Rocking My World Friday...

...on Monday again!
Two weeks worth and this one might be short and sweet. Not for lack of positives, just lack of energy on my part. Am finding everything such an effort at the moment - think it's this muggy heat. Just so drained.

I might get the past couple of weeks muddled bear with.

Gorgeous and unexpected mail art. Thank you Virginia. This is mine and the girls all got one too but they have snaffled theirs away - they were over the moon  to receive them.
 ... ... ... ... ...
Using the family ticket we won to visit Wildwoods. It's a conservation park not to far from us and the girls love it not just for the animals but for the humongous play park and picnic area at the end :) I was especially pleased as this is the first time we have got there in time to hear the keeper give a talk about the ravens and we had a chance to watch them being fed.
This one is the friendly one, apparently the keepers can no longer enter the enclosure to feed them and give talks as her friend will attack and go for the eyes. It was a fascinating talk, especially when she started telling us what show-off mimics they were and immediately they both started doing a range of different bird calls and lobbing bits of wood at her in 'play'. And yes, I would still have loved to have had a go at feeding them.
... ... ... ... ...
Look at that angelic face. This was in the picnic area at Wildwoods. Don't be fooled. She has us running ragged after her lately. She seems to have developed the stamina of the Duracell Bunny... on superduper fast forward.  She. Does. Not. Stop. Terrible twos? Pah - no such thing, they were a breeze. We're approaching the frantic, frenzied fives!

My positive here is to Craig and the girls, we've developed a kind of relay tag team in trying to entertain the little monster. And just so long as she is entertained - painting, drawing, plasticine model making, roller skating, running, jumping, playing schools, visiting every single park we find, playing football, cricket, traipsing through fields, finding treasure - peace reigns throughout the land. Never mind that we are all walking zombies and completely knackered *g*
... ... ... ... ...
My Mum's lily. Isn't it gorgeous? I've had it for years and years - ever since we lost her. She potted it herself and in all the time I've had it - this is the first time it has flowered. I've always had the big green leaves appear and die off but no flower. Am so pleased. What a cracker too eh?

Craig says it's because it's in a nice shady spot now, I like to think it's a little sign from her. Maybe that she knows about the baby. Wishful thinking?  Perhaps.
... ... ... ... ...
Lots of other positives have happened over the last few weeks. Things like taking the girls to picnics, parks, the local sandpit, boot-fairs  walks - a random McDonald's etc, etc to make up for their not having a holiday away with us this year . (Long story short - a water leak that has been ongoing near two weeks now. Landlord and insurance company taking a while to sort it so we've lost the window of opportunity to go anywhere.) They've all been very good about not going away though and we will definitely be making next year a Scotland year so hopefully that will make up for it... 

Started my C-word shopping. I know, I know, blame my sister! She tells me it's only something silly like 3 or 4 pay  days till the day for her! 

Friends and family being understanding when I'm not in contact much. (Even less than usual!) Brain fog + uncomfy tiredness makes Cam an even less social person than before. I find myself falling behind on my blog reading this week too. Thanks for the understanding though.

Talking of the reason behind my sloth like resemblance recently - only 9 weeks till due date! How is that even possible? Though I feel ready to pop any-time  Craig is sure I'll either be on time or early this time. Might be worth me getting him to lay bets eh?

I'm sure there's more... but that'll do me for now :)

Thanks for stopping by - want to look back on your week in a positive way? Come peek at Virginia's page. She started all this ;)


  1. Fab mail art, that would've made my week too!

    Looks like you had a great say out, but now I know why I'm wary of birds! Pecking at eyes - shudders and moves on swiftly to the next positive.

    Oh to be five again! Just think Ruby is getting you in practice for when the lil' monster arrives!!! LOL :D

    As for your Mum's Lily, it is beautiful and I'm sure it is yet another sign to you.

