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Hello everybody.  It's that time of the week again. Already. If ever you were deciding about whether to play along with this weekly get together, please take the time to read Virginia's post today. Her number one positive this week explains exactly why it's worth doing each week. Go on, I'll wait while you go look, just remember to return and read my waffle ;)

Back? So what do you reckon - play along? Hope so. 

This week has shot by again. The weather has made a change for the sunnier - thank you for all the queries about whether I'm dealing with it well. In short - no! Haha! I'm not a sun worshipper anyway, never have handled it well and I think it's probably one of the main reasons I've never ventured to all those foreign climes I'd love to see in real life - I don't think I'd stand the heat.  So I've been wilting, quite literally. BUT the positive I take out of this is... ice-poles. Once I've done that school run walk at the end of the day, released my melting feet from my squelchy shoes, I recline on the sofa whilst someone, I don't care who, they just have to make it quick, fetches me ice-poles from the freezer. Then I sit crunching them. Bliss.

Interesting thing is I usually have sensitive teeth but while pregnant with Ruby I'd crunch through pint glasses of ice cubes. That was my craving. No pain at all. Seems to be the same with the ice-poles. No pain... so I wonder if it'll develop into something similar - so far I haven't craved anything really.
... ... ... ... ...
We've managed three days without using the car this week. Good stuff, not had to top up on petrol. It'll go out the window tomorrow as we're having a family day out but we're doing well!
... ... ... ... ...
Happy mail. I've ordered some books with the pennies I raised from selling some last week. Three arrived today! Woohoo. Especially happy as I got that Mixed media one quite cheaply in the Amazon Marketplace.
Just waiting for one more to arrive - this one. It was hard to narrow down which ones to get and I'm still itching to order more but I'll have to wait till I save some more pennies. What's left at the moment is set aside for Craig's birthday present. *grumble, grumble* (How do I compete with him making me a room for goodness sakes?)
... ... ... ... ...
Having tea and chat with two of my sisters this morning. Three of the six us live quite close but due to time and being busy we rarely all get together. My other sister had just come off night shift so we'll forgive her not making it but it was lovely to just sit and natter and catch up with the other two.
... ... ... ... ...
My big belly getting bigger. I can no longer say I haven't put on weight but I don't care. Movements are getting stronger - hopefully soon the rest of the family will be able to feel too but for now it's just me and bubba. Most of the time I wish they could all feel but sometimes it's nice having those secret little movements all to myself.

Baby shopping. Only a tiny bit. We bought a cute little baby-gro... in gender neutral pale brown/yellow and covered in teddy bears. And a furry brown coat with knitted hoody that reminded me of a bear :P Not much but fun! :) 
... ... ... ... ... 
This months Artists & Illustrators magazine arrived which I love to read in the bath. So you know what? I'm going to leave it there because a cool soak and a read sounds Heaven right now.

Thanks for stopping by - how has your week been?


  1. you sound Good, Carmen.

    Maybe you need to be perpetually pregnant?

    ha ha

    I really must try to use my car less - I blame it on the stuff i carry in the boot - never know when I might need my 'portable craft/art room'

  2. Are you going to post pictures of you being adorably pregnant? :-)

  3. Ice poles a calorie free treat :D

    V. Impressed that you've not used the car much this week - I've been walking everywhere too as dah dah I'm back on my diet and have lost 1/2 a stone (think I've probably sweated most of it off though!!!).

    I could've done with the book you're waiting for earlier in the week ;D You'll have to let me know what it's like!!!

    Have a fab weekend.

    Claire xxx

  4. Oh look at you with your post, how good are you not using the car for three days - the idea of crunching ice made me shudder with such sensitive teeth! Hope you enjoy your relaxing cooling soak and read, the books look great, I have a book called miniature worlds which I thought of when you mentioned the mixed media books recently but appears to be out of print because the prices on amazon marketplace seem a little - well lets say extreme LOL!

    Hope you have a fabulous family day out and that it's not too warm for you over the weekend or if it's warm that there's at least a breeze to keep it more manageable.


  5. Lovely post....I too shuddered at the thought of ice poles...cringe!
    The books do look good...and hope you enjoyed the soak in the bath with your magazine....bliss!
    Have a wonderful family day out.
    Hugs xx

  6. Lovely post, carmen :o) Your books look totally splendiferous - I will definitely be selling some of my books to Amazon, thanks for the tip. One I've got (from a charity shop for a couple of quid) is worth over £11! Although quite a few others seem to be only worth 25p, hahahaha. Oh well, it all adds up and then I can get MORE!

    Shopping for Bubba, how exciting. It's such a special time when only you can feel the baby kick. Won't be long now and you'll have to be a good girl and share!

    I hope you all enjoyed your family day out.


  7. Well done on the no car days - my hubby is doing the same and cycling to work 2 days a week and its a 2 hour ride each way! Doing it for his health as well as to save money. Hope you also enjoyed your family day. Maybe that one will be in next week's post?

    Hope you are keeping well, and that your house is reasonably cool for you to keep out of the heat.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Nicky x

  8. The weather still can't make up it's mind here...went from super hot (like you, feel drained and miserable in the heat) to windy and cold. Everyone else is complaining, but I love it. Just never know what to wear...haha!

    I, too, would love to see a piccie of your tummy. I bet you look so cute :)

    ...magazines and art books *drool* I'm so jealous!
    Sounds like you are doing well!

    I'm so glad :D

  9. wooooooo for snail mail :-) I love snail mail!! Im jelous of your art book collection!!

  10. Makes my teeth ache just thinking about crunching ice poles!Good way to keep pregnant mamas cool in this heat though!
    Your books look great, especially the doll house one, cant wait to see what you create from it.
    Hope you enjoyed your artist magazine in the bath! Have a great week x


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