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That Was The Year That Was... Rocking My Year Friday

This is a belated look back at 2012 to see what made my year fabulous :) So instead of looking back on last week which was just post-Christmas tidy up, much drooling over book/stash presents and eating to much at New Year... I'll be taking the chance to round up and bid farewell to 2012 instead :) Forgive me if I forget anything - my memory never was the best and now it's pretty much non-existent! (Another good reason for these posts - something to look back on.)

Pretty big Rocking moment was February 14th. Valentines day. Craig and I discovered that, after nearly a year of trying, we were going to have our last baby. Honestly - it felt like it was never going to happen and really, in the big scheme of things and on reflection - it's not that long at all. It just felt like forever at the time.
Then of course, because we hadn't told people we were trying, didn't want to jinx things, I think a lot of people thought we'd had a "whoops" moment. The rest just thought we were bonkers! They are probably right - we are bonkers! :D There are also those who still to this day just think we were trying for a boy all along... that really winds my girls up. It's not true, you could have knocked me down with a feather when the doctor told us at the very first scan. Craig says I am hilarious around little boys. He says I talk to my nephews like they are aliens from another planet!

However the further along we got, the more times the doctors told us it was really true there was *ahem* absolutely no doubt. The more I got used to the idea, the more I talked to my little Bear. He was always "Logan" if we're honest and Craig started calling him his Logie Bear very early on. He came so close to having "Bear" as his middle name on his birth certificate... we were still talking about it as we walked to the registry office.

So, most of the year has been taken up with waiting for this little man to arrive. Apart from the obvious pregnancy ailments and the toll it took on my health this time... we couldn't have been happier. We had worried how the girls would take the news but they all dote on their little brother.
The birth itself was the most chilled out of all of them. It was my first time in a birthing centre - a new addition to the hospital since my youngest daughter. It made all the difference to being on a labour ward and I ended up not needing pain relief at all. It was just such a wonderful experience rather than a scary, painful and uncomfortable one.
The big day - a very relaxed-ish Cam
 And now he's here. And we can't imagine him not.

But what about the rest of the year? Well there was the Olympics... I really wasn't looking forward to that. I was one of those scoffing about how much it was costing and bemoaning a summer of sport. Oh the horror. But - like most of the country - our house was drawn in and it was good watching my girls get so excited about it. Ruby keeps asking when it's coming back on :) She was so excited when one of the torch bearers visited her school and she was allowed to hold the torch.

A short couple of days in Hastings over the summer - we couldn't have as long there as we'd hoped this year due to a water leak from our bathroom through to our kitchen which upset a few plans we'd had... but it was lovely to have a few days away at Craig's Mum's house, spending time with her without having to rush home the same day.

Lovely summer days - despite a lot of people moaning about the Summer weather - I thought we got plenty of lovely days for picnics at various places with our girls. Lazy days with them charging around, tiring themselves out in parks or paddling pools or castle grounds, nice food - hot tea on the chilly days and me lolling about with bump, book or sketchbook and a Craig to lean on. Happy days.

Beautiful baby gifts received from family and friends - the handmade blanket with so much meaning from my sister, beautiful books, journals, knitted items and this painting from Sam. So many people were so generous we were truly speechless over it all.

Am going to zoom through some highlights now as this post has taken a week to write and we are nearly at the next Rocking Post ;)

We've had some lovely art come into the house this year - some I've bought - some swapped, some given by fabulous friends. My favourite piece though is on a shelf above my desk and I can see it from the other end of the house when I sit on the sofa. Sometimes I just catch myself sitting looking at it. It's this one and it's by Ruby. Aged 5. I think I'll always find myself gazing at it you know.

What else, what else.... ah yes, seeing my Scottish friend Lesley after two years. Seeing my friend Caroline more often - we live close but to often let work and time just get in the way... same with my sisters - I still don't see them enough but have seen them more often this past year.

Feeling comfortable with myself. I don't know when it happened this year but I started being happy being me. I suspect and am positive that Virginia and her Rocking Friday posts have a big hand in my new attitude along with Craig and my fabulous family.  I'm happy in my own skin, happy with what I want to do and what I need to do... I aim to lose weight this year but purely because I think it would help my back. Otherwise, I'm happy with who I am and whoever isn't... well, they don't have to stick around me do they?

