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Rocking My World Friday

Friday again already and time to reflect back on the week and pick out the good bits that can so easily be forgotten :)
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My sister and her partner have been fabulous this week. Firstly they took me to Essex to visit where my Mum's ashes are buried. Haven't been in over a year because I nearly had a nasty car accident last time and it's spooked me with driving up there since. So that was very much appreciated. Afterwards we went to Camden to visit the markets which was fun. We kind of lost Sue, my sisters partner, while we were drooling over the handmade journals and sketchbooks - her eyes glazed over and she wandered off *g* We had a gorgeous (and cheap) lunch in a little backstreet cafe and it was just lovely to spend some time with them. Once again, due to differing work schedules we rarely catch up even though we're quite local to each other.

I wont (I will)  mention the gorgeous book I should have bought in one of the second hand book stores. One of those kick yourself almost purchases that you regret not doing. It was a tenner and I did that sucky teeth thing at paying a tenner for a book in a second hand store when am supposed to be watching the pennies. Curses. Can't even remember what it was called now to add it to my wishlist!

Second positive is again to my sis because she has lent me the Season Four True Blood DVD set this week! Woohoo!
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My little Ruby monster finished nursery school forever today. They had a graduation day yesterday where they wore little mortar boards and today they had a goodbye party for those that are moving up to the big school. She's very excited, I just can't believe it's that time already!
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My friend Caroline who popped in for a cuppa yesterday, bringing with her a very sweet Peter Rabbit baby book. One of those where you record little details. I'll have to remember to fill it in, it's so cute! I'll try to keep mentions of vivid zombie dreams to a minimum ;)
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You Tube videos. I clicked on a link somewhere and ended up spending a whole afternoon flitting from one video to the next. Ranging from mojo boosting tips, make your own watercolour travel kits to time lapse painting videos that made me green with jealousy. I often forget that You Tube is a fabulous resource for anything other than music video's so I'll have to do it more often!
I've added my two favourite video's of the afternoon below. If you have some favourite links, please share :)

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The response to my sketchbook post below. I can't put into words what all your comments have meant to me. In fact am sitting here thinking how I can express it enough... so am just going to say thank you. But it's really not enough.
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Before this turns into a mahoosive post I'll finish on a few quickie positives: New knickers (even if they are Harvest Festivals!) almost as good a feeling as new socks ;) Discovering my favourite coconut shampoo has come down to under £1.00 in Superdrug. Bubble & squeak (still!) The Summer of Colour challenge - sad we are coming up to the last week but grateful for the creative nudge it's given. Being complimented on my new haircut even though it's not actually due to be cut for week or so (Thanks Cas!) The Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time - about the only decent things on TV at the moment. Tea. Chilled water. Frozen Jubbly ice thingies... Coke flavour especially. The moses basket my older sister very generously passed on to us. Buying the baby-gro's to pack in my hospital bag. (Thumper the rabbit in pale yellow and white.) 

Aaaand that'll do me for this week. As always I have that niggly feeling that I'm forgetting something that I'm sure I'll remember later.

How was your week? I'm off to link up with Virginia and the other Rockers. Why not follow me over? 

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  1. What a fab week! Really nice to see you so upbeat!

    Enjoy your weekend
    Claire x

  2. Great set of rocks. Frozen jubbly things... Yum! Will look at vids. Have a super weekend. Jenx

  3. As always, have loved reading your rocking week - it's been a good one, apart from you not buying the book you wanted!! Take care my friend..

  4. How lovely to have spent what sounds like a fab day with your sister...don't fret over the book - I'm sure there was a good reason that you didn't part with your tenner and I'm sure you'll enjoy that even more.

    Have a fab weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. The piccy of you at Ruby's graduation was beautiful - you look so happy - it made me all teary and a little bit broody....

