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Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook - December

Another peep into the Travelling Sketchbook I'm taking part in. These pages were for December and what that inspires in me.

I started off just covering the pages in the colours I think of in December... I must admit I got to this stage and wondered if anyone would know what was going through my head but Devvie walked past and went "cool, Christmas pages!" So either she is as batty as her Mum or they look someway like Christmas.  I included some Christmas postal stamps I've been hoarding. 
Trying to give the feel of Christmas baubles...
Toning it all down with some white gesso and the brayer... (Snow perhaps?)
Finally some more colour, some swirls of Glossy Accents and a spritz of glimmer mist (Perfect Pearls) for that Christmas glow.

The journalling overleaf details how December will always be Christmas. Even though it's not the same these days - not when you don't wake up to the smell of your Mum's cooking. But how I try and recreate those smells and feelings for my girls - I've also detailed a few Christmas memories... the year my Mum gave my Dad a right rollicking for eating an entire plate of fairy cakes and then, when the dog pooped out the wrappers, still refused to apologise because it's something he would have done!  Or the year my sister and I heard a racket in the middle of the night - crept downstairs and caught my parents mid-Sega wars. They had been unwrapping the Sega Mega Drive every night, playing each other and re-wrapping it before morning in hopes of gaining an advantage over us on Christmas Day! Rotters! And the year my film watching was forever changed when my sister and I watched The Labyrinth for the first time ever - stretched out on our parents bed, watching the dodgy old portable and being completely gob-smacked by this glorious film...

Yes, even though our Christmas change over the years and people can no longer be with us. December will always mean Christmas. And love. And laughter.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Fab pages and yep defo Christmas. Loving the baubles :D

    I personally love Christmas and think that each generation should be encouraged to create it's own traditions. For me Christmas Eve is my favourite part of the holiday - everyone has arrived home from the four corners of the earth, we go to the Christingle service at 6pm and then everyone piles back to mine for a party and the festivities begin (normally friends, family and neighbours and as the kids have gotton older their friends and their families are welcomed too).


  2. Beautiful Carmen... love it.. and so true.. things are never the same for us.. but making awesome memories for your girls is truly a wonderful gift to them...

  3. Ha, your Mum and Da had the perfect plan!! gotta love your memories, and a pretty sure that your own children will have as fond memories..from your happiness and your magical sense of Christmas.

  4. Love the pages!
    And thank you for your fun Christmas memories...
    I'm sure your girls will have similar stories to tell in the future.
    Big hugs xx

  5. Oh the pages are fabulous Carmen - I love them and the Christmas memories - so lovely to document!

  6. And at this end of life there are years and years of Christmas memories, even right back to WW2 when our presents were usually from a jumble sale, with two shiny pennies at the foot of the stocking. And each year now, Christmas gets more precious and special. I love it. Thanks for jogging the memory. Love the baubles -they started this train of thought.

  7. Love the pages Carmen - baubles and snow; perfect for Christmas.

    I love family Christmas traditions, they keep the memories of Christmas past alive.

    Toni xx

  8. Great pages and memories! And wonderful to see another month completed and on its way. Yay!

  9. We have forever ( since I got my own home) declared 'open house' on alternate boxing days - our tradition is to welcome all into the house, feed them, play games and throw them back onto the street when or one day of charity is over, I have met some amazing strangers in the last 25 years, and only had a few ( didn't matter) items stolen,

    ont he alternate Christmases we go away either just the two of us or the four/five/six of us, and we go to a non Christian country - and do not celebrate at all, ( recovery for commercialism and overcrowding)

    I don't know what I will do once we are in France - I am toying with the idea of converting to Catholicism and getting into guilt trips again...but then Niall would leave me for sure...

    dx 76

  10. Love your freedom with paint ...wonderful pages. Had to giggle over the fairy cake incident. Re Eves Pudding ....its apple(hence Eve) with a sponge topping...a 'years gone by' recipe but worth trying especially in autumn when apples are around on neighbours trees!! can use pears but it had a different name.xx

  11. The dog story...oh my gosh...priceless!!

    Stunning memories, I love the christmas baubles. I love Christmas. Adore it!!I always try and make happy memories for my children and have such happy memories from my childhood.

    I saw Christmas decorations up the other day and think I should be able to put my tree up now. Tim is a grinch. I would prefer not to squeeze the joy of Christmas into only one month!

  12. Great christmas pages, love the colours and the baubles! Loved reading your xmas memories, especially your mum and dad playing on the sega to try and beat you xmas day, how funny!! x


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