Rocking My World Friday...

...on Monday! Oops!
Has it really been a week since I last posted? Aaargh! 

First on my positive has to be the lovely email received from a librarian in America asking me if I sold prints. She had seen the canvas I'd made for Virginia on Pinterest and wanted one to put up in the library. I had to say that my camera skills are a bit dodgy to say the least so this was the best photo I had - no prints... but that she was welcome to make her own.
She has said she is going get her arty daughter to have a go at it. I hope she remembers to show and tell - I'd love to see. It was a fantastic boost to my confidence  I know a lot of you have told me and told me to sell and the lovely Carol has bought a couple of pieces off me... but when you have such amazingly talented friends... and I still don't believe in myself that I'm good enough yet. I know it's a lifelong process and I'll never be as good as I want to be in my head... and I know everyone is a different style and at different places in the process, I know all this and I tell other people off that don't think they are good enough... and I always worry that when lovely friends or family buy off me that it might be because they are friends (don't all shout at me!) so to have a perfect stranger come along and ask me that... well, I doubt she'll ever know what a huge boost she has been. I know I'm an idiot - you don't all have to tell me ;)

This leads me on to my next positive. I decided I do need to get better at my photography and so headed to Amazon to look at tripods - my pictures always come out with a slight blur. Now I have no clue what I'm looking at or whether you have to buy brand specific ones for your camera etc, etc. Complete dunce.  So I stuck a question up on Amazon Discussions just asking to be pointed in the right direction for my brand of camera and needs. What followed was a wealth of information, tips on using the timer, shutter speeds ISO & RAW whatsits, website links, book links and loads of encouragement from the lovely people that frequent the camera forum on there. No-one made me feel like a clueless idiot and I've jotted down loads of what they've said to have a practise. Just lovely - I was hoping for one, maybe two people to link me to a tripod and instead got all that. They've said to come back when I'm ready to upgrade to a better camera too which I'll definitely be seeking their advice on. Not for a while yet but I'm just amazed at the help on there.

Which leads me to positive three - Craig - my number one champion to get my arse in gear and start selling, completing workshops, practising more. Bought me this book the same day of the email...
Now, I haven't read it properly yet but the bits I have, I can thoroughly recommend. It's no nonsense, it's not in techy speak. It shows you bad/good examples. It shows you how to do it without expensive accessories and it has multiple examples using various cameras. I'm so pleased to see that a model of the Panasonic Lumix range is in there as having owned two models of the Lumix range and my camera now is the Lumix FZ38 bridge camera, I know the dials are quite similar so am hoping it will greatly help. But a big thank you to Craig, especially when we are meant to be watching the pennies.

I'm very behind on my reviews - I have a whole stack of read books  looking at me, making me feel guilty but a proper review will come... eventually!
... ... ... ... ...
Next up - meeting my niece's little bubby. My sister, brother-in-law and niece came down to visit from Scotland last weekend. My other sister had a BBQ so we all met up. It was lovely to meet bubby Talon, I didn't get a cuddle as he was a bit poorly and both my sis and niece didn't want either of us to get more poorly what with my own incubating away snugly - which was fair enough. So I'm hoping for a cuddle when they come back in October... and I have strict instructions that our little one has to have made an appearance! It'll be close - they are going home again, I think, on October 13th and I am due on the 17th! DumdumDUM! I also have my school friend visiting in October, not sure on dates yet but I just know she'll want cuddles... so no pressure there then ;) Although - I do have a feeling that this little monster is going to break with tradition and either be on time or early. My girls were all two weeks late but... I don't know. I didn't even bother getting my bag ready that early with Ruby as I knew the drill by then but something is telling me I should be prepared this time... just a niggle in the back of my mind...

Talking of the little monster - I think he might be on the turn. Have had some really big, wave like and strange movements yesterday and I felt odd all day. Conked out for 4 hours on the sofa yesterday (that might partly be due to the return of the summer heat! Go AWAY sun!) I'm wondering though if he was having a wiggle and a turn, it's all settled back down today... will find out tomorrow at my midwife appointment.

Only 13 weeks to go!!
... ... ... ... ...
Glowing school reports have come in for Devvie and Phoebe Monster. The transition to Academy for Pheebs and big school for Ruby seems to have gone well. Ruby decided half way through that, actually, she wasn't that much of a big girl now and should still be allowed in the nursery when she wants to play with the toys *g* But other than that she has really enjoyed her first week at big school.

Pssst - check out Devvie's blog post here - she's showing some of her fabulous art work from school. So proud :)

Summer holidays have officially begun! No more trekking back and forth up that flaming road 4 times a day... at least for 6 and a bit weeks! Hurrah!
... ... ... ... ...
Boot fair yesterday - yeah, should technically be on the next Rocking post but tough. I found a little wooden box. It's got like a shadow box lid and is crammed with paper flowers. I'm going to hoick those out to use on another project, do something in the shadow box bit and give it all a good lick of paint. Was very chuffed as it was only 50p and it's glass fronted and everything.

