Rocking My World Friday...

On Saturday? It is Saturday isn't it? Yes - sorry am losing track of days recently...

To play along and find the positives in your week, just click the piccie :)

Firstly, we are now under the two week mark for my due date. And, as uncomfortable as I am right now, I don't mind so much if I am two weeks late again. I was moaning and whinging like mad until... Craig pointed out that if I am two weeks late... We will have a Halloween babe! Hello! Yep - he knows how to make me happy! (And stop the whinging!) So whether baby comes now or at the end of the month - we're all good ;)
... ... ... ... ...
I am instructed to tell you that it is 79 days till Christmas. That's Devvie. Now I love Christmas but am slightly un-prepared this year. Just a tad. As in I have a grand total of two presents and one of those is for someone who hasn't been born yet! Aaaargh!

However - I am looking forward to doing some baking and practise runs of rock cakes. I wish I had made more pressies this year but seeing as I slept most of the year away... that idea kinda went out the window. Next year! Still time for a few wee makes I reckon, now that the old mojo is back. And I'm looking forward to the Secret Santa, and board games and the girls giggling and laughing. See, the countdown isn't so scary... *gulp*
... ... ... ... ...
I was worried about a canvas I had made someone because the words on it held special meaning for that person. But she received it this week and sent me a lovely message so am well chuffed with that :) Phew!
... ... ... ... ...
My sister coming in for a cuppa and a chat on Thursday. Lovely to see her. Even lovelier when she said she thought (from the back) I'd lost weight. Craig nearly fell off his chair laughing when she left but I appreciated it :P And, actually I haven't put any weight on for 2 or 3 months so will be interesting what the scales say after bubba is born. 
... ... ... ... ...
What else...
  • Having a down day and Craig coming home with a wedge of coffee cake and a wedge of chocolate cake from the local bakers for us to share. Nom nom nom!
  • Lost. Still. We are nearing the end of Season 3 now. Craig actually woke me up last night to discuss a theory that had just occurred to him.
  • The new issue of Somerset Studio. It looks so gorgeous. I am resisting properly reading it so I can take it into hospital but the few sneaky peeks I've read are fab!
  • Hastings being featured on Come Dine With Me all week. Ruby has thought this has been brilliant - Come Dine With Me is one of her favourite shows so for it to be in the town where Nanna lives all week - she's been tickled pink. She seems to think she can go visit the people featured mind you...
  • Sitting here watching Devvie sticking her finger in her tea to wet down her scary clown school art work - she says yes, she will indeed still be drinking her tea! Nice. She promises me she will be uploading her (amazing) paintings to her blog soon. I'll nudge you all to go look when she does.
  • The chats we've been having with her about 6th form/college and her options - can't believe she is now the age I was when I left school. Doesn't seem possible! 
Annnnd... I reckon that will do me this week. Am off out to my messy desk for a shift around and tidy up from where the girls trashed it over the summer holidays. Time to reclaim!

Thanks for stopping by - how was your week?


  1. Not sure whether to say hope bubba comes now or at Halloween... but he'll be loved for sure. Sounds like you've had a good week - I have recently stopped getting Somerset Studio (have about a million to properly read) in favour of Art Journalling (also Stampington) which I am more into. Hugs.

  2. I haven't bought Somerset Studio in years but that EAPoe copy looks awesome! As would a Halloween baby be :) But whenever he is born now it will still be halloween season at the theme parks (our favourite time of year for theme park visiting :) ) for his birthday trips :)

    As for Christmas, I never buy a single present before December so you are waaaay ahead of me

    have a good week!

  3. So many great things going on for you - how fab is that? Good to hear that you're all ok!!
    Hugs, LLJ #xx

  4. What a great week and so glad your canvas was well received! Won't say told ya, but..... :D

    Oh a Halloween baby how exciting... I love Halloween cos it's something you for the love of it, not cos you have to! x

  5. Even after all these years I still remember that last fortnight - and then the fortnight after that when first daughter was reluctant to make an appearance. Will be thinking of you and wishing you all the best.
    As for my week - well a few too many hospital appointments and more next week, but we takek them in our stride and have had the pleasure of both daughters and just enjoying 'artifying'.
    I keep wondering what bubba will be called if he does arrive at Hallowe'en.

  6. You sound as though things are going well ...little man will arrive when he is ready son was 3weeks late after they said I had got my dates wrong and he would be 4 weeks early ...those were the days before scans.
    Sorry you had a down day ...had to smile about sharing the cakes though mum and I used to do that and so does my daughter now adays ...even in cafes...sometimes we have been known to buy 3 ...Did/do we care when poeple stared!!!???? Loads of hugs xx

  7. Oh I'm having the most fun on a Saturday night - reading my beautiful Rockettes blogs - has put the biggest smile on my face - you are all awesome! Carmen I love you blog post, I laugh and smile and grin and appreciate and clap and well it's fabulous (but you know that). You've got an amazing let's make that bold and underline that AMAZING family - Craig 'get's' when you need the lift, Devon gives you the lift and makes you smile and yes we want to see that blog post with tea finger painted art - brilliant stuff!

    I don't see why Ruby can't invite herself around to all the Come Dine with Me people to sample the food - it's her right isn't it? We did a come dine with me at a Center Parcs weekend a couple ago - the idea was that each person cooked a meal in its entirety during the weekend - but Craig had to rescue both my Mum (who'd forgotten a main ingredient) and Melanie who definitely isn't the world's greatest of cooks asking for help LMAO - great memories - thank you Carmen.

    Secret Santa Secret Santa Secret Santa - come on - whom I stalking this year girl - come on I want to know ...

    Your sister is awesome - girlfriend if you've not put weight on for 2-3 months, then you'll not be a shifting lots of baby weight after the even - now don't get weighed the first few days when you get home, get weighed after a few weeks when your body has settled down and see where you are at! then if you are wanting to keep that momentum going take it from a woman who lost a shed load of weight after said 12 year old was born (don't ask about now that's not the point), get that buggy out and walk your ass off!

    Right listening to Nickelback loud - need to make tea and on bottle two of wine bugger - great day though been to Chatsworth enjoying sculptures!!!

    Hugs to you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend ahead

    Much love


  8. What a super post...I think it would be pretty amazing to have a Halloween arrival.

    Hope you get a chance to do your gift making.

    Have a fab week.

    Toni xx

  9. What a lovely cheerful post! Your Craig really knows how to cheer you up...he's a good'un!
    Love hearing about your girls too...makes a change from all the boys in our family!!lol
    Hugs xx
    p.s. David was thrilled to bits at not having to pay £25 to get into the Eden Project!

  10. Lovely post! Come Dine With Me is a favourite with TSO here, so let her know if you are going calling she'd love to tag along lol

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that Halloween baby, though that feels weird to type because who knows? maybe you've had an eventful weekend?

  11. Yikes, it's all getting rather close now, isn't it?!!! Great Rocking post, Carmen. I'm so glad the recipient of your canvas loved it, but then I knew she would (I'm guessing it was for a female?!).
    I love Come Dine With Me, it never ceases to amaze me the menus people will attempt when they have no cooking experience! There's no way I'd put myself up for that - I don't want strangers rifling through my knicker drawer!

    Can your sister pop round here please, I could do with a similar confidence boost about the size of my bum..... :/


  12. Oh a Halloween baby, how excellent!! Can you keep him cooking that long?? Such a lovely post this week, your family are so amazing, you are one lucky lady! That copy of somerset studio looks great, I have never bought a copy before. We also love come dine with me here, especially Shelby who got a real kick out of the IOW one!
    I hope you have a great week x


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