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Hello Strangers :) I am determined to hit 'publish' on this post before Christmas! I have still been counting positives in my blog absence with all good intentions of blogging them but time just keeps slipping away at the moment. So this one is a bit of a catch up of a few weeks and in no particular order :)

First of all, my oldest friend Lesley, who I've known since school days, came to visit us - we hadn't seen her in two years (she's in Scotland and we're in Kent) It was so lovely to see her again and catch up, hopefully it wont be so long next time. 
... ... ... ... ...
Paracetamol and lots of it. My back went good and proper recently, got so bad I couldn't even turn over in bed and getting up to bubba was a joke. Could hardly walk, getting up and down from the sofa was agony... I think either being pregnant or giving birth aggravated my existing condition this time - not sure why, but anyway - the doctor prescribed me some high dosage paracetamol and I never thought saying that getting back to my usual aches and pains would be a relief... but blimey it is. Am not quite back to the same levels I'm used to but near enough.
... ... ... ... ... 
Lots and lots of handmade Christmas cards, all so gorgeous and inspiring. So much so that this non-card person who rarely ever 'does' cards is determined to make and send her own next year :) Thank you to everyone who sent us one.

This cunningly disguised Christmas present from my Pheebs. I really have no clue what it could be *wink, wink* but it did make me laugh when she put it under the tree. 

Internet shopping. Not being a people or crowds person, we have done 90% of our shopping online this year - partly due to crowd hating, partly due to time and cost, partly down to being in pain and not able to walk far and partly because you can find such great handmade and unique pressies that way :) How did I ever live without the internet? 
... ... ... ... ...
A rare day out - we went to Rochester to register bubba and I had forgotten how much I love that place. Unfortunately it was my worst pain day so we literally went, registered, stopped at a chemist for some heat pads and came home again but we have decided we will go back more regularly, definitely. Not been properly in years and it's one of those places that just shouts Christmas no matter what time of the year. I think it's because it's still so old fashioned and has the cobbled streets and old buildings. Really lifted my spirits and was the start of my getting Christmassy - up till then had been very Bah Humbug!
... ... ... ... ...
My Secret Santa and the UKS Secret Stocking Swap. The only Christmas swaps I participate in and I just love them both so much each year. My own swap was not without hitches this year but thanks to one participant in particular it has ended well. Such an amazing person anyway throughout the year - she really pulled out all the stops to make sure the swap ended on a high. Makes me remember why I am proud to count her as a friend...

...and as usual I have been a good girl and apart from a few fumbles, feels, sniffs and shakes - I haven't opened my pressies. And as usual I CAN'T WAIT!
... ... ... ... ...
A certain little Mister Mister.  He coos and giggles the days away. He's developed a fondness for Jamie Oliver and I can now eat my meals in peace if we prop him in front of the box while Jamie is on (no accounting for taste!) He sleeps through the night now from about 10pm till 6am - the latest has been 8.30am. Bliss.
Chatting to Jamie :)
Rocking his skully hat 
He's just truly a joy to us all, we couldn't have asked for a more chilled out, funny, gorgeous little boy. Yep he's adored by us all. And he knows he's the boss now ;)
... ... ... ... ...
I'm enjoying seeing the New Year challenges springing up - I am determined 2013 is going to be a year FULL of arting next year so have signed up to notifications from the Creative Jump Start Summit which feautures 21 artists and crafters sharing tutorials every single day. Check it out...

Creative JumpStart Summit 2013 Trailer from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

And I've also signed up to Darcy's Artful Readers Club. On January 1st you declare 12 books you are pledging to read throughout the year. Each month you do a short review of one of the books and a piece of art or craft inspired by that book. A twofer in that it gets you reading and creating :) Check that one out here - any genre of reading and any style of creativity is welcomed and encouraged. I've got five books I definitely want to read next year but am waiting to see what Father Christmas brings before I decide the rest ;) Mine will be a mixture of fiction and art/craft books.
... ... ... ... ...
Craig has started doing my shed/cocoon again, He had to stop pretty much after I last posted as he was hit by a sicky/flu bug - it happens every winter to him. And Devvie - coming up to Christmas they are always struck down. But, bless him, he's started doing it again... mainly I think to get my 'junk' out of the dining room over Christmas. Still, am not complaining.
... ... ... ... ...
Virginia will always be in my grateful positives even on the posts I don't mention her. I am convinced the Rocking Friday's that she started have had such a mind altering effect on my attitude and my thinking. I used to be prone to bouts of (undiagnosed) depression. I didn't always realise it at the time but I realise now what it was. Of course I still get down days but absolutely nowhere near like what it was before and I am convinced it's because I am re-programming how I think. To look for the positives in my life no matter how awful other things are that might be happening.  It's such a simple thing to do - it doesn't happen over night but believe me it works. Thank you Virginia. Love you!
... ... ... ... ...
There has been so much more I have been positive and grateful for over the past few weeks- not least Craig and the girls for as always being helpful with dinners, housework, changing poopy bums (well, Devvie more than Craig with that one!) and generally being patient with a Mum who's been less than mobile. I'm going to stop here though as it's turning into a big long post again.