Ruby found a nearly new Peppa Pig duvet set for £3.50 so she was happy and then we found a baby stall where the clothes were either brand new or barely used - some still with labels on! So bubba now has two new pairs of shoes - 50p a pair, loads of new baby-gro's and vests (all 50p each and quite a few with bats, spiders and monsters on! YEAH!) And a brand new, still tagged fluffy blue winter bodysuit/coat thing for just £3.50. Bargain! Worth trekking through the swampy quagmire that was the field it was held on.
... ... ... ... ...
So, that'll do me for this week :) I'm going to go link up over at Virginia's. Fancy playing along? Then follow me over!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I know exactly where you are coming from with people complimenting your work - very self doubting me!! Sounds like you've had a really rocking week though , and the book looks great. I would love to get a 'proper' digital slr but funds don't allow at the moment.
    Enjoy the end of the week - that's when the sun is meant to break (just in time for the Olympics!) so you only have a few days to suffer... if the temps get as high as they reckon, I shall be moaning too....

  2. Yay, swimming baby! I wish I had a camcorder or similar when I was preggers with Z as he was a very energetic embryo. Later in pregnancy we'd literally see my stomach change shape as he would somersault & move around.

    A year on & Kai still asks to go to Nursery ;)

    Fabulous bargains! cant wait to see photos of the mini monster when he's born :)

  3. Here's the thing - librarians have excellent taste!!! That's wonderful, what a boost, eh? Imagine a little bit of Carmen spread across the librarirs of America. ..

  4. Woohoo!!! You are talented girl...believe it!!
    WTG Craig for the perfect book! And I'm always amazed at how nice people are on forums...:)
    Saw (and commented on) Devvie's blog yesterday. Great post!
    Enjoy not having to do the school walk. I can remember being in the staff room (and very pregnant) when the boy decided to do a somersault....most peculiar feeling ever! Just take it easy.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. had to laugh at Ruby and the toys......I'm sure I felt the same..I know the boy did!

  5. What a great week, Carmen. You must be so proud of all your girls (I read Devon's post, it blew me away. She's very talented), and we know Craig is Top Man but him getting you that book reminds us again :) I LOVE Boot Fairs (proper Boot Fairs, not glorified markets), and I'm hoping to get to some this holiday (although not the ones that start at silly o'clock in the morning!).

    Don't worry, Summer's only here 'til Friday then we're back to the usual Siberian conditions :D


  6. ha you're adorable :-) I LOVED looking at Devon's Blog :-)

  7. See told ya!!!! :p

    I haven't been to a boot fair in years, really should make the effort. That said I'm supposed to be clearing out my stuff not acquiring more!!!

    I'm off to look at Devvie's blog xxx

  8. Oh so much loveliness. It must have been a real boost to get the comment from a stranger about the artwork you made for me - makes me smile! Loving that you got lots of help on the 'better photos' front and WTG Craig for the book! Will watch with interest on this front!

    Meet up with family - fabulous!

    Yay to less walks over the six week holiday and yes I must admit as much as I like the blue skies, can someone turn the temperature down!

    Bargains at boot sale - awesome.

    And loved Devon's post fabulous stuff!

    Sending big hugs

  9. oh yes I neeeeeed my baby cuddles and I'm not going home without them, lol!! Will message you about dates cos I think the train tickets will be out soon xx

  10. Yay for confidence boosts, clever artistic daughters, photography tips and boot sales! :) hope you're not suffering too much in the heat, have a great week!

  11. You have enormous just quit it already and believe!

    Oh, I think I would've killed for an October baby....I'd still throw them Halloween themed Birthday parties til they were 50! Lucky Duck :)

    I happen to have a Panasonic Lumix,, a DMC - FZ5, I guess....I never looked to see what kind before...haha! I truly believe that the key to good sales is good, you are definately on the right track :)

    Luv ya' so much, Hun....try to keep cool!

  12. Great post! I love to see what's rocking everyone's world! And that art piece is so fabulous! Oh, and I loved your U-Tube talk below too ;)
    Thank you for your sweet visit and for playing along with the SOC - I LOVE that you did a pregnancy journal - and that you're still at it - it will be such a wonderful memory for years to come! Can't wait to see pictures of the little baby! xoxoxo

  13. What a wonderful compliment from the librairan and a well deserved boost for you. I want to say 'told you so' but I wont as you know im exactly the same!!! It is hard to believe in yourself so I really hope that you whooped and jumped when she asked you about the print-you know we all think you are amazing!!!
    I popped over to Devvies blog, wow she has talent, amazing art and a beautifuly written and insightful post.
    Love boot fairs although I dont get to go that often any more as I dont drive and they are all so far from where I live. When I was pregnant with Shelby I got all her baby clothes from the boot sales and the chest of drawers to keep them in!
    Your hubby is always so thoughtful with his gifts, looks like a great book.
    Well done to the girls for their ace reports!
    Have a great week x

  14. How great to be asked for your artwork! It's always a tricky one - to be objective about our own work isn't it? Especially if you have high standards and admire lots of other people's work.

    My friends and I have a sort of shorthand we use when we're actually happy with someonething we've done, when we can actually tell it's good ... we say something like "it's something I would have bought myself" or "Even *I* thought it was good!".

    Funny how we're our own biggest fan *and* biggest critic at the same time!

    Thanks for your lovely comment btw.

    Julie x

  15. Wow! What a great honour. Maybe you should seriously think about making prints of your work. I think they are fabulous. jenx

  16. I love these Rocking my world posts. There is so much too comment on, but really...I think you are fantastic, and that is enough. :)

    Your girl rocks too!


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