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Ssssh. Let's pretend it's still Wednesday. Happy WOYWW people :)

Thank you for all your visits last week. I managed to get around a fair amount of the list and did return all the visits to people that commented but was unable to return comment on some. Don't know if it was Blogger or my PC but some blogs it wouldn't even let me start typing in the comment box. Boo!

This is outside in the workshop, my tiny space, my messy desk! It's tidy! Huzzah! No dust! Double huzzah! No clutter! Triple Huzzah! Still no creativity but I've spent this week tidying, thoroughly decluttering and de-stashing both out there and my shelves in the living room. Anything I haven't looked at in months is finding a new home or being recycled. The plastic shelving at the back was Craig's brainwave to give me more space. I'm surprised at how well it's worked. 

I'm actually raring to get out there now and make it all messy! In a good way rather than a dusty unloved way. 

Some of you asked what was in the blue tote last week. My acrylic paints. Yes, it does hold oodles and oodles of stuff. It's like a Tardis inside! I love it because it isn't PINK! My lovely Craig got it for me from his suppliers. (He sells tools) If anyone in the UK wants to know prices, feel free to email me.

Next we head inside to my tidy area in the house...

These next two are for you Jo :) Excuse the sun glaring off the screen, I sit right beside the back door.

Craig was so pleased with all your comments last week that he wanted to play along again. Here he is hand feeding one of his babies. He's a bit worried Mum isn't feeding this one, hence why it's looking a bit sorry for itself and why he's doing it. This is also why I find my thinnest paintbrushes going walkies!
In answer to some questions last week, I'm told that the different colours of the babies don't signify different sex or breed. They're just literally different colours. The only way to tell their sex is to, ahem, gently blow the feathers away from their bum area and look for a protrusion. Nice.

He said some birds you can tell because the male is differently coloured to the female (or cock and hen as he keeps correcting me) But not these.

Thanks for stopping by and if you wonder why I'm foisting my work areas upon you... just mosey on over to Julia's where you'll find a whole heap more desk, floor, studio, creative space just begging to be rummaged through :)


  1. Love the new clean space :-) This is where the fun can now start :-)
    I will know where to come to if I need some chickens sexing now wont I? hehehe
    A x

  2. Lovely to see inside your studio - very neat and tidy!! and your inside space too... lucky you. Love the pic of Craig feeding the baby.... getting in practice? have a great day. Helen, 4

  3. Wow!!! Very tidy crafting areas Carmen.......most of mine is under yet another b****y jigsaw!!
    Loving the pictures of Craig and the little bird. We used to have two cockatiels and the female would occasionally lay eggs but we never had any babies.
    Hugs xx

  4. Very tidy - you should mine this morning, it looks like a bomb has gone off! Ink and paint everywhere,including on me :D

    I'll have to remember the blowing of the bum area to sex a bird - should need ever arise LOL!

    Claire xxx

  5. Love the top of your desk in the workshop. I much prefer a crafty arty desk that is paint stained.
    Loving the update on the baby birds. So sweet, and what a great use for a paintbrush. Hope we get an update every week.

  6. Great spaces have such a thoughtful other half ...and that canary is so sweet ...I hope hand rearing works ...but does that not mean that Craig is now its mummy.????

  7. Thank you for the screen shots - I see what you mean about my blog background!

    Cute little birdie eating off a paintbrush! Grant says I can blow the feathers away from his bum and look for a protrusion anytime ;D

    Looking forward to you GETTING STARTED on your artwork.............


  8. Now get in there and messy that area up! Oh the cute chick...#100

  9. Love the idea of Craig joining in..I could put the wind up someone here by suggesting he shared lol..

  10. I saw my zombie dude yay!! And that little bird was so cute :-) I'm not really a bird person but some of them do get me :-) I really need to get back into Blog land properly :-S

  11. Every week I see your WOYWW and decide that I must join in and then promptly forget, doh! It does look fun though, all that nosying around is right up my street, lol. (I see you got that box set of inks, I have them too. Great packaging, must get round to using them..) Look forward to seeing your next creative endeavour. Hope you are feeling OK, qs x

  12. Happy late woyww, what a tidy and organised desk, mine starts like that but only for 5 mins. Hope the little chic bulks up.

  13. aww.... poor little babies .. good for him helping them... they do look a bit ...erm.... unruly ..or something....hehe...


    loved the reference to a tardis ...hahahha...very funny...

  14. Wow Carmen, your desks are looking very tidy and organised! I love the art on the shelf indoors-yours??
    My wonderful tote that I won from you holds all my paints and stuff..I love it and its so handy for going to crops.
    Poor baby birds having their bums blown on...what an indignity!

    1. Hi Sam,

      The face picture on my shelf is done by Amy the second thing on the shelf is actually a box that I stand on it's side, it was made by me at a Pickleberry Crafts workshop :)

  15. It's amazing how inspiring it can be to make a change in your creative space, whether it's weeding out things you no longer love or getting different storage . . . hope you have time to play soon. :) Happy WOYWW from Laura #117 (

  16. Carmen, your work area is too clean....Don't look at mine, you'll become ill! I'm going to go snoop around your blog, so if you see me, I'm just snooping... Love the little bird, tell Craig to check my blog page, I've been photographing blue jays that nested outside my window. I'll be back to see what you, Craig and the birdie are up too. Have a great week!
    Mary #171

  17. Well, see, it's Sunday and I'm just getting here, so I wonr if you've sp ent any time actually using that desk yet? Nothing like a blimmin good tidy to get you going though, and I do admire your purging the stuff you haven't used in a while. What sort of tools does Craig sell? should we have him listed as a supplier for our Joinery biz?


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