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Rocking My World Friday...

It's that time of the week again! What's been...
Oooh where to begin? Somewhere... because I want to be on time today :D

Firstly - fabulous snail mail again! Lovely, lovely Sian saw the blanket my sister made for bubba and made a gorgeous little skull & cross bones hat in the same colours. Honestly, my picture does it no justice - the purple is much deeper and richer in real life. It's so soft and snuggly and down right adorable! This is being sneaked into my hospital bag pronto!
She also made such a cute little hat with teeny ear flaps and all. So, so cute!
 (My pictures are so rubbish - but I love my model, this is my stash egg where I save £1 coins for paint *g*)

Thank you so much Sian - I'll say it again, this little one is being so spoilt!
... ... ... ... ...  
These three monsters all went back to school this week! Pheebs started high school (or the Academy as it's now called!) And Ruby started 'big school.' (Primary) Ruby is still half days for the next week to get her used to it but then she goes full time, all day! Methinks we'll have a tired monster for the first few weeks then. They all seem to have enjoyed their first few days back even if only to catch up with their friends :)

It was very quiet at first, even Cooper was moping around and whining, not sure what to do. Even though Craig works from home, he's out the back in his office for the majority of the day so it was strange just me and the hound looking at each other. I almost put Cbeebies on for him...

But then, then we embraced the quiet. Cooper stretched out on the back of the sofa, sunbathing, safe in the knowledge he wasn't about to be catapulted off. I relished the sound of... silence. No TV, maybe the occassional bit of bird song. And today... today I got my paints out for ME! They are sadly depleted and in need of restock as the girls have been using them all summer. (Will have to drop some major hints at C-word time!) But it was pure, pure bliss!

*Happy sigh*
... ... ... ... ...
Asda has been pretty cool this week. (For my international visitors, Asda is a Supermarket, one of the more competitive... I think they might be part of the Wal-mart group now? Did I see that on one of their signs?)

Anyway - we managed to get the girls school bags there quite reasonably and then we spotted some Olympic stuff reduced, so look what Craig bought me...
Olympic Duckie! Reduced to £1.25!  :D 

We popped in there again today as I had spotted some sketch/note books on our last visit and wanted a closer look. They're pretty cool. I forgot to take pictures and it's to dark now... but they look like Moleskines. Leatherette cover with elastic to hold closed. Really thick creamy paper inside and expanding pockets inside the covers. Sound like Moleskines too don't they? They're not, obviously. They're just Asda brand. But I picked up an A4 sized one for Ruby's birthday at the end of the month (£4.00!!) and an A5 one for me to have a play around in. (£2.00!!!) Craig walked away in the end as I was standing there gabbling about how much they would be if they actually were Moleskines and what a bargain they were. But they are aren't they? I think I need to go back and buy a few more - it would be daft not to don't you think?

Anyway - this is why we have bought Ruby a new large book. This is her old one, an A5 sized book that's she's had since she could toddle...
I love it to pieces but I think she definitely needs a new one to play in :)
... ... ... ... ...
Talking of Ruby and her art - I framed her masterpiece this week. I personally think it looks amazing and she's chuffed to bits that we framed it. It now takes pride of place on the shelves above my desk. My Dad wants one for Christmas I think, judging from what he was saying yesterday. He ain't getting this one!

 ... ... ... ... ...
Other things this week... A lovely surprise today, I found out I'd won a spot on an online Fresco style painting workshop from Joyce's blog. Lovely jubbly - can't wait to start that!

A really nice midwife appointment that resulted in my thinking about training in midwifery in the future. It's something I've often thought about, for many years, and she was very encouraging. As was Craig when I put all joking aside and we thought about it. Wouldn't happen in earnest till bubba was at least 4 or 5 but there are things I can do now to make a start - like improve my maths etc. Is something to think on anyway.

Devvie helping out with dinners this week, much appreciated - the dreaded lethargy has come back in full force of an afternoon and I usually just zonk out for a nap around 4pm! She's actually cooking really tasty meals - she better watch out - I might let her do it full time :D

Autumnal hints. The leaves are starting to change colour. Yay! Hoping it brings with it the cooler weather. I love Autumn, my favourite time of year!

Looking back on old Rocking posts. I was trying to remember when we last saw my friend Lesley. She lives in Scotland and is hopefully coming down to see us soon. (2 YEARS Lesley! How can it be that long?) And I just got engrossed in reading back on past posts, and remembering. And smiling at things I'd forgotten. I love this little weekly exercise, I really do.

Seeing my friend Cas for a cuppa -  she lives quite near me but what with one thing and another weeks usually turn into months before we see each other. So it's really lovely to have a catch up when we do!