I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading - slowly but surely. But I'd like to just take this time to wish all my readers, both the vocal gobby ones and my silent lurkers a very Happy Christmas. Thank you for reading my rambling throughout the year and thank you as always for stopping by today :)


  1. Have missed your Rocking posts (and the others) and I really hope your back lets you enjoy Christmas! Thank you for organising the Secret Santa swap - am so looking forward to opening my HUGE parcel!! As the recipient of the hitch, thank you - and Santa - in advance, lol!!

    I've signed up to the Creative Start again this year too, hope you enjoy it and find it encouraging.

    Much much love to all of you for a very Happy Christmas - and see you in April!!! Hugs, Helen xxx

  2. Happy Christmas to you all. Looking forward to a crafty 2013! Logan is truly scrummy!

    Claire x

  3. Ah Carmen - I got watery eyed a couple of times in that post sweetie - thank you for the mention. I too find the therapy of Rocking posts such a positive, it really does change your outlook, I've a few people on facebook who always comment on how bad things are and every single post is doom and gloom and I think - "if only you did a rocking post, your life would be fuller, richer and a hell of a lot more positive" Glad the Secret Santa sorted itself out and that Helen above got her parcel! Will check out the arty projects for the new year, even considering the Darcy one (I didn't do this year's but I did do the previous years) and the reason - because it might get me reading things I wouldn't normally read. To you and yours may you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas

  4. Hope you and your family have the most wonder-filled christmas! Hope the man in red is good to you all too....though sounds like life is full of blessings (well if you exclude the back!) Sending HUGE hugs :)xx

  5. Xxx well even if you prodded the ones I sent you I bet you still wouldn't know what they were lol.not been up to huge rocking posts but I have been doing little ones.doesn't have to be a Friday to be grateful lol...and I feel when I do that and link up its like saying come on.!!!! re

    1. my post or something I don't want ppl to read my blog just cos I post on someone else's..that prob doesn't make sense lol. have a good Xmas and I hope kids still like crafting lol xx

  6. Merry Christmas Carmen!!
    Not liking the bad back side of your year but the rest is lovely...and Logan is a cutie...hugs for him from me..little boys bring so much pleasure and love...sigh
    I've joined a couple of the creative things you mentioned....can't wait to leave what, for me, has been a creative desert..
    Hugs xx

  7. Hi Carmen. So sorry to hear about your back but what a gorgeous little man you have to take your mind off it. Really love the pics. Please give him a big cuddle from me and I really hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with everything that makes you happy.
    A x

  8. Tracking Santa.... Samantha very excited shouting I KNEW he was real!!!!!!!!! wish you had a phone to text this is very inconvenient on phone but I had to tell you :P ....might be our very last year to track Santa...nooooo.....

  9. Apart from being gorgeous, your little Logan is clearly intelligent and practical to be watching Jamie Oliver. My younger daughter, 50 years ago, would from birth mesmerically watch the unmoving test card on the television. As I was ill at the time, that was a belssing.
    So sorry about your bad back, but it's good to see you back on the blogging scene. I will look up some of the creative things you mention - got lots of arty books for Christmas.
    Hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas day. Jez XX

  10. Have just signed up to Darcy! Hope I can keep it up.

  11. Just popped in to say a 'Very Merry Christmas' to you and all your family, Carmen. I've not been well for about 10 days (BAD flu & cough) so haven't been around blogland much lately myself. Great to see your catch up and see some more piccies of your lickle one. Sorry to hear about the bad back too, hope the symptoms ease.

    Looking forward to joining in with you for the Creative Jump Start in January, yay! Merry Christmas x

  12. I really enjoyed reading this post, Carmen. Apart from your bad back (ugh) and poor old Craig (double ugh) your happiness shines out. Little Logan looks as bright as a button and an absolute sweetheart too :) I forgot to mention the Creative Jumpstart thing on my blog post about arty things for 2013, I'll try and remember to get it in my next post (although I have the memory of a fish lately so I can't promise!).

    I hope you and your lovely family had a wonderful Christmas Day, sweet Logan's first!


  13. I'm always delighted to see a post from you....absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I am truly missing you :)

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! I look forward to sharing one another's arting (and otherwise) adventures in the New Year ahead!
    Much love,

  14. Such a lovely sweet post Carmen. I really hope your back gets better soon. Love the photos of Logan, he is just such a cutie!!
    I totally agree with you about the RYWF posts. It really makes you take stock of everything and realise just how much you have in your lives.
    Hope you had a fab Christmas and wishing you a very happy New year x x x

  15. I'm so behind with checking out everyones blogs, I had missed this (that's because I usually do all my blog hopping at work, don't tell my boss :))

    I hope your back is on the mend by now x

    Oh and you HAVE to tell me what was in Phoebe's cunningly disguised gift - the suspense is killing me! ;)


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