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Rocking My World Friday...

I think I should start calling my posts Rocking My World Monday :) I'm sure Virginia doesn't mind and would me more shocked if I did actually post on a Friday!
Click the piccie to play along :)

Things that have made me smile this week...

We've just got back from a long weekend in Hastings visiting Craig's Mum. Always nice to have longer than a day there and not have to rush back. Am sure Cooper would move in permanently  - he gets so spoilt with doggy treats and loves racing around her huge garden. We only have a teeny tiny back garden here.

Losing another 2lbs this week. That brings me up to 7lbs (half a stone people! Woohoo!) in two weeks. That's despite the very well stocked biscuit box at Craig's Mums ;)

Pizza toast - my favourite lunch of the moment. Slice of wholemeal bread, spread with tomato purée  sprinkled with mixed herbs, topped with mushrooms, peppers and cheese, whacked in the oven for 10 minutes, served on a big old bed of salad leaves... and Bobs your Uncle. For someone on Slimming World it works out at just half a syn and tastes so naughty. The cheese and bread are 1 HexA and 1 HexB. Nommy nom nom. I keep meaning to take a piccie for this post but I scoff it to quick. 

Looking forward to a new free art class starting March 1st, The Strathmore Abstract Fine Art Painting with Mixed Media class. Looks fun.

Still getting on top of my organisational dysfunction. Have mailed out a few bits I was behind on this week and am also getting a kind of rota going housework wise and art wise too. Feels good to have a bit more control. Thank you to the people who helped me sort myself out. (Lists, I love lists!) - also Craig for pushing me to organise my little corner of the dining room, lovely to be able to reach my magazines and sketchbooks without fearing an avalanche.

Pinterest - loving all the tutorials I've been watching on there - stuff I wouldn't think to search on YouTube off my own back. Talented artists generously sharing how they work.

Daffodils, snow drops and crocuses peeking through and braving this chilly weather.

Central heating.

A bubby that sleeps through the night :)

The people I love.

Have a lovely week people - remember to stop and take time to notice the little things :) Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a lovely post! your pizza toast lunch sounds lovely, I may have to try that myself.

  2. Wonderful post Carmen!
    Well done on the weight loss, the organising, the lists....and the yummy sounding "pizza"...
    And extra big hugs to Logan for sleeping through the night....
    Hugs xx

  3. That's one reason I rarely show pictures of my food, too....gone too fast!
    Congrats on the weight loss...slow and steady wins the just keep staying healthy :)

    Always lovely to hear all the lovely things going on in your world....I wish the best for you always, y'know!

  4. Yay for weightloss under the temptation of cookie tins!

    I am looking forward to the Strathmore class as well. I don't really use pinterest how I think it is meant to be used but I love the idea of finding tutorials!

    Glad you enjoyed your break! :)

  5. Mmm, pizza toast sounds yummy and well done on the weight loss, it isn't easy when you've got a baby. Glad you had a lovely time at Craig's Mum's house.

    I'm sure you appreciate central heating even more when you think how cold your last house was, brrrr!

    Have a great week, lovely girl.


  6. Things get better every day (and night). Doing well on the slimming side. Like everyone else I like the sound of that toast pizza, so I'll have a go.

  7. Yay! on the wait loss. ..and that pizza toast sounds inspired. We'll definitely be trying that!

  8. well done with weight loss... gosh I need to do that too! I'm with sian... pizza toast yum! People we love are the best rocking thing. Happy tuesday, jenx

  9. Mmm pizza toast sounds delicious, WTG on the weight loss and yummy food. A weekend away sounds fab too! And Logan sleeping through the night - what a star! Glad you got around to your post hun! Fab stuff!

    Hope you're having a good week.




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