Lovely things people do - certain family/friends. I'd just like to say that small things people say and do - they really can have a huge impact. It might seem a small thing you are offering or giving or doing or just saying but it means such a lot. I don't even know if they know how lovely what they do is... or if they know I mean them... or if I am making any sense at all... but thank you!

And I'm waffling. So I think that'll do me...

Thank you for stopping by - how was your week? I'm off to link up with Virginia, why not pop over and join us?


  1. You have had a Rocking good week! I love Ruby's book!! She takes after her mum for sure, her painting is fab!

  2. I think you could honestly enter Ruby's abstract into the Royal Academy summer exhibition and it would get in! It's incredibly grown up in its use of colour - boy, has she got a talent!! Like Mother, like daughter.. :)
    Hope you're ok!
    Jan xx

  3. What a fab week! Love, love, love the wee hats. Ruby's painting is awesome! What talented girlies you have!

    Have a fab weekend

    Claire x

  4. I love reading your blog, i can't believe its been 2 years!! Train tickets will be booked this weekend! Can't wait to see you all again, and the new bubba too! xx

  5. Thanks for your visit and lovely thoughts. Still in shock. jenniferx

  6. Oh bless Carmen a fabulous post, I love Ruby's artwork that's awesome and I love love love that you framed that picture! The hat is super gorgeous, I wish I could knit - but alas it's not for me I don't like the feel of wool - can only do cotton.

    The pictures of the girls are fabulous and I adore the duckie - I've seen a few of them and they always make me smile because I think of you! then I come home and admire True Blood Duckie who sits on my computer next to me!

    Hope you have a fabulous week and week ahead and big whoop for Devon helping on the cooking front! Awesome stuff!

  7. What a fabulous week! You started me singing "The Sound Of Silence"...drat that'll be in my head all day now!
    Seriously, I'm so pleased the girls are happy to be back at school and that you now have painting time for "you".
    The hats for Bubba are awesome! (Like Virginia..I don't knit).
    If I were you I'd be getting back to ASDA sharpish - those notebooks sound wonderful!
    Love Ruby's artwork.
    Hope the weekend is as good as your week.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. let me know what type of paints you're running low on..I may be able to help as some of the scrapbooking kits I've had recently contained paints and I really don't use them.

  8. Those little hats are SO CUTE! Nub-nub will look scrumptilicious in them :) I'm sure the quiet time has come just when you need it - and I bet those 3 make up for it when they get home, right?!

    ASDA has come up trumps with those books - my nearest one is a bit of a drive away BUT it might just be worth a visit.......

    Ruby's artwork looks stunning framed. Congrats on your win - looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    Well done to Devvie for helping out so much, she is a star!

    Have a great weekend (although I guess it's a bit hot-hot-hot for you) and try and rest up.


  9. I've really enjoyed my catch up with your world today. Glad to hear your enjoying a bit of quiet 'me time'. Love Ruby's artwork :-)
    A x

  10. Oh you should deffo think about the Midwifery! Follow your heart thats all we really need to be happy :-)

  11. Yes, I think you should think seriously about the midwifery too.

    I'm so glad you like the hats..they were good fun to make!

  12. Hope you are bearing up with all this hot weather! Must be difficult for you this late in your pregnancy. I also think of you when I see duckies!

    You've recieved some great pressies for your little one and, so you!

    Ooh, those Asda books sound good, may have to take a little trip out to the supermarket...

    Have a good week. x

  13. I love that back to school photo. And the sound of the Asda books, I just bought a similar copycat moleskine!! A bargain if it was a real one, I haven't used it yet, it will be interesting to see how it holds up. And my gosh...some clever knitters and crocheters you know! That skull hat is STUNNING!

  14. Love the baby hats, especially the skull and crossbones one! Your girls look lovely all ready to go back to school. Rubys painting and art book are fab..I wanna flip through that book, it's just bursting at the seams, something to treasure for always.
    We don't have an Asda here on the Island, but those notebooks sound great, I do love Moleskines but can't justify the expense!
    Hope you have a fab week x

  15. What a super week. The knitted hats are fab.

    Doesn't the artwork look super framed.

    Have a great week to come.

    Toni xx

  16. hmmm, the sound of silence, not just that, but hat they go off - do their doings, but when they coem back you can't change a damned thing or they think they have been betrayed - go on try it - move the sofa whilst they are at school (or rather get Craig to move it) - they will go mad... they can have a life away from you, but you always have to be 'mum' and home must never change!!!!

    I think your future plan is a good goal, and Scotland is a fine place to get a bursary you know...if you struggle with the maths get checked for dyslexia ( my brother has a mild form and with special help he managed to learn to read but still can't find a way to make sense of numbers written down - he has a degree in sociology btw... )...


  17. I am an art supply is called Krylon Webbing Spray. :)


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