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Rocking My World Friday...

Hello, hello, hello lovely people :) It's that time of the week again. Already. Seriously? Seriously! Here's a peek at what's made me smile this week...

Going out for a carvery last weekend with my Dad, Craig and the monsters. I love a good roast dinner but I don't like cooking it so it's been a while since we had one... and this one was yummy. I've been struggling to clear a plate recently and have resorted to snacking throughout the day, I'm guessing bubba is squeezing my stomach or something. But believe me - I was not leaving anything on that plate. It took a while but I scoffed the lot. Roast turkey, roast potatoes, boiled new potatoes, cabbage, peas, carrot & swede, parsnips, stuffing, gravy and a yorkshire pud, eaten outside in the sun. Yum yum yum! And best of all? No dishes to wash afterwards! Lovely jubbly.
... ... ... ... ... 
Snail mail. We opened up a gorgeous little stripey jumper and hat from an online friend Nicola this week, knitted by her Nan :) Isn't it lovely?
 ...and also a  parcel of purple booties and mittens from my bloggy friend Carol...
She also included some stickers for the younger two monsters (who are sticker FIENDS!) and a moustache straw set for the Devvie monster (who is obsessed with moustaches!!) But look what she popped in for meeeee.... skeleton plasters! No, I'm not sharing with the monsters. Not never ever!

Thank you Nicola and Carol - I'm constantly surprised at how thoughtful and generous everyone is. Our little bubba is going to be one cool dude. Though I do feel sorry for Craig - his joy at the announcement of a boy and his vision of finally clothes shopping with him to find little outfits in shades of brown and beige, little chinos and such, are slowly fizzling out! Haha!  I'm lucky he has such a good sense of humour! I'm not completely taking over -  we did sort out and put away all the bubby clothes together this week. There is a half and half mix of goth/rock and little brown shirts, fluffy teddy bear jumpers and the like. He's either going to be really well adjusted and creative or have a split personality - I reckon it'll all mix together well ;)
... ... ... ... ...
I'm on a mad catch up this week. We are literally just weeks away from our new arrival... arriving. All of a sudden I'm getting a burst of creativity so am trying to catch up on all the things I've promised people throughout the year. Yep - the year, because it just seems to have gone in a blur of sleep. It's worked out well with the girls back to school, I am able to flit between projects during the day... well, before I crash and have a couple hours sleep before they get home. I've not liked being very uncreative this year so am hoping this feeling stays after bubba is here too. I have to thank people who have stuck around and still read my ramblings even when I've not been making much. Is this my version of nesting I wonder?
... ... ... ... ...
Netflix. We've realised the whole series of Lost is on there and so is Firefly which Sarah keeps saying is a brilliant show. We only saw Lost up to where they stopped showing it on channel 4, think that was about halfway through and that was years ago so we've started again from the beginning. An episode or two a night once the girls have gone to bed :) Something to fill the Walking Dead/Once Upon A Time gap!
... ... ... ... ...
Craftie Charlie the craft shop - I ordered a friends present from them and emailed them to ask not to include an invoice as it was a present I was having sent direct. I got an email back saying no problem and they had gift wrapped it too. How's that for service? Couldn't believe it! I've never shopped with them before I have to admit but I certainly will again! So nice to see lovely customer service in a time when (in my experience) it's a disappearing thing.
... ... ... ... ...
And that is that - I'm sure there is more but my dinner is cooking and it still smells not burnt so I better go check it while I can ;) I hope you had a lovely week. I'm off to Virginia's to link up - why not come over?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Not long now until we get to see all the lovely things modelled by the man himself :)

  2. Fabulous list as always, I don't think I've ever seen quite so much purple knitting for a newborn - and I love it all!

    The carvery sounds delish!

    The mad creativity sounds fabulous too

    Hope you are all having a great weekend and an awesome week to come

    Much love as always

    And yes Crafty Charlie were awesome - beautifully wrapped and the biggest thank you from me for the gift it was fabulous - thank you!

  3. Enjoyed the post, and thank you for your welcome comment.

  4. My comment box locked up on me.
    Love the colours for the baby things. When I had my kids it was pink for girls and blue for boys and don't you dare put a blue bobble hat on that girl. Nice to see today's freedom from that kind of straight-jacket.

  5. I have enough trouble remembering what day it is without you posting a Friday post on a Saturday!!!! lol
    Love the baby gifts you have recieved and your meal sounds sooooo good....careful with quanity ,you dont want indigestion . xx

  6. Yum ages since I had a cavery too!! Might just treat us to a sneaky one :D

    Love the little clothes, how cool! Will look forward to seeing some piccies of him modelling them for us!!!

    How did Craig's little venture go?? Was it successful??

    Claire x

  7. Your sunday dinner sounds lovely, its been ages since we had one, to hot to cook! Loving all the little knitted outfits, bubba is gonna look so cool!!!
    Hope you have a great week x

  8. Cheers on another great week.

    OOh, you made me look at Crafty Charlie, it's got so many tempting things...

    Look after yourself and enjoy the cooler weather! xx

  9. Isn't it just wonderful not having to cook or clear up so you can just enjoy the of the reasons Mum and I like to pop out for a bite.

    Ooooooo, all those purple bits. I love seeing babies in non-traditional colours. Your little man will look fab.

    Have a super week.

    Toni xx

  10. You are going to have the best dressed gothic rock baby in the whole of Kent, fact!

    Great week for you, Carmen. Carvery YUMMY (and the lack of clearing up is the BEST bit), Craftie Charlie service (had to make a conscious effort to NOT wander round that virtual store, I really do have a problem with the YES YES YES finger when it comes to clicking on BUY NOW!), and Netflix viewing goodies. We're waiting with impatience for the new Walking Dead series and Homeland....... :)

    Have a wonderful week, and carry on nesting!


  11. Yummmm....that dinner makes me think of Thanksgiving.... the one meal I will break my no sugar/low carb rule for!!

    I'm with you on the Once Upon a Time thing *impatiently tapping foot*

    Wow, weeks away! It's amazing that he's almost can wear skulls and khakis together, right?! ;P

    So, you call Band-aids, plasters....interesting. Good thing you showed a picture, otherwise, I would've had no idea. Those are seriously, I don't even have a boo-boo and I still want to wear one, cool :D


  12. oh that roast sounds amazing :-D I love a good roast myself :-P

  13. Oh I know...Once upon a time!!! But now there is only rubbish on television it frees me up to do more stuff! Look at all the knitting, lucky baby and the plasters...OH MY GOSH!

    Make the most of the next few weeks, make sure you enjoy some downtime as well, in between the bouts of creative energy.

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