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Rocking My World Friday...

... Monday edition ;)
A little late but still time for a look back on the positives of my week (last week) Want to play? Please do - click the picture above to pop along to Virginia's and link up :)

Firstly has to be to the Olympic Torch Bearer who must have paid a visit to the school on Friday. Ruby came out bursting with the news that she had met the "Limp Tick Man" and it was the proper one because he had a white suit on and she was allowed to hold the torch :) Look at the size of it compared to her! She said it was heavy! I'm amazed that some of them ran along holding that up in one hand!
... ... ... ... ...
The lady who spotted Miss Ruby scouring her fence line for pine cones and invited us into her garden, handed Ruby a carrier bag and told her to fill her boots with all the pine cones she wanted. End result - a happy lady with pine cone free lawn and happy Ruby who spent the remainder of the evening painting. We still have LOADS left!
... ... ... ... ...
This beauty arrived in the mail during the week -
I've taken a couple of photos because as usual I am not doing it justice with my piddle poor photography skills.
I was a tad gobsmacked to say the least. This is a large painting by Sam called "May You Always Be Watched Over" and it represents the bubby and me surrounded by My Mum, Craig, the girls and my silver crow as guardians. Isn't it beautiful? I wish you could get an idea of the colours and amount of texture in real life - I just keep looking at it. We are going to have it in the bedroom near the cot until bubba is older and then we'll hang it downstairs. I really love it - thank you Sam. And thank you Sam's lovely daughter for the beautiful card too.

And by a strange coincidence - the very same day Sam posted my painting... Silver Crow came to visit our bird table! I kid you not - first time ever! My photos are rubbish because I didn't want to scare him away so these are taken zoomed right in through two rooms and a window... this is just before he jumped onto the table.

I cannot tell you how pleased this made me. Our street is quite bird friendly and nearly every other garden has multiple bird tables with an assortment of goodies for the birds. We just have a metal stand cemented into a flower pot which Ruby fills with seed each morning... and he chose us to visit! Very, very happy!
... ... ... ... ... 
Now what else...
  •  A lovely lunch out with my friend Caroline which involved us partaking of a bacon sarnie which had the strangest side salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion... mango and melon!! Shouldn't work... but it did!), sharing the most gorgeous fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside plate of chips and having a good old natter and catch up.
  • A last drive before bubba arrives, to Hastings to spend the day with Craig's Mum. Lovely day with her and some canvas board/mini canvas bargains from the ESK store in town to boot!
  • Mojo still hasn't deserted me again! Hurrah!
  • Spotting the latest Somerset Studio mag on eBay and Craig ordering it for me to take into hospital. Double hurrah!
  • Craig has finally, finally agreed it is stew weather so I will be cooking up a big old batch of veggie stew and dumplings this week! Triple hurrah! (Been fancying that for ages but been to hot!) And I cook it in a ginormous saucepan so we have enough to last all week, because it always tastes better after a couple of days!
  • Devvie Monster getting to go on a school trip to the Tate Modern. Jealous? Moi? Maybe!
And that I think will do me :) Thanks for dropping by - how has your week been?


  1. Wow that painting is fantastic! So very thoughtful too.

    You've really had a "rockin week" -long it may it continue x

  2. Monday seems like as good a day as any to find some fun in the week - and it certainly sounds as if you had a good one. I love the picture of the torch - it gives a great idea of the size. Not sure I could lift it, never mind run and carry it in a jaunty, Olympic-fitting manner..

    Hope this week has just as many top moments

  3. I'm so impressed with you still finding the time and energy to do these posts despite being almost ready to drop! :)

    (I have no excuse, and I'm about 3 weeks behind. again.)

