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Another week has passed already?
Time again for another look at what's...
Well. Thank you to Irene (Craig's Mum) and my friend Caroline for demanding I get on with my post ;) The return of the heat and mugginess this week has seen a return of my extreme tiredness so am not getting an awful lot (apart from snoozing) done. Plus we found out this week that bubby is laying across ways rather than up and down which is probably why I can't get comfy at the mo. 

Before we begin, I insist you listen to this. definitely my favourite You Tube video this week. Go on, you can read while you listen...

First on my list this week is Craig. I had a hospital appointment this week to have glucose blood tests and Anti-D jabs done (Blood tests because both my parents are diabetic and Anti-D because I'm a R-Neg blood group) They decided to get it all done in one go which meant a 10 hour fast (luckily over night) and nearly 3 hours sat in hospital after drinking yucky Lucozade and waiting to see if I had any reactions to the Anti-D. Craig, my knight in scruffy shoes, took himself off in hunter gatherer mode to the local town to source me a cheese & onion pasty and lovely cold drink for when I was allowed to eat again. Believe me that was like nectar of the Gods. Ravenous I was. Then upon getting home and feeling decidedly ill and with an arm that felt like it was going to drop off, I was tucked up on the sofa to snooze and have tea bought to me. Lovely. 
... ... ... ... ...
I haven't put any weight on for about 3 weeks. now, I know I'm not supposed to be peeking at the scales while pregnant but am really worried about my breathing and such lately. I know towards the end of a pregnancy you get breathless but being a big girl anyway I was worried about putting on *too* much more. Especially when, although I'm not having cravings as such, I'm finding most foods unpalatable unless it's starchy/carby or fruit cake (trifle in particular) based. So although I'm definitely not dieting, I'm happy to see it's not piling on at the same time. Am hoping that means that for the last few weeks it's just been baby growing and not me. If that makes sense. And believe me - bubby bump is huge, much more than any of the others were. Am a wee bit scared of the exit strategy, I don't mind telling you!
... ... ... ... ...
The Olympic Ceremony. Now, I am the first to admit that I'm not into sports one jot and I know this is a huge thing for Britain but up till this weekend the Olympics haven't really captured my imagination. However, Craig huffed and puffed about me being a stick in the mud and so I was cajoled into watching. I'm glad I did, what an amazing spectacle. I have no clue what must go on inside Danny Boyle's head but it must be amazing. Particular favourite bits - The NHS/Literature segment, the changing of the rolling fields into a the Industrial age and The Queen/James Bond partnership. I'm sure she almost grinned when she walked out after that.

I've even watched some of the sport since, I love watching gymnastics - reminds me of street/break dancing. Phoebe is entranced by the female weightlifters!
... ... ... ... ...
Boot fair again. This week I picked up a large canvas, already with a picture on - a generic one like you get mass produced in the shops, only 50p. That's come home for me to paint over. Told my Dad - he said I should look out for framed ones and then I'd be able to take it apart and use the frame too. Good idea.

Talking of my Dad, he's been having a clear out. Every single year without fail he tells me at Christmas that he's sure he's bought more presents but cannot find them and he thinks he's going doolally. Well, he just found some of them! He's been putting them 'safely' in his Aladdins Cave of a back room - believe me you don't venture in there without safari gear and machete. Think of those hoarder programmes on the telly - yeah, you might be halfway there! So this week he piled us up with two boxes of board games for the girls, a table top easel which Devvie has nabbed, a wooden box of Derwent watercolour pencils and sketching pencils and a roll of watercolour brushes (I nicked those!) and some watercolour paints for Ruby. Who was over the moon declaring "no-one has ever bought me paints before." Which - when I come to think of it, no-one has, I always just let her use mine. She was so chuffed to have her own though, I may put together a little kit for her this Christmas! So, yay for tidying up and new stash - though I did say he was a bit daft and should have just wrapped them all up for this year!
... ... ... ... ...
I'm going to leave you with this little monster :) Devvie captured these piccies on her iPod yesterday when we went for a park and picnic day. Ruby cannot walk past me without kissing bump and she will holler across the room "love you baby!" to my belly :) Lets hope she feels the same way when he's here and drooling over all her toys! 
I'm going to go link up with Virginia, pretend I'm not late ;) Why don't you pop on over and play along too?

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  1. What a week - yay for unexpected presents and boo for yucky Lucozade, (I hate it!) You're not wrong about the bump being quite big - hope he's not too comfy in there and comes early or at least only on time!!! Bet you're glad now the heat has diminished again, I know I am! Much love...xx

  2. Yay for daft parents who are sweet as can be, knights in shining armor, loving sisters, healthy babes....and lots of sleeping!!