    Oh and before I forget eyes are firmly peeled atm for you ;D x

  2. I love all your many. Great that you're able to have fun with the girls...:)
    Sorry you're feeling slothlike..fingers crossed Craig is right and baby doesn't keep you hanging!
    Hugs xx

  3. What a lovely post - great to hear you have been able to share some lovely family time.

    The muggy weather is a trial; isn't draining.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Toni xx

  4. You have my sympathy, being pregnant in the Summer is sooo difficult. Both my boys were born a bit early so hopefully yours won't be late.

    Stories about birds always remind me of the famous Alfred Hitchcock film, especially when I see lots together, not sure I'd like to feed them myself.

    Clever idea, the relay system of looking after your whirlwind daughter, at least its not left to you you to do all the chasing! (Mine are couch potatoes so easy to catch!)

    Thanks for sharing your positives with us again this week. x

  5. So many positives, I always love reading your Rocking reports. Sorry you won't be getting away though....and good luck running after the Duracell Daughter!!

  6. Only 9 weeks! Time has gone soooo quickly.

    Love the birdies.

    I'm starting xmas shopping soon as the kiddies go back, but I'm already making mental notes of things to get.

  7. Looks like a good day out at Wildwoods, the little monster looks beautiful with her face painting! Good idea to employ everybody to do stuff with her, saves you getting worn out!
    The lily is beautiful and im sure it is a sign from your mum, watching over you as you bring her another grandchild x
    How exciting, just 9 weeks left, that has gone so fast! x
    Have a great, relaxing week x

  8. I'm betting on early..

    Always a pleasure to read, no matter what day of the week it pops up on!

  9. Wow! Coming up so soon! It sounds like you are ready...the heat at this stage of pregnancy has really got to be tough....

    So happy you are looking at the positives, though...and hear how your beautiful family is growing stronger in more ways than one!

    Love you muchly!

  10. Wildwoods looks great. Nine weeks will go quickly. I missed my rocking posts while we were away. Catching up now. jenx

  11. Take the sign. I have lillies planted that I got from my grandmother before she died, and I am always surprised because they flower at weird times, but just when I need to feel her.

    I love your wee one...and fives are definitely challenging, says one who is living it. Give me twos anyday!

    I just made my C-word (which I love, that will be my new code word), and decided to begin early. Just as sales happen. Slowly, slowly. I felt very organised, and very unlike me...a personality swap has occured maybe, but I swore no more early December panic (because late December panic where I had to deal with rude crowds and too many people pushes me over the cliff) :)

    Sounds like you have been living a very full, loved filled family life-biting goodness. Such is life.

    Nine more weeks!! Not long now...

  12. Whatever you're feeding the Duracell Daughter, let me know cos I could do with some of it!! I have visions of an exhausted family collapsed at the end of the day of running round after Ruby - maybe the Ruby-Relay should be an Olympic sport....?!

    Your Mum's lily is beautiful, Carmen. She's with you, girl :)

    9 weeks to go??!! Oh my goodness, that doesn't seem possible. Maybe C shopping isn't such a bad idea - getting as much done as you can before the BIG EVENT means less to do with prams, bottles and changes of babygro's to consider (I LOVE babygro's, they are SO CUTE!!).

    Take care of yourself,


  13. Duracell daughter :) like it :)

    Wildwoods looks fantastic, glad you enjoyed your day out.

    Bet you are getting really fed up of being all hot and bothered and pregnant, I had a September baby and that summer was exceptionally hot, I remember I just lived on ice pops, so I do sympathise

    fab mailart! which reminds me I need to get that zombie ICAD down off the tatty wall and in the post to you :)

  14. Ah Carmen, another great post, oh the duracell bunny child, yes we had one of those for a few years. Completely knackering and I wasn't pregnant like you at the time. Glad you've managed a relay in order to keep her busy - bless her!

    The trip out looks fabulous, we used to live on an estate called Wildwood - strange the coincidences you see.

    Loving the flower and I would see it as a sign too.

    9 weeks and counting - wow the time is flying along, although I bet in the heat we've had recently we possibly aren't feeling the same way!

    Hope you are all OK and enjoying the break from school.



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