Easy Peasy Birthday Cards...

...for the card creating challenged. AKA, me.

I had two birthdays last week and, already feeling guilty at not managing to make something lovely for two good friends, I decided to at least try and cobble together a card. I don't do well with cards, don't know why I struggle with them but I do. 

Anyway - Jo had shown these gorgeous postcards on her blog that she had found in Ikea. So when we headed off there the following week I picked up a packet. They really are lovely. 

So, I... 
  1. Adhered them to some card stock with double sided tape.
  2. Laboriously and tirelessly slaved away, adding Glossy Accents and black glitter to pick out some features.  
  3. Wiped away the sweat, tears and blood as I drank several large cups of tea to recover and waited for those bits to dry.  
  4. Stood back and admired a couple of beautiful birthday cards. 
  5. Wrote in them.  
  6. Posted them.
 Job done!

Owl has goggles, specs and eyes Glossy Accented while the key is glittered.
Bunny has hat and bow tie Glossy Accented while his eyes are glittered.

You'll notice that I didn't add a birthday sentiment to the fronts - I thought that the recipients might love the images as much as me and so this way they can cannibalise the cards to use in future projects themselves. Aren't I thoughtful? 

Yes, I am totally claiming this as creativity. Ingenious creativity at that. Every little bit counts at the moment.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Oh both gorgeous - I love my owlie one and the lack of birthday sentiments giving it a whole new genre of alterability - plus said 12 year old adores it, it's the one card he really has commented on this week!

  2. Thanks for your lovely long comment on my Abstracts post.
    The Rolina book Painting Abstracts is very good. I had failures but she encourages you to use those in some other way - eg, cutting up.
    Her second book, the 50 Inspirational Projects, was a bit disappointing, more of the same really.
    Yes, I've got van Aalst too, not bad, and I did get braver with a combination of Painting Abstracts and his book.
    I must look up the Vicky Perry - Christmas is coming.
    Yes, Amelie is my favourite film, Betty Davis, and love Johnny Depp.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Looked up Vicky Perry's book on Amazon and liked the look of it. Dev said have it for Christmas - order it now. So I did. Now the advantage of being 77 is that when the thing ordered comes we always play the game of 'well, we might not be alive by Christmas, so have it now'. One advantage of being over the hill!
    Love the cards by the way, and what you have done to improve on IKEA.
    I'll give you my opinion of the book when I've investigated it.

  4. Loooooved my card! Thank you awesome girl <3 It's going up on my noticeboard for everyone to see.
    My middle boy noticed the bow tie and fez and asked if it was Doctor Who turned into a rabbit, lol

  5. They are fab-u-lous, daaaarling (note the Craig Revell-Horwood impersonation....yes, it's "Strictly" time again!!).
    I love them!
    Hugs xx

  6. OMG I soooo have to get my butt down to IKEA! Will do it on the pretext of the new kitchen though as DH hates "all the rubbish" I go for :D Actually did a little squeal when I saw these!!!

  7. Genius! Plus, obviously I now have another excuse to go to Ikea. What could be better?

  8. I don't think they should be canibalised for other mixed media projects. In fact, if one were mine I'd keep it forever and ever! I ♥ Glossy Accents, its a definite miracle product. And yes, this DOES count as creativity so keep up the good work - and have fun! ☺ xx

  9. Fab! Love the owl one, just so cute!! x

  10. I hardly think you're card creating challenged! These are marvelous and I love them!

  11. Well don't these look gorgeous?! Love what you've done to these cards,


  12. You are so funny....at first I thought they were just animal postcards and you added the hat, bowtie and whatnot....until I visited Jo's blog!

    Slapped some postcards onto a blank card, did you?
    And to do so made you a happy Carmen?

    Good enough for me! :D

  13. I love the postcards! How cool are they? I think the cards came out fantastically, and the personal glitter touch counts as handmade. :)

    And I just saw you mentioned me on Jez's blog. Thank you. xx

  14. These are so awesome! Very creative.


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