Rocking My World Friday

Again? Already? How can that be?
Time to reflect on the week and see what's made me smile - if you'd like to play along, click the picture above to link up with Virginia so we can all find you :)

I fear this is going to be a very short post this week. Not because I've had a bad week or anything, just been very tired and achy, sleeping a lot and letting everyone else do all the work! Which of course means due date came and went on Wednesday and I'm still here, perched uncomfortably, with belly half way across the room.  
... ... ... ... ...
So, top positive of the week has to be my lovely Craig. Not only is he keeping a business afloat, doing the majority of the school walks, doing a huge chunk of the housework AND all with a cold. He still sends me off to have an afternoon kip if I've had a bad night and again brought me home a mahoosive slice of carrot cake after his post office run the other day. Honestly. What a lucky girl am I? Maybe I should cook the mince and tatties tonight that he's been asking for all week!
... ... ... ... ...
T'internet. Keeping me amused when there's booger all on the telly. Just shut up all you people that are getting to watch the new season of The Walking Dead. I have to wait till next year! We are finally nearing the end of Lost on Netflix - we have 6 episodes to go and Craig is already wringing his hands and wondering how he will ever live without his nightly fix. So, apart from Lost we haven't been watching anything else. (Apart from Charlie & Lola of an evening with the Ruby Monster!) The internet has kept me amused all week. From Blogland, to You Tube, to Facebook conversations (you know who! Thank you girls!) to discovering my way around The Trodden Path group (loving this site!) to gearing up towards the Secret Santa on UKS (sign up still open, I do this one every year and it's so much fun!) to my own Secret Santa (victims names being sent this afternoon I promise!) Honestly when you are tired or don't feel well, it's a little lifesaver. When my girls look at me with disbelief that we never had any internet when growing up, I sometimes share their wonder at how I ever lived without it!
... ... ... ... ...
Almost caught up on everything I fell behind on this year. Teeny tiny amounts of creativity adding up to results. I still have two swap promises to fulfil and finish up my PIF list and then I am back on track! Woohoo!
... ... ... ... ...
  • Tea, always!
  • Midwife noticing and complimenting my newly dyed hair.  It's now Damson Wine (Live XXL) in case you're wondering - as opposed to the washed out and faded red that it's been for months on end. Amazing what a little boost just doing that gives ;)
  • Silver Crow has been back 3 times this week to our bird table - each time with two black crow friends. Craig says they are his body guards :D No piccies as he spots me through the window whenever I move to get the camera so now I just sit and watch him.
  • Am up to £43.52 on my tablet saving via Amazon vouchers! Was £44.51 earlier in the week but I bought a cheapy kindle book. Must not do that to often! It's creeping up! Should hopefully be clearing another £20 soon if I can stick at the survey sites!
And that will do me for this week. Thanks for stopping by :) How has your week been?

Oh and since I started typing this post, I've put the mince and tatties on for Craig's dinner tonight ;) Wouldn't it be funny if I went into labour before he got his dinner? :D :D


  1. Lovely list of gratefuls...and your Craig is one in a million!..Carrot cake...yum!!
    Hope you're not feeling too uncomfortable and that Bubba puts in an appearance soon!
    Hugs xx

  2. Hee hee don't think Craig would find that funny at all!!! Stop with the cake talk - I'm craving a chunk of Rocky Road or Coffee Cake but trying to be good!!! Glad you've had a good week - hopefully this time next week you'll be minus the bump and plus a little blue bundle!!! Claire xxx

  3. and you're still here .... wonder if next Friday you'll be with baby or still with bump? :)

    Your other half is a marvel, let's hope he keeps it up once bubba arrives and doesn't collapse exhausted in the corner :D

    have a good week! x

  4. Hooray for Craig, who is Top Man! Bubba won't be long now and I'm so excited for you :)

    Wishing you a restful weekend and wishing Craig his mince and tatties (keep your legs crossed 'til he's finished!!).


  5. You certainly have a diamond geezer in Craig! Mind you having met you I can see why he wants to take care of you. Hope you hold on long enough for Craig to enjoy his dinner; till next time, sending you all big hugs. xx

  6. Well done Craig.....only what you deserve of course :-)
    Lots of rest has been ordered for you so you build up all your strength ready for the work you will have to do very soon....wahooooo it's so exciting.....I can't wait.
    A x

  7. Craig is wonderful - does he know we all think he's the bees knees?

    Can I cheat a bit and just say about today - how can an oldie like me remember more than 24 hours back. Sounds daft, but the joy of feeling well and strong enough to change the bedclothes, do two loads of washing, make a stew meal for tonight and tomorrow, all before coffee time. Spoke to daughter number 2 for nearly an hour on phone, drove out to Rufford and had coffee and coconut and cherry cake, home made, sitting in the sun in a caddy and being so warm, and lastly having such a nice comment on my blogpost from Carmen.
    Good calming thoughts being sent your way.

  8. Correction. Ididn't sit in a tea caddy, I sat in a cardy. Blast that auto spell corrector.

  9. Bless your Craig, he is so wonderful to you! But you deserve to be pampered carrying the big bump around! Hopefully not too much of a wait now, although It would be cool to have him on Samhain (Halloween) can you keep going for another 12 days???!
    I won't be able to watch the new season of walking dead either Carmen so we can sulk about that together! I am working my way through Supernatural at the moment though so those two lovely boys are keeping me occupied!
    Hope you have a great week and that Bubba puts in an appearence, can't wait to see photos of him x

  10. Oh you said it would be short, but that's a great list, loving all your gratefuls and big shout out to your Craig for being such a sweetie at the moment and carrot cake as well - definitely a keeper Carmen!!!

    Silver crow is brill particularly with body guards, time on internet, catching up creatively excellent stuff and yes I know what you mean about internet - how did we cope - may you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and tell Bubba to hurry up - we're all waiting LOL

  11. So you have no urges to nest yet ....sounds as though he will be late. xx

  12. What a contrast in what you like to/have to watch 'Walking Dead' and 'Charlie & Lola!' lol. Although I find C&L quite creative with all those clever textured backgrounds.

    Craig is proving to be quite the superhero in your hour(s) of need, just what you need at this stage, brill!

    Apologies for the lateness of my reply, I've been partying all weekend at a samba event in Luton. xx

  13. I thought of you just now and wondered if there was baby yet-- for your sake, I hope that there is, but by the sounds of this post, we've got to wait some more! :-) I'm sad to have missed your secret santa; I've been rubbish about paying attention to the internet lately! Anyway-- I hope you get to meet your little man soon!!!!

  14. I've been totally crazy with my schedule lately BUT I've had the nagging though about your baby- as in WHEN is this baby coming? Are you having a girl or a boy? It's ok not to tell me- I'll find out in a few days I'm sure. Craig sounds like a life saver! so my package to you- it's sitting on my desk. I should add a newborn onesie but maybe not- maybe a 24 months onesie considering how long it's taken me to get my ass in gear- my apologies but YES I remember!!! :)


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