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Cam's Cocoon - Part 1

Hello everyone :) This is an "I'm alive!!" post. I haven't been creating much (at all!) but thought I'd show you what Craig has been up to.

Bad news is I am losing my lovely messy room/studio. *sob, sob* Craig came in the other day with those worrying words: "I've been thinking..." And turns out he's been thinking about moving all the birdies out of his shed and setting them up in my messy room so they are near his other birds in his bird room. Makes sense. Especially when the good news is... I GET THE SHED! Woohoo. 

So this is what he's been doing this week. Slowly, slowly in-between work and helping the bathroom fella install the bathroom. 

My new studio/messy room. Yeah - still tiny... if possible, tinier! 6'x5'.
He's going to take the safety door off, that's just a back up in case one of the birds got out while he was in there.
As it stands at the moment full of bird cages, it doesn't look like 5' wide because of the depth of the shelves which he has said he'll leave in for me. So although my desk will be tiny, it will be clear because of the shelving. More splashability with the painting ;)

In this corner he's going to build me a desk, my old 6' one obviously wont fit... not unless I want to sit outside and lean in. 

These pictures don't really give an idea about just how tiny it is - really and definitely a one person area :) I quite like that. I like that it will be all mine too - like he says, it means in the warmer months I can go out there of an evening and play if I want to which I can't do at the moment because of nesting chicks in the adjoining room to my messy room. It'll be my cocoon :) My lockable cocoon!

So that's what's going on here this week. I'll do another post when he's done. I can hear lots of drilling and sawing as I type!

How are things with everyone? This little fella has been keeping me busy but am slowly catching up with Blogland. :)
 I'll be back on Friday with a Rocking post, I've still been counting my positives even when not blogging them. Thanks, as always, for stopping by :)


  1. All change chez Carmen then! At least you'll have somewhere to escape! Love your bonnie bundle! Hugs!!

  2. Yeay well at least you don't have no space.I still have the dining table covered with stuff..I don't even craft there I craft where I sit on couch lol. oh isn't he just gorgeous wish I could come down and give him a snuggle xxx

  3. 100 Aws for the last pic. Your little man is soooooo gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.
    A x
    ps would love you to 'like' us and share it with your friends [more info on my blog]

  4. Loving your new craft space to be - I'm pretty much a solo crafter, so that would suit me fine!

    Awww he's gorgeous!And asleep!:D xxx

  5. Small is beautiful I always say :)

    He is gorgeous - it;s lovely to see another pic and hear how you are all getting on

  6. I can see a lot of positives to a lockable shed....and if we ever have long warm summer evenings again, it'll be bliss to be in the shed with the door open while everyone's fooling about in the garden. And the shelves will be wonderful!! I think he's very convincing!! Beeyoootiful baby boy...did I say that before!

  7. Hey, a detached craft dwelling!! There's fancy....or it will be soon :D
    Logan is such a gorgeous boy - oh I want to go back in time to when mine were small and snuggly. Hope you are all doing well :)
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  8. Lovely photo of baby there Carmen.

    Can't wait to see the completed new studio/messy room.

    Toni xx

  9. Now that 'space'is going to be a challenge to organise ...but fun...its amazing what one can fit in a small room.

    The little man is so gorgeous ...he makes me want to squeeze his cheeks ...but I wouldn't ...he looks too peaceful.xx

  10. Oh my gosh, look at that sweet boy!! Of course, they always are when they're sleeping, aren't they? Heehee :)

    What a fun little space that will be! I can just hear the music blaring through the closed door already!

  11. So glad to see you back on your blog again. Missed you.
    That looks one peaceful baby. No matter how decrepit we get (and I speak from experience!), we never get over that tug inside, and the overwhelming desire to pick up the baby and cuddle him.

  12. Oh Carmen he is wonderful!!!!! What a gorgeous perfect little miracle... must be partial to boys as I have two big ones myself!!!

    Your new workshop will be fab... a little "mespace" is it heated?

  13. Ooh, Carmen...Logan is absolutely gorgeous....just want to squish him to bits....please pass on hugs from me..:)

    Love the idea of a detached craft area.....:)
    Hugs xx

  14. Hellloooo! Welcome back, have missed you and your family adventures. Bet you're having plenty more now with your likel cutie.

    Great that you will have lots of shelves, that is something I could really do with in my craftingy area. I was also wondering about the heating, especially now that the weather has chilled itself down. Look forward to seeing part 2... xx

  15. Oh my delicious. He is beautiful. And how exciting, having your own individual separate space. I am clapping with excitement for you. (I am also thinking you have a lot of birds fluttering around)!!!

    And the shelf space. I am insanely jealous. Maybe that would make me a tidier creator if I had more shelves (I tell myself deludedly). Sounds like lots of new renovations going on. I have been asking for a new bathroom for Christmas...who knows!! :)

  16. Hi Carmen, baby Logan looks just adorable and I want to squish him!! The shed looks like its going to be a great place for you to get creative, and look at all that shelf space for your stash-fantastic!!


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