    Lots of good things going on this week but I especially love the painting Sam made for you, what a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

  4. Sounds like your week really was rocking Carmen. That painting is special. Your silver crow really is keeping a close watch over you isn't he? Lucky you.
    A x

  5. How gorgeous is that painting - the subject, the thought behind it and all the love that pours from it. It gave me the tingly-winglies!!
    Love that silver crow - that's definitely watching over you, you know :)

    LLJ xxxx

  6. Sam's painting is beautiful - and so is Ruby with the Limp Tick torch. I never realised it was so large.
    How's my week been? A few unpleasant bits at hospitals, but they are overshadowed by the day of sunshine walking down the pier (my favourite activity) and finding the bikers gathered by the start of the pier with their enormous, gorgeous, shiny bikes, daughter visiting and having a few hours of all laughing together .... and of course the art. Who cares about the other bits - shove them in the trash can at the back of the mind.
    Will think of you when you are in hospital and look forward to seeing the first pics.

  7. Wow, what an extra specially brilliant personalised pressie is that painting? I love having gifts that have real meaning to them, so much better than shop bought stuff. A few times my hubby has made me things and I always squeal with delight.

    Great pic of Ruby with the torch, a keeper to be treasured for the future.

    All your good stuff has cheered up this very, very, wet day here in the Midlands today.

  8. Oh so much going on - but first can I say that piccie from Sam is utterly utterly I say again utterly gorgeous, I bet it is full of texture as well, how fabulous an original art piece - woohoo!

    Oh fir cones we went to the posh garden centre yesterday and wandered around their Christmas department they had a small bag of fir cones that I would have loved but £6.00 for them seemed a bit of a tall order! So woohoo for freebies!

    The torch piccie is fabulous - definitely should be scrapbooked.

    And finally the gorgeous crow, he is amazing isn't he!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  9. What an amazing piece of art - what a super picture.

    Lovely photos and it sounds like you had a fab week. Gosh how seeing those pine cones brings back memories of being a Brownie and trampsing through the woods collecting cones so we could decorate them for the Christmas fayre.

    Have a super week.

    Toni xx

  10. Hi Carmen,
    First (Blush) thanks for showing my painting, I am so pleased you liked it. Loving the photo of Ruby with the 'limp tick man's' torch, how adorable is that?! And your silver crow photos, wonderful, I just know that he is your special guardian, looking after you and yours!
    Hope you have a great week x

  11. Oh my gosh...the silver crow photos. Wow! Wow.

    Look at him. A message holder for you to be sure I think!!

    Little Ruby...and the big cool is that photo. They all carried it like it was nothing, I didn't realise it was so big. Look at how chuffed she is!

    Love the pine cone painting. Victoria is a collector of pine cones, nature's treasure!!

    And finally...the painting. Wow. How lucky are you. What a beautiful painting, and so full of meaning and symbols. Beautiful.

  12. I have to tell you ( a couple of things)

    the painting is perfect and so glad you are being spoilt,

    I just (quickly) rechecked your other pages, and knowing you do a damned fine book review, and you have chosen a couple of my faves there, I paid attention to ones I have not got/read...

    imagine this my - attention piqued at:

    "what I whore today'


    of course you have kindly given me my art zine title.....

    one first edition copy in the mail the minute I finish writing it....

  13. I love what Ruby has done to the cones she getting ready for Xmas too...giggled over 'Lim Tick Man'
    That painting you recieved is stunning ... makes me feel as though I want to hug it ...iyswim.
    I love the white crow ...had to google about it to show DD that it existed and was NOT an albino ...even though you have shown shots before !!! ...I hope it brings you luck. xx

  14. Sounds like a busy week with lots of positives! Lovely painting. Great torch bearer photo. Love the pine cones! Have a great weekend, jenx

  15. I had to read and re-read what Limp Tick Man stood for....I'm mind goes to the gutter first. I feel so ashamed...haha!

    Sounds like a wonderful week, Dear Carmen! I can't wait til it's stew weather round here. Says it's to be 109 degrees F on Sunday (google says that's 42.7 degrees C)!
    Crazy hot!

    Your silver crow is just is the painting you received....what lovely gifts both :)


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