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Drawing Lab Lesson 10 & Rocking My World Friday...

I'm a little behind on Cameron's Drawing Lab prompts so I decided to jump in with the latest rather than just get further and further behind :)

We were to go to a local coffee shop and blind contour draw the customers. Now I have a huge self-conscious block when it comes to drawing in public. I am trying to get over this because as I get better I'd love to do painting and drawing "en plein air" especially when we go on holiday to Scotland.

So. I wimped out of the coffee shop. Partly because of that and partly because it's the holidays and I would have had to go en masse with the monsters and they would have taken great delight in drawing attention to Mum flushing beetroot and hiding behind her sketchbook. Plus, the area I live, you're liable to get a smack in the gob if you sit staring someone out while scribbling in a book. Instead I bought my sketchbook along with me when we went to the local cricket ground for a picnic and park day. Still in public but in the relative privacy of my picnic blanket. Baby steps people.

I drew the cricketers in various poses. You might not be able to tell but some are holding a bat, one is lounging on the floor and I think I drew the fielder immediately in front of me, he kept turning round and giving bemused looks over his shoulder - you must look pretty bonkers doing blind contour, drawing but not looking at the paper and I'm told I had a freaky non-blinking stare going on... so I can't really blame him!
It was quite liberating actually and I think I'm going to try and take my sketchbook more often, I don't really enjoy blind contour drawing but I see why it's good to try it, I was quite surprised that my figures did resemble people even if they looked a bit odd!

Now for...
On FRIDAY! *Gasp!* I can't actually believe it's come around so quickly but here we are again :)

Firstly is lovely snail mail again. Jo spotted this book in a charity shop and kindly thought of me. It looks amazing!  
And in my package she included this little canvas board she made to commemorate my love of ice-lollies at the moment :D

 My picture really doesn't do it justice, so many layers, it's scrummy! Thank you again Jo :)

Also my Artists & Illustrators magazine came this week. I was just thinking about it the other day, wondering if a new issue was due and it's come. Going to save that for a read in the bath.
... ... ... ... ... 
This daft mutt! Yes, he is sparko! Think the heat is getting to him ;)
... ... ... ... ...
What else... The leak in our bathroom has been fixed! Only took two weeks having to turn our water supply on and off whenever we needed a shower or bath but finally the insurance company authorised the plumbers to come in and fix it. We no longer have water dripping through to our kitchen. Yay!

Cheap days out. We took our girls to a local-ish park that we haven't been to since I was pregnant with Ruby Monster - the sort that has a play park, paddling pool, miniature railway etc, etc. We were there the whole day, barely spent £15 and that was including tea, couple of trays of cheesy chips to share, the girls going on the miniature railway and crazy golf, ice-creams for the younger two... they spent hours splashing in the (freezing cold) paddling pool and were exhausted when we got home. As was I. We are going back next week ;)
Hmm... what else, reading, doing so much reading at the moment... new haircut keeping the heat off my bonce - just need to colour it now... afternoon snoozes, general feeling of optimism and change. Don't know why? Maybe because due date is nearing, maybe because slowly, slowly, verrry slowly I'm catching up on things I'm behind on both arty wise and doing little tiny bits of house tidying.

So that'll do me this week. How has your week been? Why not pop along to Virginia's and play along - you'd be amazed what a difference it makes to your outlook on things.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Love your blind contour drawing - better than I would get if I looked at what I was doing!!! Also love the Rocket lolly - haven't had one of them for years... yummmm...
    My week - not been so good actually but now is not the time or place! Enjoy the rest of your cheap days out, you always know how to have fun. Glad you got your leak fixed.

  2. Aren't those blind drawings fun? Your mutt looks adorable. :) Love reading your update. :)

  3. Cool drawings. I think the cricketers probably made for more interesting shapes than people in a coffee shop too.

    Wow, all day playpark - weren't you just tempted to lie down in the middle for a bit of a nap after lunch?!

  4. Wow, your cricket folk are fab - I would have ended up with unrecognisable squiggles. no leaks.

    Have a super week.

    Toni xx

  5. Drawing in public, done that couple of times but I have to say, I feel awkward and timid about it. Now, sketching whitout looking the paper? That would be something! But you done a great job.
    I hope you keep on feeling relaxed and optimistic!!!
    Warm regards.

  6. Your blind drawings are great! It is so strange to draw actual live people without their you're a spy or something...haha! I'm so glad you played along :)

    I love the ice pop cute! Maybe a bakery or sweet item swap should be next on my list?

    Looks like things are really nice for you right now....having fun with your girls before your little boy comes to crash the party ;P

    Hugs a million!

  7. Hahaha, LOVE that the cricketing guy thought you were the local weirdo on a picnic rug ;D Great blind contour drawing - I have never had a go at that, you got great results.

    Love the pic of sparko dog, how zonked is that?! I'm so glad your leak got sorted, AT LAST!

    Great photos of your girls having fun together.

    Have a wonderful weekend, stock up on those ice pops!!

    ps thank you for your lovely comment about the ice pop canvas and book :)

  8. Well, you are WAY braver than me, I am more than happy to sketch or paint outdoors or in public, but no way do I have the guts to draw people. I would be terrified they would come and ask me what the hell I was doing :)

    your week looks fab, happy mail, great time out with the kiddiwinks, and hooray for the fixed leakage! :)

  9. Oh I'm on mass catch up - started with your blog Carmen, loving the day out with the kids, knowing how expensive days out can be having just arrived back from hols - where did all that money go (I kid you not).

    Glad you managed your art lesson albeit in your own way, I like it lots, much more fun drawing cricketers than coffee shop people. Also loving the mail art and the book.

    Hope you're having a good week.


  10. Cheap days out are always the best, so full of experiences and memory making. Is it nor astounding how little ones do not feel the cold!

    I have that book, and I did go to the cafe, but I felt any minute like someone was going to come up to me and ask me what on earth I was up to. So then I began drawing people out the window of the cafe. I think the drawings are good for getting people's gestures and expressions. I love yours. I am laughing at the image of the freaky non-blinking stare lady!

    And thank the lord for your plumbing getting fixed...what a nightmare.

  11. Fab drawings Carmen... can just imagine you trying to do sneaky drawings in the coffee shop while trying not to be noticed! Have more are brilliant!!
    Great photos of the kids having fun, I wish there were things like that near us but theres nothing :(
    Hope you have a great week x

  12. oooo that pool did look cold! you wouldnt catch me going in there haha!!


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