Rocking My World Friday...

It's that time of the week to reflect back and pick out the good bits. Click the piccie above to join in :)

Firstly, my baby turned 5 yesterday! I can't believe it - it doesn't seem so long ago I was bringing her home from the hospital. 
We let the girls choose what they want to have for dinner on their birthdays. This can be their favourite home cooked meal, a takeaway or go out. Ruby chose Pizza Hut this year - we hadn't been since she was in a high chair and were pleasantly surprised when we got there.
They have a 'Happy Hour' during the week between 3pm and 5pm. We bought 3 adult pizzas, 2 child pizzas, 3 sides (garlic bread) 5 unlimited salads, 5 unlimited drink refills and 4 unlimited ice-cream factories! We were all stuffed and it came in under £30 making it not to bad for a treat! Plus, I suppose because of the time of day, it was virtually empty in there making for a nice quiet eating experience! Good choice Ruby :)

We wont mention how I nearly got wedged inbetween the table and the seat, well not to much! Just as well I didn't have the ice-cream and bubba didn't kick to much!
... ... ... ... ...
Have you discovered collabor-ART yet? It's a new blog set up by Sarah with the purpose of mixed-media artists collaborating in swaps, art collaborations and what not. It's got a great feel to the site and some amazing art going on. I took part in the Mystery Parcel swap recently. The intention was for people to go shopping through their own stash and compile a goody box for their swap recipient, including a little handmade something as well. I don't know if my swap partner has received her gift yet (hence my not blogging what I'd made her) but I received my present from my sender this week. Oh wow. I had Donna and was amazed to receive this huge box of goodies which included some of her very own designed rubber stamps. (Which I've been seriously drooling over!) 
And her handmade something was this gorgeous framed print of her Red Lady. My very favourite of her paintings and the one that actually led me to discover her blog in the first place. Isn't it gorgeous? Am going to add magnets to the back so I can put it on the side of my fridge (which I can see from my desk so I have taken to putting favourite little bits there.) 
 And this fab dangly domino charm...
Now as part of the terms of the swap I have to create something within one month using three of the things Donna has sent me so I'll be doing that this weekend :)

Thank you again Donna :)
... ... ... ... ...
Mojo is still here! Yay! I swear I'm getting that instead of nesting.. because I'm certainly not doing more housework! Have been working on three things this week and hope to do posts soon. Still mainly things I have promised people throughout the year and am just now actually finishing. Thank you so much again to those people for their patience - I seriously hope I never ever, ever have a year (and a half) of such un-creativity again. Not good. Not good at all.
... ... ... ... ...
Potentially I am 17 days away from our new arrival. I swear a couple of times I've thought he was coming - my back is really playing me up and that's where I get all my contractions. Other times I think he's going to be like his sisters and make me wait an extra two weeks. I'm so uncomfortable at the moment and am not getting much sleep as you can imagine but would much rather he was active like this and my know he is OK than him be a quiet bubba and be wondering what was going on in there. In some ways I have really had enough now and can't wait for him to be here and in other ways it will be a sad time when it's no longer me and him as I know this will be the very last time I will have a bubba in my tum. Not long now though, either way :)
... ... ... ... ...
Lost. We are nearly finished Season 2 and the whole family has now really gotten into it - am watching so much I'm actually having Lost dreams... which makes a change from zombie dreams I must admit! We avoided any spoilers when we couldn't watch it while it was on TV so we are watching it with fresh eyes and it's great hearing everyones theories!
... ... ... ... ...
Survey sites. It might take a while for them to credit you but I now have £27.51 saved in Amazon vouchers towards the Galaxy Tab2 I am saving up for.  (I want one to be able to do online classes out at my messy desk. trying to do it indoors when everyone wants to hog my PC is an impossible task!) Only £257.39 to go then! :P Slow going as it is - it's fun to see the total creep up!
... ... ... ... ...
Other quick positives...
  • Craig and the girls helping me out. From helping with my socks when I'm struggling to reach my feet to helping with dinners and dishes.
  • Gorgeous autumnal reds peppering the trees.
  • Tesco's new fruit and nut rolls on their bakery counter! Yum, especially spread with Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles!
  • Hot baths and long soaks.
  • Thinking about starting up the Secret Santa swap for this year :D Do you want to play? Take a peep here.
... and that'll do me for now :) How has your week been? Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. Oh wow how fab is that gorgeous piece of work??? Amazing!

    Looks like you've had another good week. Getting strangely excited to see you baby too!!! x

  2. What a box of tricks!! Your Pizza Hut treat sounds great value... Hope to hear soon that you've had bubba, sounds like he's getting ready! Hugs...

  3. Happy belated birthday to Ruby. How quickly time passes. She looks so grown up now....I'm sure she will be such a big help to you when her baby brother arrives....soon I think :-)
    Keeping everything crossed here for you.
    A x

  4. Seriously? Is that another week over? Scary..

    Happy Birthday Ruby :)

  5. Oh wow what a fabulous post 17 days Carmen seriously 17 days - ooooh wow is all I can say - double wow in fact. That box of goodies is awesome and seen as I'm Donna's pairs journal swap partner I know what gorgeousness she'll have sent you - can't wait to see what you make.

    Loving the Pizza Hut bargain party - didn't know they did the happy hour thingy - always worth noting.

    Glad your creativity is still there in abundance - hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead and yes Collaborart really is an amazing site full of talented like minded people and when WHEN can I have my Secret Santa person to stalk - seriously Carmen WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


  6. I had a great time at Oliver. Posted photos here... jenx

  7. Sounds like a super week Carmen - so glad Ruby had such a lovely birthday treat.

    That red lady is lovely - aren't you lucky...I'd want to put it somewhere I could see it all the time too.

    Have a great weekend and a fabulous week to come.

    Toni xx

  8. Glad to see that Ruby had a lovely birthday meal, sounds like you all got your money's worth there! :)

    can't believe how quickly your pregnancy has flown by, I am soooo excited, can't wait for baby photos :)

    and wow to your mystery gift haul - didn't you do well!!

    As for Lost - I watched the first season and the first part of the second season, then we went on a three week holiday and the machine failed to record, and I never caught back up with it. Do you think it's worth me going back to?

    Having said that I have 3 seasons of Battlestar Galactica, 2 of Breaking Bad and 2 of Fringe to catch up with first :)

  9. I haven't been to Pizza Hut for years, was really disappointed last time we went. Maybe we should give it a go, the value seems stunning!!

    How exciting getting such cool gifts in the mail, and I can't believe how fast time is going. The wee one will be here quick smart.

    Love your list. Lots of goodness. Especially the help with socks!! Oh and blue cheese, I have been hankering after it all week, can I say that seeing it spoken about on your blog is a sign I should get some??? :)


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