Rocking My World Friday

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Aaaargh! My first positive is definitely to Gail for reminding me it's Friday! Seriously - who the flip has got their finger on the fast forward button of my week? Pack it in!

Now let's see...

We bought a pram this week! Not the one we intended to buy but a good price and everything included - baby seat, rain cover, bag etc. It's a not very exciting black and grey number. We were almost going to buy a bright red one but after fighting with the collapsing and un-collapsing mechanisms in store on both models we decided the unexciting one will take up less boot space in the car. Practical and functional. Godammit! :D Need to get him a nice bright blanket to make up for it methinks.

We worked it out last night - should I give birth on time we are a mere 101 days away from saying hello to bubba! Yikes. Of course, my girls were all two weeks late so we might have to add on to that but the way I'm feeling I'm praying that wont be the case. Why? You really want to see?
I was only going to show you that picture but then I thought... nah, I'm suffering so you can too ;)
This one is the reality. This is me when I get in for the day, loose jammy bottoms on, belly out, trying to cool down. Craig makes me put my feet up because I no longer have ankles. Just a bloated mess where my feet and ankles used to be. Hurts sooo much.
I tell you - I am terrified how big this baby will be! My bump wasn't this big with Ruby at the end! I feel ready to drop right now. Am going to have to play close attention to my back ache nearer the time as I wouldn't be at all surprised if he arrives on time or early. So my positive out of what sounds like a whinge... Craig and my girls making me put my feet up and running around making tea, helping with the dishes etc. Cooper my little shadow at the end of the sofa who can't understand why he cannot lay on my lap now without falling off, has taken to laying by my feet when I'm like this. And bubby, with his constant tickles, letting me know all is well.
... ... ... ... ...
Middle monster Phoebe finished Primary School forever last week! Doesn't seem possible! She's spending three weeks at the Academy to get used to it before she starts properly after the summer. So far, fingers crossed she has been coming home gushing about it. So that's one worry off my mind. We thought she would - she's always loved school anyway but there's always that chance with a big change, going back to being the youngest kid again, losing some of her friends to different schools etc. Am so pleased she looks like she'll settle in well.
... ... ... ... ...
This Dina Wakely video spotted on Maggi's blog last week. Has really struck a chord and she talks a lot of sense. Am going to try and 'warm up' before I try doing anything big in future... of course I consider working in my sketchbook, which is all I seem to be doing at the moment, a warm up anyway but you know what I mean - If I ever get round to doing big stuff again...

... ... ... ... ...
Fabulous snail mail! It's been a good week this week. Firstly I won a prize over at Shell Stitching. The prize was a pendant with a cross-stitched design. I had no clue what design to ask for and so gave Michelle a list of things that my Devvie monster loves and this is what she sent...
A cheeky monkey in a bottle! How perfect? For those that don't know, Devvie is absolutely bananas on monkeys and she loved this when I presented it to her. I was going to hide it away for Christmas but just couldn't wait :) Go check out Michelle's blog, a very clever lady and she has another competition running at the moment to win another bottle pendant.

I bought this ACEO, I'd seen the artist, Little Black Heart, preview it on her Facebook page and fell in love immediately. She said she would launch a few in her shop, so I demanded pregnant woman rights to be at the front of the queue, being the delicate flower that I am. *ahem* She said she liked my 'sassiness' and so reserved me this little zombie! Yay!

I had mentioned last week or so,on my Facebook page, that we had gone to a charity fun day and that the girls had got some glitter tattoos.  Devon, always up for anything sparkly, decided she wanted to get a kit and have a go herself. We were both very surprised to receive a little packet of sparkly tattoo stuffs in the post from Carol to try while she saves up for the big kit. She was delighted I can assure you and is taking it to Hastings with us tomorrow to practise on her Nanna and Ruby. (Nanna doesn't know this yet!) Thank you again Carol.

And lastly to Sue who has loaned me the second book in a series we have been reading. Just in time as I just finished the last novel I was reading, thank you Sue and for the gorgeous tag that came with the book.
... ... ... ... ...
I'll squeeze in a few more things... like, Bubble & Squeak - I could eat it all day long but I don't think it's a craving... my sketchbook for keeping me a tiny bit creative when I'm feeling so tired this week, ice-cold water from the jug in the fridge, yummy braeburn apples and sweet piccolo tomatoes, family and friends both here and those of you in the blogosphere - some of you that I may never meet but you are no less dear to me. You keep me, for the most part, on the right side of sane.

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  1. Oh delicate flower, so much to comment on . :) 101 days! We got a boring practical pram, because the one I wanted required an engineering degree to operate. It looked cool but I foresaw mental breakdowns and temper tantrums.

    No ankles and big bumps...every mother's dream pregnancy!

    Love the monkey in a bottle. What a cool idea. Requiring a patience I don't possess, but a very cool idea.

    Love the zombie card, such a good reminder.

