Rocking My World Friday...

On time...again! This is becoming a habit :)

So, looking back on my week, what's made me smile? Well, top of the list has to be the blanket my sister made for bubba. Totally unique and one of a kind - click here to read more about why if you haven't seen it already. It can never be copied or replicated... ever. I still can't believe she did it... but it's safely packed away in my hospital bag now :)
Which brings me to positive two - I have indeed started packing my hospital bag because on Tuesday we will be hitting the 7 weeks till due date mark! Eek. I have my last scan this coming Thursday! Where has that time gone? I am going to try my utmost in the coming weeks to get fully caught up on promised arty bits just in case I lose track of time afterwards.
... ... ... ... ...
We went on a day out to the paddling pool park again on Wednesday. It was a lot warmer than last time so the water wasn't quite so glacial (not that it would have stopped Ruby!)
I even got my legs out for the first time in decades. The general public may not have been to pleased but ack, I don't care any more. We had a lovely day, the weather held and we all came home tired out :)

The day started off well when, on the way, we spotted none other than Silver Crow. Second time this week. Last time he was sitting on a fence looking directly into our car - did I have a camera? Did I heck. So today when I spotted him playing around on a verge I pulled over quick and Craig jumped out to get me some shots! Yay! Finally! Only taken a year!
Looking all grown up and not a baby any more. Craig is convinced it's a girl - keeps banging on about genetic mutations occurring more often in the female but I have got so used to calling  him (her?) Mr Silver Crow that the name has stuck. I'm sure she wont mind, she seems quite happy to see us. Certainly put on quite a show, strutting around and posing for the camera - maybe he/she thought we had waited long enough. Made my morning! I still think of Silver Crow as my crow and my good luck omen :)
... ... ... ... ...
Thursday saw us hitting one of those all you can eat Indian buffets at the local Brewers Fayre - it wasn't bad -  and we shared a gigantic monster chocolate sundae afterwards between us - it's meant for two people to share. No way! We asked for two extra spoons and were all still stuffed at bedtime! We're all feeling knackered this week, not used to all these days out I reckon.  Few more to be squeezed in before the holidays are over though. Trip to Nanna's in Hastings this weekend, IKEA on Monday... and then perhaps a rest for us all. If Ruby Monster will let us ;)
... ... ... ... ...
I'm going to sign off here, I think it's been a good week but gone so fast again. I can't believe the school holidays are nearly over. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to the girls going back to school and reclaiming a bit of time or if I'm going to miss those pesky monsters! It seems to have flown past! We haven't done half as much as we'd planned... though I blame the leaky bathroom situation most for that! Stealing two weeks of our hols! Cheek!

How has your week been? Good I hope. Thank you as always for stopping by, I'm off to link up with Virginia Why not pop along and join us?


  1. You really have had a good week! Have a fab time in Hastings - if you get a spare few minutes head down the coast slightly to Bexhill and the De La Warr Pavilion to see the Richard Wilson Exhibition - full size bus perched precariously over the edge of the building (free entry).

    Claire x

  2. Looks like you all had a nice paddle! You are organised with your hospital bag all ready.... Have a good weekend, make sure you get some rest too...

  3. That sounds like a great week Carmen...and they are only going to get quicker from now will have a babe in your arms before you know it! :-)
    A x

  4. That blanket is certainly something to treasure as it has been made with so much love.

    You sound like you have had a super week - hope you have a great weekend too.

    Toni xx

  5. aww what a fab week - wow the weeks have gone by so fast cant believe its only 7 weeks away! Love the blanket and the silver crow pics. Take care and have a great weekend xx

  6. Oh you've had a fab week, gorgeous gifts, time out with family, the silver crow and your off to Ikea - did you look at Jo's post I was considering a trip there tomorrow myself LMAO!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  7. That silver crow has been hanging around you for a convinced of it. A guardian angel of some sort, definitely good vibes about it!!
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  8. See, this is where I'm thankful for a bit of sharing - because your friday posts inevitably put a smile on my face! Please please keep on not keeping it all to yourself

  9. Kids eh? They want to go in water whatever the temperature! I remember one warmish day (the only one!) we had in March(!) and my boys were asking for the paddling pool! Brrr! But I must admit I'm glad we've at least got a little more sun to see Summer out this year, I was missing it! Can't say I knew about silver crows, you learn something new... Enjoy your weekend and 'see you' soon. x

  10. What a lovely, lovely week you've had Carmen! Thanks for the pics of silver crow..and your legs of course....:)
    The baby blanket is wonderful....esp. since your sister says she's not "crafty"!
    Hope your weekend is a good one.
    Hugs xx

  11. And another IKEA trip... I went there today too! Funny. Love the paddling pool picture and the blanket is gorgeous! Can't go wrong with an all you can eat buffet! And we have had a huge sharing sundae too - they really are massive! Glad you had a good week! jenx

  12. Yay for Silver Crow!! I can imagine how happy that would have made you after not having seen him for a while. Love the photos (particularly the 4th one of him raising a foot!!).

    How exciting that you're packing your baby bag, aaaaaaaggghhhhhhh!!! It seems to have gone so fast and now you're down to weeks in single figures.

    Apart from the leaking pipe, grrrr, you seem to have had a lovely school holiday with your gorgeous girls. That's such a sweet photo of Ruby poised to jump into the pool, with Devvie watching her carefully :)


  13. A SILVER CROW?!?!
    I think I just exploded a little...

  14. oooo Silver crow is amazing! And so is the blanket :-) and can i just say woooooooooo IKEA!!! haha!

  15. What a lovely week. So glad you finally managed some photos of mr silver crow, and what fab photos they are. The paddling pool looks good, i bet ruby had a great time!
    These holidays have gone so fast this year and same as you, in two minds about having a bit of peace and quiet again or missing them when they go back to school!
    Can't believe you are packing your hospital bag, that has gone so fast!
    Hope you have a fab week Carmen x x x


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