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Must... blog... more... Hello everyone :) Well so much for my unspoken promise to myself to blog more this year. Hopefully when bubba is a bit more independent that will happen.    
Click the picture to play along :)

Anyhoo - on to my Rocking Friday (on Monday) The last couple of weeks have seen me getting fed up of my disorganisation. Well, I'm always fed up of it but now it's to the point I want to head butt something. Bad memory, bad organisation skills, lack of spare time and more than a tiddy bit of laziness does not make for a good mix. Enter some very good friends who didn't laugh when I asked for help. I'm very grateful for that. I now have a rota for housework, one for art & craft commitments owed and one for allowing myself art time rewards when other jobs are out the way. I feel like I'm getting a tiny bit of control back. All good stuff.

Secondly - I started Slimming World again last Monday. Just doing it at home with my old books. Am thinking if I can get some weight off it will help my back problems. Just changing two beds today had me hobbling to the cupboard for my pain killers. (Which I am trying not to take to often!) Ridiculous. But anyway - one week later = 5lbs off. Can't moan at that :) Lets hope I can keep it up this week. It's one of those things I have to take day by day as I do love my food!

Lovely snail mail. Over the last couple of weeks I've received a handmade pocket book from Donna with some little goodies in that she came home from CHA with, a beautiful mail art from Sam (below) and some examples of her Gelli Plate printing escapades which has convinced me I want to get a Gelli Plate to try. When I go to Ally Pally I'll stick that on my shopping list. I've also had an early birthday present arrive which I've been very good and not opened. *polishes halo*  Oh and I've also had a couple of gorgeous postcards arrive from the Collaborart Collaged Postcard Swap - but I'll blog them in a separate post.
Art by Sam (Luna)

Silver Crow. This sounds silly but I was just saying to Craig the other day that I was worried about not seeing him. Last time was the week Logan was born - nearly four months ago. I was thinking he'd been run over or captured or something and it sounds really daft typing it out but I was worried that he'd come to no good. Well, walking home from school on Friday we spotted him playing around in a garden with 4 or 5 of his crow friends. No camera to hand of course but very pleased anyway. 

Um, um, what else... oh yes - winning a free book in the Simon & Schuster monthly Facebook giveaway, winning a tote bag from the Cowling & Wilcox Facebook page. 

Some lovely days of sunshine, being able to go out without a coat! Yippee! I hate wearing a coat - so restrictive. Now just a little rise in the temperature would be nice...

This should technically be on next weeks Rocking Friday as am late posting and it happened today but in case I forget... my gorgeous new slouchy oversized jersey jumper covered in cartoon skulls. I was slobbering all over it at the local market and Craig bought it as an early birthday present. Gotta love him (and I do!)

My lovely little family - even if a certain little one is going through a monstrous metamorphosis at the moment. What is it about the 5/6 age? Testing boundaries? Hmmm. 

So am finishing up now as yet again this post has taken days to write in little nibbles and we're nearly at the next Friday post.

Hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves and creating up a storm. Thanks to my new found organisation I am creating a bit more so if I have promised you something - you should be getting it soon.

Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. I've missed reading these :-) I'm slowly getting back on my feet, I'm so glad everything is going well your end!!

  2. So glad you found time to write this up, and some great positives you found. I did love the latest pics you uploaded on FB - Logan certainly seems a very happy little boy. (I dare say he has his moments though!)

    Take care, and see you at Ally Pally.

  3. Oh so glad you made it to put this on Carmen, you are sounding happier now with a bit of organisation which can only be a good thing. I remember said 12 year old going through the testing boundaries phases every so often, I remember having to take a step back to realise what he was doing, acknowledging a change in age and then identifying what I would and would not tolerate, allowing him to grow in himself character wise without taking things for granted or growing up too quickly, I imagine this to be much harder with older siblings in the household, but keep with it as it will be worth it in the long run. Glad silver crow is safe and sound and out there playing with his mates. Loving the mail art received from Sam, she really is an amazing artist! Right off to craft table but kettle first as need more tea, cough cough cough cough cough!


  4. Good luck with your new organisational skills and the new diet. I'm so glad you saw Silver Crow again. It doesn't sound silly at all to have been worrying about them, I worry about Lovey Dovey but she turned up this week too (with a fella in tow!). Absolutely beautiful mail art from Sam, she's such a clever girl.

    I wonder if little Miss 5/6 is just making sure that Mummy remembers that she's still her baby too (I know you'll be giving her oodles of attention, it's just that sharing thing the little ones struggle with sometimes).

    Take care of that back of yours!


    1. I did wonder if it might be that Jo. Hmmm.

  5. I've been missing my weekly dose of the cheer that is Carmen too. It's good to see you back with lots of news! Do take care of that back, cos that boy is just going to get bigger..stating the obvious, I know, but take care!

  6. Nice to catch up with you again Carmen. Hope the weight melts off with the diet - better weather does help. Horrible weather always us munching the crumpets and teacakes, so getting out and about a bit banishes those thoughts.
    Hope the back improves too. No-one ever tells you when you start that motherhood brings on all these bothersome aches and pains, fetching, carrying, lifting .....!
    Keep smiling - lucky girl with all those nice goodies arriving.

  7. Oh where to start! At least you got this written, I wrote mine in my head!

    Don't buy a plate, I just read about making them, I am going to find the recipe and link for you. I want to try gelatin printing too and you can reset the plates when they are icky.

    Oh for testing boundaries. Sending you patient vibes.

    Yay for good friends. I am on a mission to become a sexy thing too...I ache all over at the moment, so I can only hope it becomes visible.

    Yay for free stuff, good husbands, and silver crows. I know what he meant to you.

    You are doing well.

  8. Hows things? Just wanted to say a big thank you for my chunky Alice ATC, very cool, its the first chunky I have, I love the alice pic on the back with him on the carousel. very cool and a great surprise. mark x

  9. Sorry I've not been by for a while ....really enjoyed your post ....well done you on the weight loss ....I so wanted to shed some pounds before my sons wedding ...left it too late now and I just cant buckle down to anything thats good for me lol. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family xx

  10. Here is the gel plate link...:)

  11. Hi Carmen, I NEED to get back to the blogging world! Doing a catch up with all my favourites, so apologies for this late reply.

    I also won a Cowling and Wilcox bag in one of the earlier competitions and am wondering whether to enter again. Not sure they want the same people winning - but I would like to win other things they do competitions for. What a dilema! Do you keep on entering anyway?

    I shall catch up on other posts you have made now....

    All the best, Nicky x


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