There has been a lot positive about this year...

The only downside really has been my health - the back pain - I don't think I'll ever be pain free, in fact a consultant told us this year that it's likely to develop into osteoporosis or arthritis or both... but at the moment it's manageable and that's more than a lot of people can say... Missing people who aren't here, wishing they could meet Logan and seeing characteristics and mannerisms in him that tell us they are unmistakeably with us, all be it in a small way. Wishing business was better... but isn't everyone at the moment? It could be worse - we have a roof over our heads, and food and warmth, happy, healthy children and time to pursue pastimes we love. We're rich in the ways that matter. And that's all we can ask for :)

Happy 2013 people.

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  1. Sniffling here...that was a wonderful, positive post.
    Big Logan and you.xx

  2. What a lovely read, first thing in the morning! You will be wonderful parents to Logan as you are to the girls. Looking forward to seeing you in April at AP... lol! Love Ruby's painting, too.

  3. What a beautiful post Carmen. Lets hope there will be even more positives in 2013 for you all.
    A x

  4. A beautiful round up to the year Carmen! You have such a wonderful family, you are definately rich in all that matters! A bright and blessed 2013 to you all x

  5. A great family loving, positive post that was a delight to read.

    Here's to a great (and creative!) 2013!

  6. It's such a lovely post Carmen. Brought a tear to my eye! I'm looking forward to many more Friday updates throughout 2013 - hope it rocks!

  7. Great to read of all that has happened this year and I love the pic at the end, make it so!
    Hope 2013 is even better.

  8. Fab post. Hoping 2013 is as good. Claire x

  9. Fabulous post Carmen, truly positive and wonderful! Ruby's picture is fantastic, loving the piccie's of Logan, 2012 definitely had plenty of positives in it and I'm glad the Rocking posts have contributed to that along with family and friends! Being happy in our own skin is a true gift and accomplishment, by taking positives each week we start to see truly how rich our lives really are!

    Biggest hugs

  10. Such a lovely uplifting post... it is wonderful to hear all is well in your world Carmen but even better to hear how much you appreciate the blessings you have!! Enjoy your family, these are lovely times to be treasured and savoured!!

  11. Beautiful post, Carmen - a wonderful round up of all the positive things from 2012. Great photos :)


  12. A wonderful post, Carmen! What a year it was.....and an amazing year to come!

    Your family is lucky to have a Mum that loves and appreciates them as much as you :)

  13. WOW, I loved every bit of this post - so cool to see your pregnancy pictures and the one with your daughter kissing your belly! Swoon ... and THEN there's that beautiful baby! Logie Bear couldn't be any cuter - as are YOU - love your attitude, you ROCK! xoxo

  14. IT has been way too long since I've dropped by, and OH MY GOODNESS what a beautiful little man he is! This post makes me so happy-- I feel like so many posts I've been reading have been, "2012 was awful, must make 2013 good..." and this is so refreshing and happy! I wish you another fantastic and amazing year for 2013!!

  15. That was lovely. The photo of your little girl with your bump is gorgeous. You have made me happy this morning. Thanks for that! You look and sound very content. The star trek thing is very good! Happy Saturday, jenx

  16. What a lovely post Carmen - full of sincerity, warmth and hope. Many many congratulations on the birth of your son (what a little sweetheart). I love Ruby's artwork too - what a great piece.

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  18. :) Ooooh. I come in straight after Hot entertainment news with some updata about Bollywood!!

    Small things amuse small minds! haha

    I really love this post. I even had a few tears in my eyes as I recognise some of those things about myself. I am on a plan to lose weight for this year, but not because I am desperately unhappy with the extra kgs. It just feels right. It is coming from a different place. I have even worn togs on the beach and not felt whale like! I feel good.

    A beautiful post. Very touching. I need to get back to rocking my world posts. I have thought about many times and then it is Monday not Friday and I think it is too late. This week! :)

    Summer holidays have been very distracting. Good, and full, and relaxing filled with cheap day trips and lazy picnics and lots of beach time, but distracting. We visited Tim's dad a couple of weeks ago and camped in his back accommodation costs and we had so much fun and spent next to nothing. I am so grateful my children are easily pleased!!


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