Silver Crow Project

Partaking Of Some Arting...

So. I'm getting fed up of popping out to my messy desk, dusting it, moving stuff around, going back into the house. Coming out another day... dusting, moving stuff around etc... Playing in my sketchbook is all well and good but it's just sometimes not messy or satisfying enough.

The girls all looked quite busy today playing on the wii, minimal bickering, no bloodshed. I was feeling restless because I'm tired and not getting much sleep at the moment but *trying*  not to sleep to much during the day so that I'll sleep at night... yeah, that's really not working... So, I popped out to the messy desk. And dusted it. Craig got his hoover out to clear the floor of tumble-weed... OK, exaggeration maybe. There was a lot of dust balls and am wandering around barefoot today because even the plastic monstrosities feel tight... and then... *drum roll please*

I arted! *snicker*

Remember the Dina Wakely video from a couple of weeks back?
Well I played around with her warm-up exercises first, using some ATC blanks...
While they were drying I spied the suede canvas things I bought the other week. Not really canvas more suede stretched onto wood. Should have took a picture of what it looked like before - but this is it several layers in... still a ways to go. 
So I set that aside while the texture paste dried and went back to the ATC's...
I really like this warm up idea, it uses up left over paint so it's not wasted and I'm getting a stack of ATC type things to pop in with packages with a note on the back.

Nothing momentous. No finished canvas or anything...But ever since Craig 'gifted' me the messy room for my birthday I haven't had a proper play out there for longer than 5 or 10 minutes. That was February. So.. maybe it is momentous in that along with occasionally working in my sketchbook of an evening... well, feels like progress. Whatever that block was, I am getting over it, big ol' belly and all! 


Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Absolutely fantastic, I've loving that canvas utterly gorgeous I could really do with throwing paint at something at the moment!

  2. Wow suedey-non-canvas-thing is looking great - is the flower head (alium?) a mask/stencil/stamp? Good to see you getting stuck in to some arting - it's so important to make the time to do.


  3. yay - fab to see you in arty messy mode again. Love the blue toned canvas!! And the crow! I went to see Amy Lancaster today - took her some rusty scrap to reuse. Nice woman, very talented - she just finished a full sized horse sculpture for a commission. It had been shipped off day before so I didn't see it :( But she was working on a heron, it was gorgeous!!
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  4. Oh get you Mrs! Loving the suede canvas thingy and the ATC's are looking good. I've gone and bought myself an ATC die, rolls eyes don't ask! I suppose the only benefit is that I can cut multiples and I'm actually getting rid of some of my off cuts (just gathering a huge pile of blank ATC's now!!!)

    Now hurry and get that canvas finished cos I REALLY wanna see it :D x

  5. I love your 'suede canvas thingy' it is gorgeous! The atc's are great too. Don't understand the word "dusting" though, can you explain?

  6. :-) I really need to get back on the art wagon....its too hard though :-( :-P

  7. Dina jump start is brilliant, and I like your preliminary canvas work, I LOVE not finishing things...which is why I adore working with Virginia in the journals...

    and you shall have a red face print---- winner or not---- for you are a most dedicated of followers,

    I need to scan the original and prep some canvas before I print it so remind me next weekend when I am at home and I have the time.. ( do it or I shall forget and you won't get a red face)


  8. Ah, painty fingers! The best!!
    Get in all the art you can before your little Monster comes....and you get poopy fingers instead....haha! ;P

  9. Yay for messy, painty fingers!!!
    I too love that canvas...:)
    Hugs xx

  10. Yay for getting arty again! I keep meaning to do the Dina Wakley thing too, looks like fun! Love the colours of the canvas too, looking forward to seeing what you do next with it.
    (Yes, I'm back from my hols). x

  11. Go paint fingers. Just the feeling of doing something with paint is a release. Good start with the canvas as well. How different is the surface to normal canvas?

  12. Freudian moment - i read your first sentence as "I'm popping" and I panicked :)

    Great to see you feeling creative

  13. Fab canvas, love the flower and the texture. Never thought of using a suede canvas before! Glad you are making use of your room! x

  14. Glad your mojo is back-I love the canvas!

  15. Just a quick one to say I got back to day and there was the book ...looks so much fun ...even DS was thumbing through it .... cant wait to to have a proper look ...THANK YOU so much what you are up to ...hope you and the bump are doing well ...hugs xx


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