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Purely Collage Postcards

Recently I took part in the Purely Collaged Postcard CollaborArt challenge. This involved us making two "background" collaged postcards which we posted on to the next person in the swap. In the meantime we would recieve two backgrounds which we would have to collage a foreground onto and post on to two other people to keep. The twist being only collage was allowed - found magazine, book, newspaper images etc. Absolutely no ink, paint, pencils or other media of any kind. Yikes. A lot harder than it sounds and I have a new found respect for purely collage artists.

These were the two backgrounds I received from Rebecca (Bex)

Both already pretty fabulous and I was so worried I would ruin them. This is what I did before posting one on to Virginia and one to Sam...

That yellow fish was what caught my attention most. Then I found a vintage advert on an old newspaper page I had. It read something along the lines of "if fish could read they'd buy this bait" (I don't think they would somehow...) but it tickled me so that's what I went with.
Next up, that brown square looked like a window to me and the woman looked a bit scared. Found a vintage dinosaur comic strip in my box o' bits and it pretty much made itself . The wording all came from a fabulous "Wonderland of Knowledge" encyclopaedia that Craig's Mum gave me... he had told her to charity it! Flipping cheek. It's a treasure trove of gorgeous colour plates and interesting articles.

These are the two collaged backgrounds I made and posted on to Sam...

 You can see what she did with the foregrounds if you click here.

And finally, these are the postcards I got sent as final pieces.There was a bit of a mix up and I ended up with three. We've worked out that this first gorgeous one is to be posted on to Jazz. But I thought I'd show it anyway as it is rather fabulous and I'm glad I got to see it in the flesh so to speak ;)
 Background by Pat - Foreground by Irene
Background by Irene - Foreground by Jazz
Background by Jazz - Foreground by Bex

A really fun swap and really got the majority of us working out of our comfort zones. I do think I would like to explore more with collage... but maybe with some paint as well. Talking of which, I got a beautiful book for Christmas which is on my Artful Readers list - Collage, Colour and Texture in Painting. So watch out for my review and inspired by art from that :)

If you'd like to see how everyone else in this challenge did - come join us over at the CollaborArt blog.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


  1. Wow, these all look wonderful - but I am sure I would have failed and used ink somewhere, well done all of you. I'm going to check out some more now.

  2. I think it sounds really hard..I've been poring over these looking at the details and smiling at some of those fab images. Postcards never looked better!

  3. They are all wonderful Carmen!
    So imaginative...
    I've done a couple of online collage courses (with Jo) and love it....but we were allowed to use more than just paper!! Old stamps are very useful... :)
    Hugs xx

  4. What an interesting thing to do and how it seems to have generated such creativity in all of you... brilliant!!

  5. I just love the idea of this - and REALLY love seeing the steps and stages - and to see what everyone brings to the table. What a cool collaboration :)
    AND thank you for your sweet message - I don't know what I'll do when 29 Faces is over - it really has been such a challenge, xoxo
    Kiss the baby!

  6. LOVE these postcards - love everything about them! What a great challenge.


  7. You're a whizz at collage, and these are all fantastic. I think the fishy one is my favourite, my eye took a moment or two to adjust to the image of the fish head emerging from the wing of the armchair. Everything so great about all of these images, and it was as you say a very challenging task, using nothing but collage.
    Your book looks enticing, and I hope it's going to be your March review so I can see it. I'm banning myself from looking at it on Amazon so I can enjoy the review better.

  8. aaah so thats what happened to my second card?!?!?... i knew i was missing one. gorgeous it is though..

    jas xx

  9. Great challenge and great collages. I love this kind of art and love the quirky details you and the other challengers have added.

    Nicky x

  10. Oh my gosh I LOVE these!!! I also love that they were collaborative!! The final versions are so funky! Who gets to keep them? I would have such a hard time letting go.


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