely LOVELY lady :) What an amazing write up..I'm positively blushing. Thankyou so much Carmen it means a whole huge amount that my little creations are so adored. So much indeed xx .....hmmmmm zombies you say :)xx

  7. Oh my gosh. How amazing is her work. The level of detail for fabric astounds me. Just incredible, and I am not a bird person. They made me think of the budgies my Nana used to have when I was little.

  8. Oh how clever is that - fabulous stuff!


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