    Definately things to be grateful for :)

  3. Super positives Carmen - your 'knight' sounds like a treasure.

    Thank you for sharing the video - when we first got cable I would tune in to seehis programmes when ever I could because it amazed me what he could achieve with a house paintbrush - the vid made me chuckle.

    Hope baby decides to change direction so that you are more comfortable - have a great week.

    Toni xx

  4. this post has made me smile on so many levels from the Princess Bride "inconcievable" (you keep using that word, but I don't think it means what you think it means) through to the tales of unexpected late christmas pressies and the lovely photos of you and Ruby, but the thing that has made me happiest is that amazing Bob Ross video! I have no intention of ever getting married again, but I swear if I do, I'm walking down the aisle to that! :D thank you so much, I've played it three times already :D

  5. This is a great post. I really liked hearing about how your week was.

  6. Ah Carmen - I'm grinning from ear to ear - so much going on but first up has to be that baby bump piccie - wow - that photo needs scrapbooking lady! I tell you it really does!

    Had the Bob Ross re-mix running in the background - fabulous stuff!

    Hurray to your knight in shining armour for finding those essential items - bless him!

    Hurray for hoarding Dad's finding Christmas presents in July - simply genius - and all lots of lovely goodness to enjoy during the school holidays - fabulous stuff!

    I hope this week proves a little cooler for you and not too tiring, I hope it is extra special with your girls of for the summer and that you get plenty of rest!

    Have a beautiful and blessed week

    Much love

  7. Thanks for this fab post. We used to watch Bob Ross painting on the telly years ago...what an amazing artist he is.
    Your photos are just gorgeous....bump looks to be growing to perfection and your look to be blooming :-) Such an exciting time for you all.
    A x

  8. Oh what joy! A lovely, lovely look radiant Carmen and I agree with V. those photos are crying out for a scrapbook page...or two!
    I had to chuckle at your Dad..mine used to do the same! But how great to have Christmas in July....:)
    And what a thoughtful man your Craig is...:)
    Totally with you on the Olympics..that opening ceremony was truly spectacular and I even found myself watching synchronised diving!
    Hugs xx

  9. Well, that video made me laugh and WOW in the same breath! How does that man do it?!

    Anyway, onto your Rocking post this week, Carmen. Lovely lovely lovely. I could have told you baby would be laying awkwardly - it's a boy! Get used to it, girl. I'm glad Craig is looking after you so well, and I LOVE the pic of Ruby kissing your baby bump - and that she shouts across the room that she loves him. SO cute! The opening ceremony was SO MUCH better than I could have imagined! What a show. I was SO proud to be a Brit. We're such a tiny country and yet have so many achievements. Yeah! How lovely that your Dad handed over his past Christmas booty, I hope there was no fighting over the art materials, Carmen? Carmen?! Have a great week, I don't know what the temperature's going to be like but I hope you have your very own little weather system that suits you :D


  10. Aw, what lovely photos! Those are ones to treasure, she said coming over all soppy :) That's another week closer - you'll be there in no time!

    Maybe I've told you before about the time, Februaru I think, when my Mum told us santa had been having a tidy up and had found some extra things in his workshop. It was madly exciting

  11. 1) You look fantastic!
    2) I missed the opening ceremony and I'm a bit sad, as I had a friend performing in it. Sadly, you can't get the full thing anywhere on the internet! (Well, I think the BBC iplayer has it, but that doesn't work in America. Boo!)
    3) I'd like to join in the non-weight gaining trifle eating. But I don't want a baby. Surly, there must be a way to make this work???? :-)

  12. Hey thanks for finally doing the blog i am addicted. I love hearing all your positives and is definitely rubbing off on me. Craigy is def a star but then we know that :) Love the piccies of you and Ru. Caz x x

  13. What a fab week. Love the piccies of Ruby :D

    Like you I've been bah humbug re the Olympics, but was thoroughly taken with the opening ceremony! Especially the cauldron - now that was what I call craftsmanship! x

  14. That video is stunning! Those photos of your Ruby melted my heart (not that it was that hard to begin with, to be fair!), and who doesn't love a hunter gatherer!

    I have not been into the Olympics either, but that opening ceremony was stunning. The cauldron at the end was masterful.

    That is a good idea to look out for old canvases and framed ones (your Dad is a genius), I am going to keep an eye out.

    Lastly, I think you look fab...and it doesn't matter what size the little one is, I don't think it is going to be easy either way, and when you get to that stage, a little bit bigger will still be just as freaking painful.

    PS (I loved the spin offs from Star Trek as well...especially Voyager with Seven of Nine, trying to get back home. Also when I was pregnant I wished I could be on Star Trek and just transport the baby out of me when it was time...that is an invention that needs inventing!)

  15. sorry I missed this post Carmen.
    Love the video!
    The pics of you and Ruby are adorable.Not long to go now!
    yay for xmas in July!
    And, what a star Craig is! x x x


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