collabor-ART Mystery Parcel Make

My collabor-ART mystery parcel recipient has received her goodies. Yay. The task was to go shopping through your own stash and send supplies that your recipient might breathe fresh life into. And also include a handmade present of your own. Your recipient then has one month to make something using three of the things you sent.

My sender was Donna and you can see what she sent me in my post here. I have still to make my something out of three of the things I received.  I was sending to Leanne and in her box of stash, this was the handmade item I made her. A little mixed media canvas board...

The base is made up of layers of tissue paper, book pages and braille paper. (My favourite - I did include some in her box!)
And then just layers and layers and layers of paint, texture paste and pen over the top. I was pleased with the end result - I used lots of purple because Leanne seems to use a lot of purple in her work so I was guessing she liked it. As do I!

Thanks for stopping by - back later with Rocking Friday :)


  1. What beautiful writing on your text addition. Love the painting and the sentiment.

  2. Fab - amazing handwriting too! x

  3. Beautiful! Love the quote. Wish I had signed up for this but didn't think I would have enough time to make something at the time, too much stuff going on! x


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