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Rocking my World Friday...

...on Sunday :)

It's that time of the week again where I join Virginia and the her merry band of Rockers in looking back and cherry picking out the good bits in our week.
Lovely snail mail is again on my list this week. Look what arrived from Ewa of Green Pixey Amigurumi's (She who is crazy and clever enough, when asked if she could envisage an Alice Cooper angel, came up with this!)
One of her gorgeous, gorgeous crochet amigurami flumplebee's for bubba... isn't that neck just perfect for little hands?
...and an equally yummy pair of crochet hand warmers for me! She made them in some of my favourite Autumnal colours! I've wanted hand warmers for sooo long! Aren't they fantastic?
Thank you Ewa, this bubba is being thoroughly spoilt before he even gets here and I am very lucky too!
... ... ... ... ...
We spent a lovely couple of days last weekend in Hastings at Craig's Mum's house. The weather wasn't very kind to us on the only full day we had there but we battled the wind and rain to have a lovely day out in the town. We saw interesting things... (though we have yet to spot the Banksy, think we know where it is now for next time!)

We hid in the arcades in between rain showers...
This little monster was surprisingly good at  driving though she needed the help of big sis to reach the accelerator ;)
And we had fun playing dress-up in the free museum...

Add to that eating chippies in the open air and raiding the charity (thrift) shops for bargains before back to Nanna's for a slightly damp but delicious barbecue and it was a lovely little break. Thank you Nanna Irene - made up for the girls not getting a holiday this year :)
... ... ... ... ...
We had our very last scan this week. I haven't uploaded the picture because you really can't see much. Apparently it's hard to get a decent one at this late stage. However, we are told we definitely, DEFINITELY have a boy, without a doubt. He is very healthy looking and has a full head of hair (amazing that they can tell that from those black and white images!) They reckon he's about 4lbs 8oz at the moment and looking extremely comfortable... my hopes for an on time or even slightly early birth are slowly disappearing ;) Methinks we have another one who is extremely settled. I'm bracing myself again for being two weeks late. Craig says if so it actually works well for him as if I have to be induced he can schedule his work deliveries around it. So that's alright then. Aren't I accommodating? (You can imagine how much eye rolling went on with that comment!)
... ... ... ... ...
What else did we do? Oh yes, we went to Ikea. We had one of their yummy breakfasts and then had a slow wander round the store. Had to be slow - Craig had thrown his back out while making alterations to his bird room and I was having Braxton Hicks/False Labour contractions so  we were alternately sharing the trolley to lean on and hold us upright. Oh my - I never had those with the girls, talk about frightening! We are going to ease off on my driving over the coming weeks because I don't want to start having them in the car. Touch wood it's only when I've done a fair bit of walking at the moment... phoned the midwife when we got home and was told to take paracetamol and lie down when it happens.

Anyway, IKEA. I came home with some frames, some mirrors to alter, some glass jars to make pressies out of, some hanging buckets for my stu-studio, some art postcards... would have come back with pin boards but couldn't find them. Particularly annoying when the person next to us in the queue trundled up with 4 of the blighters! Next time. 

Then finished up with a cuppa while Ruby played in their little park area - and best of all, my Dad drove. I do hate driving there as driving home (the Lakeside shop) is always a traffic nightmare!
... ... ... ... ...
The Paralympics, enjoying very much. Ripping up paper and sticking in my journal as backgrounds... just to be doing SOMETHING creative, finally starting to catch up on my book reviews, um... Marmite on toast, hot sweet tea, my lovely firm mattress for my achy back, Facebook - I'm getting less and less social as the weeks go on (sorry everyone) and it allows me, easily, to not lose that last thread of contact... my family, my friends, Dr Who being back just when Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time finishing had me lamenting the loss of anything to watch...

And that my lovelies is that I think for this week :) If you fancy a positive shufty at your week - why not join our little group over at Virginia's? 

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Sounds a good week to me! Take care of yourself and make the family look after you (I know they will be !)

  2. Looks like you had a good week! Glad you found the mirrors - I'd have asked the person where they'd got the pinboards from :D

    Claire x

  3. Last scan!'s getting close now. :-) Love the catch up of your week. Braxton Hicks :-)...everything is getting ready so might not be as long as you think.
    Big hugs,
    A x

  4. Another great week and Hastings looks to have some interesting bits n bobs. It also looks as if you are going to be creative with all those frames, jars and mirrors - look forward to seeing your makes. Nicky x

  5. I had not heard of this challenge before. It is fab, what a great way to record. I do project life, so I need not to join another thing yet!!

    Well done on the scan showing he is doing well, remember on the continent they advise the due date is at 42 weeks :D

    I love the photos and that sounds a grand day out.

  6. Oh so much going on, loving that you got some time away - but boo hiss to the weather!

    Loving the gifts you received those handwarmers are awesome! Bubba definitely a boy bless him and what lovely thoughts from Craig about arranging his arrival around deliveries - eye rolling - was that all LOL!

    Glad you enjoyed to get some goodies at Ikea and hurray to your Dad for doing the driving.

    Awesome stuff

    Hope this week is just as awesome - hugs

  7. Your crochet gifts are SO gorgeous! I LOVE the little flumplebee, and yes the neck is perfect for little fingers to hold on to tightly :) Braxton Hicks - I never had them either, but they sound pretty scary - especially if you think you're about to give birth in the middle of IKEA (but if you did, would you get an IKEA goodie bag?! Oh, but would you have to call the baby one of their mad names - how about Malkolm, the name of Hope's new computer chair?!).

    Time in hastings looks fun, if rather damp. I love those sculptures - particularly the octopus.

    Have a great week - maybe a bit more time to put your feet up if the girls are all back to school?


  8. Sounds like a fun week even if the weather didn't exactly 'play nice'.

    Love those crochet gifts.

    Hope you get a bit of time to take things easy with everyone back to school this week - you might even have a chance to play with some of your new goodies.

    Have a good'un.

    Toni xx

  9. I read this post as all about family togetherness....and the anticipation of its newest member....
    Lovely little moments to savor while waiting.....

    Hugs you!

  10. Loving the hand warmers and the crochet flumplebee (what a great name!!)
    Your time away looks fab, great photos of the girls.
    Not long now for baby boy, braxton hicks can be scary..I thought I was going into labour and felt really stupid when the midwife told me what they were!!!
    Hope you have a fab week x

  11. So many goodies this week! I hope your contractions behave themselves, I know it's always unsettling when they come as you wonder, "is this it?". My best wishes go out to you now, such an exciting time for your family.

  12. I thought I had already been to see you but I am late! Not long for little one now! Remember the braxton hicks well... just breathe through them! Great photo diary and love the hand warmers. jenx

  13. I have been thinking about doing the Rocking my world posts, but worry that I am coming in far too late! Not long to go now, even if there is a delay, I can imagine the eye rolling, how accommodating off you and the baby!!!

    Some stunning sights were seen, I freaking love the octopus.

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