    I have not had bubble and squeak for ages, now I want some badly. I never had crazy cravings during my pregnancies, though I wanted to. With my daughter I only wanted hard nectarines. I was a woman possessed. Then there was a 3 week shortage. I made us travel 2 hours one way to visit a beach and get some nectarines that I located when I let my fingers do the walking! :)

    But they have always had a special place in my heart so it may also have been comfort eating!

  2. wow.. 101 days?? will be here before you know it.. nice that everyone is taking such good care of you too.. I know.. some of this baby stuff is insane to put together or use..
    Love that ACEO.. too cute...thinking I need something to just tell me to move it!! lol Love that monkey in a bottle.. very cute idea... sparkly tattoos sound fab... hope Nana enjoys hers...Bubble and squeak?? I know I have heard of it.. but not sure what it is...enjoy it!

  3. Have just watched the video now I am at my computer. Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. Lol.delicate

    that monkey thong is awesomesauce.



  5. Monkey THING loland is Gail lol 5amor so and somehow not signed in and don't have sign in as blogger option.grr.just thought would forget if I didn't comment now.more mmmmwah x

  6. You're looking good, Carmen - and am not surprised your lovely family is taking care of you!! Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh bless you Carmen I soooooooooo remember those days of feet up trying to make that puffiness go away - so not fun - but the biggest hurray for your amazing family all running around and making sure they do all they can that has to be the biggest shout out!

    The monkey cross stitch in the jar is awesome, I hadn't realised these were Devon's favourites. Loving the fact that you got a book just in the nick of time - that's awesome also!

    And hurray to followers and friends picking up on the little things in life - tell Devon we'll want to see those sparkly tattoos once she's had a play!

    Hope you have a great weekend and beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love as always

  8. OOO firstly can i say congratulations!! And sew glad she loves her pendant and can i thank all your follows for there lovely comments about it. that card is a super idea for most of my friends lol, as it seems most of us spend to much time on internet these days. Best Wishes Michelle xxx

  9. Wow 101 days to go! Loved seeing the photos of you, so glad you have your wonderful family to look after you, lap it up I say!
    The monkey in a jar is fab, just so sweet! The glitter tatoos sound like fun, I have not seen glitter ones before, make sure you take some photos of nanas tats to share!!!!
    The only time I made bubble and squeak it tasted disgusting so I have never had it again! Must just be my cooking!!
    Hope you have a great week, put your feet up and take it easy, cooking a baby can be exhusting!

  10. LOL @ the collapsing pram - I remember with Ellie we had failed to even think about how it collapsed, so first trip out there we were like complete numpties trying to figure it out!

    Looks like you've had a really positive week :D

    Enjoy the weekend

    Claire x

  11. In my day prams didn't collapse just walked every where lol.
    Hope you are on time ...but you are looking good ...shame about the ankles lol xx take care xx

  12. What a wonderful family you have caring for you! I am so jealous of all the baby equipment that is out now. It seems so advanced and ergonomic. We had a stroller for all occasions. I had the cheap fold up one for a quick shopping trip, the large one (that didn't turn well) for additonal storage on a trip, the double stroller, the jogger. Most were passed on to me, but what a mess storing them all! None of them seemed to want to turn at all once loaded with passengers. At one point I had a newborn, a 1 1/2 year old, and a 4 year old traveing in a long double stroller which I attached a stand up ride-along board to for the the 4 year old to stand on. What a sight we must have been. I'm sure your pram will serve you well, but the colorful blanket will be sure to bring a smile!

  13. Thrilled to see you listening to your body and getting those feet up :-) Fab pics.
    A x

  14. Hi, delicate flower....snigger!'re doing the right thing by putting your feet up and trying to keep the bump.
    Good week for you and your girls...wtg Phoebe for enjoying school and what a great pendant for Devvie...I'm not surprised you couldn't put it away for Christmas.
    Keep resting and enjoy the book...just wondering when #3 will be out? Not that I'm impatient or anything...:)
    Hugs xx

  15. As a newbie to the Rockette clan I don't think I'm in a position to comment on the 'delicate flower' bit...I've left it to the more established members to do so **giggle**

    Some great positives this week and I love that pendant - isn't it fun.

    Keep taking advantage of being told to put your feet up and have a fab week.

    Toni xx

  16. Oh dear poor nana ;-) I hope they work out ok! wow 101 only seems like yesterday you were a little bit preggo :-P

  17. I think your bump is looking mighty fine especially for the miracle thats going on inside :0) Wonderful list smiled at the bubble and squeak! hope this week is fun too xx

  18. Ha! Monkey in a bottle. I like it.

    We had a red pram :) Happy memories!

  19. I love both pics of you....I think you are just too cute for words!

    I wear the same thing when I get in, belly is protruding these days, as well....though more from vacation dessert eating and not at all from important tasks as creating life...

    You win :)


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