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Hi all, popping in with a quick (picture heavy) post. Yesterday saw Ruby Monster and me hiding away from the heat. We decided to do some butterfly prints. I promised her I would show you all... Bet you can't guess which is mine...

She enjoyed it so much that she dragged Devvie outside to do some more today :)
See that one in the top corner? I just love the colours and patterns in that one, it's very hard to photo as it's quite glittery too (I think they found my one and only Shimmer Spray!)
Ruby has very kindly said I can keep that one. We are off to Ikea this week hopefully, for some kitchen bits, some storage for the bedrooms and some frames. Devvie had the bright idea of getting a pinboard for their bedroom so I'm going to get one for my (see what a good frame of mind I'm in? It's no longer my messy room!) And I'm going to pin gorgeous art like this and wonderful things that lovely people have sent me out there. I actually might frame this one, I love it that much :)

Hope you are enjoying your day - thanks for stopping by.


  1. I used to love doing butterfly prints :-D Looks like you all had so much fun!!

  2. Magic....such happy memories are made at times like this. :-)
    A x

  3. Oh, yes! Frame it. Funny there's a skull - I found my skull and crossbones hat knitting pattern the other day and thought of you. It comes in small sizes. Very small sizes. It won't take me long as soon as I find the right wool :)

  4. That really will look lovely framed. Seems like you all had lots of fun.

    Toni xx

  5. Excellent stuff! LOL @ them finding your shimmer spray, it's a wonder that you don't have glitter everywhere!! Have you tried using other parts of the anatomy? DD did one with her - cough, cough derrière when she was about two! It's still in her memory box :D

    Oh IKEA, I love IKEA. Don't forget to pick up one of their £1.49 mirrors for altering! Have fun x

  6. What fun! I agree about the shimmery one - it's special :) We're going to IKEA tomorrow morning - when I go there I always seem to come away £50 lighter with only a bagful of tealights and 100 paper napkins to show for it! I must remind myself that we're going for a computer chair for Hope's room.....

    It's so much cooler today, I hope it's been easier for you to cope with.


  7. Fantastic, T and I are making a castle out of cardboard boxes I have been hoarding for months on Wednesday :)

  8. Hi, Carmen! You had me at "Edward who?" ~ LOL Love Bill. I've just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following! So nice to "meet" you! ♥

  9. Lol. I was scrolling down the prints thinking "Is that Carmens?" ...and then there was no doubt! Snigger, a skull butterfly print. What fun! I did painting with my youngest today and we enjoyed it too.

    We went to Ikea recently and all I got was one piece of material! I had never got any from there before and was surprised to see you have to cut it yourself!

    Pinboards are great inspirational boards, like real-life Pinterest! :)

  10. I love IKEA! Now that I don't live close to one anymore, I miss it!

    Those butterfly prints and pretty colors are the perfect way to beat the heat....magic on paper little globs can be...folded and smushed into something wonderful :)

    ...and sprayed with Mum's super special stash of glitter....heehee!

  11. Victoria loves making butterfly prints...I love the skull print...that is a genius idea.

    Means so much to them when you frame the children's work, my children love it anyway, they always notice and comment.

  12. Oh Carmen that's lovely not surprised that you want to frame it, in fact they are all fabulous. Glad you are enjoying crafting in this summer heat, we've woken to yet more grey clouds!

  13. A peek in a magical world! I love them all :)
    Warm regards


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