This is a piece I've done on what feels like suede stretched onto wood. I'm not sure if it's real suede or synthetic and it's been interesting experimenting on it that's for sure.

I'd promised a canvas with quote at the beginning of the year to a friend. I've been coming back to it for so long now (I scrapped two earlier attempts months ago) that I no longer know if it's good or not. Do you ever get like that? I hope it is as I really want to give something good. My girls and Craig like it but I think I have just been looking at it and agonising over it for to long now... honest opinions please.

The quote is lyrics from the Nat King Cole song "Smile" and holds special meaning for the person it's for, hence my worrying over whether it's good enough. I never was meant to grow nails I tell thee! I couldn't fit the whole song on and remain readable so picked bits out.

The initial suede base had embossed flowers on - I thought they were dandelion clocks but have since found out they may be alium? Either way I loved them and decided not to cover them completely but to make a feature of them. So after laying down a background of acrylic paint and texture paste, more acrylic, glimmer mist (Perfect Pearls) etc. I picked out the flowers in thick watercolour paint and then picked out more bits in Glossy Accents. The quote is done in black glitter glue, Black Copic, Black Fineliner, white gel pen and white Posca pen. The suede really, really didn't like any of the pens hence my having to use so many and try to just keep laying it down till it stopped sooking it up!

I really like how the suede is still soft in places and really took the paint well giving some nice texture but I think if I added quotes to any future attempts (I have two more unaltered 'canvasses' here) I would think of another way to do it.

Thanks for stopping by and of course your words of wisdom ;)


  1. I love it! The colour is gorgeous, the flowers - be they dandelion clocks or alium - are beautiful. I frequently struggle with things I've made, and if it is for someone else it is so much harder!! I am sure the recipient will be delighted.

  2. Oh it's lovely and a great colour combination too!

  3. You've created a beautiful canvas with love in my fav colours so what's not to like? I love it.
    A x

  4. I think it's fabulous and can only echo - what's not to like?

    I'm like that with everything I make too. The things I'm most pleased with aren't always the things other people seem to like and vice versa lol

  5. It's fabulous and I'm sure the recipient will love it too. The colours are are lovely and the flower thingies - whatever they are- really pop.

  6. FANTASTIC!!!!!! Love it! You know that silhouettes and texture are my thing and this is just a complete pleasure to the eye! I'm sure the recipient will be made up - I know I would be!

    Re the problem with pens had you thought about adding some torn paper strips and then painting and texturising over. Either that or tissue paper or a napkin.

    Claire x

  7. It's wonderful! I really love the colours you've chosen.
    Hugs xx

  8. Love it too, Carmen :) Wonderful colours and textured background, and it was inspired to keep the dandelions/aliums and work with them rather than just covering them up.

    Your recipient will adore it. Fact.


  9. Lettering is difficult anyways, even on smooth I think you did a wonderful job considering what you were dealing with. Perhaps gel medium on some printed text next time and save yourself the agony? The texture and colors are absolutely dreamy! I love the alium, too!

    Just keep on painting away, My Friend....I always enjoy your projects!


  10. I love the flower! And the lettering is stunning, I hate lettering. I need to practice more. Such dreamy beautiful colours and I love the sequin heart as well.

    You could also print quotes onto tissue paper, taping it onto some normal paper to put it through the machine. The tissue paper just fades to nothing, invisible magic.


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