    Glad to hear that you're doing well :D
    LLJ xxxx

  6. A beautiful week! Little Ruby is growing up fast and what a wonderful idea to do a 'graduation'! Sounds like a great day out with your sister and I am still on the edge of my seat to find out what the book was!!!! I am also lovin the walking dead, thanks again for the heads up on that one or I wouldn't have noticed it was back on!
    I have just seen your travelling sketchbook pages...powerful and beautiful, a reflection of what a wonderful artist you ARE!!
    Hope you have a great week x

  7. what a lovey week :-) I am also a fan of you tube vids!! There are just too many :-P

  8. h ahah a

    that second one is my most fav watercolour wet on wet EVER

    glad you got to spend tiem with family and that you have laid to rest the ghost that stopped you being at your moms memorial,

    My boy Graduates on thursday - I suspect there may be a rather special blog post on Saturday....he has already forewarned me DO NOT DIRECT MY FRIENDS MUM, (I want a mortar boards in the air shot) I have promised not to be bossy ( ha ha ha)


  9. glad you had a fab visit with your sister, I do hope you do eventually track down the mysterious book though!

    I must admit I've never watched any arty you tube vids, not with the sound on anyway :) a couple I have tried on the quiet (literally). I know they are popular, I think it's because I do the majority of my blog surfing at work (where vids are blocked) or at home while the kids watch TV (so I don't want to disturb them by playing videos) - will have to find a way to give them a go.

    have a great week!

  10. Aww, a moses basket :) I put both mine in a moses basket, tucked next to my bed, when they were titchy and I loved it so much. They looked so snuggly and gorgeous, as will your nub-nub in Thumper the rabbit baby-gro's - CUTE ALERT!

    If you ever discover what that book was you will HAVE to let us know, please!!!!

    How exciting for little Ruby - that's a lovely idea to have a Graduation ceremony for the leavers.

    Have a lovely weekend, Carmen.


  11. Another fabulous post to read this morning, WTG sister and her partner (whom I hope you found before leaving Camden) for taking you to where your Mum's ashes are - bless them and for taking you to Camden afterwards and yes you should have bought that book!

    Ruby's graduation sounds fabulous, said 11 year old heading into his final week at primary - I think it's going to be emotional, he was in tears at the leavers party Friday!

    Loving the you tube videos, I can't do watercolour but love that speeded up one, I've watched it a couple of times!

    Hoping you're having a fabulous weekend, we've woken to blue sunny skies this morning - quick run outside run outside - to the jungle - no maybe not - run inside run inside away from the jungle - nope maybe have to accept that we have to sort the garden!

  12. What a lovely week....glad you had time with your sister..and YES, you should have bought the book!!
    I too put the boy in a Moses basket when he was tiny....aah, happy memories...:)
    Hope your weekend has been a good one.
    Hugs xx

  13. Oh...Once upon a time...LOVE. Season one has just finished here, so Thursday nights have gone back to art making onlynow there is only rubbish on tv.

    I had tears when Victoria finished kindy, how cute that they have mortar boards!! I tried to convince Victoria to just stop growing and stay at kindy but she wasn't keen.

    I find it hard to leave handmade books and journals, glad you had a good time with your sister. And yes, I hate that feeling when I try not to impulse buy and then regret it and wish that I had.

    The watercolour portrait video is stunning! Oh my gosh!

  14. So much goodness here!
    I still need to watch Season 3 of True Blood, you lucky girl!
    I used to favor vamps....until Alcide, I'll take that animal heat over cold blood anytime...heehee!

    How exciting...packing the hospital's getting close, isn't it?!
    ...and Ruby growing up so fast...your baby won't be the baby anymore :)

  15. Hey ya, Hows things? thanks for the comment on the Alice pages, thought you might appreciate them when I posted it lol.
    I have just finished your ATC its a little bit different so I hope you like it, more mix media than art/craft. need to go through my old mails and see if i can find your addy, hope it gets to you in one piece. Mark x

  16. ps, Can you mail me your address again please, just checked and have rather stupidly deleted mails from my phone without thinking.

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