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Rocking My World Friday...

Hello everyone, it's that time of the week again. Get a shovel and dig through the crap to find the gold nuggets. Have to say this week has been pretty good. Not hard at all to find some positives. So here we go...

Craig. Has to be. I am still so, so tired. Like, drained. By lunchtime I am literally falling asleep on the sofa and not even knowing it's going to happen.  Whenever he can he is letting me just nap. When work allows he drops off/picks  the girls up from school and is just being the most patient bloke in the World. I know how hard it is for him and I do feel guilty. Anyone who is self-employed knows that it's not a 9-5 job. He never stops working. Ever. Yet he still does all this stuff to make it easier for me. I don't remember being this tired before - maybe it's because I'm older this time, maybe it's because it's possibly a boy and I'm used to carrying girls. I don't know. I just can't wait for that promised energy burst so I can pull my (quite sizable now) weight some more! Shout out to Devvie also, for taking on dinner making a couple of times a week. 

Craig has also helped me get my messy space out in the workshop usable again. I have been uncreative for so long. It's not that I don't want to be, the ideas are still brimming over. The desk just got so junked up and I was so tired it just seemed like to much of an effort to go out and clear it. I don't generally paint indoors because, well, I've mentioned Craig's Monica-isms before haven't I? ;) 

He put together some plastic shelving and we got that up on my desk to try and give me more room, then I completely cleaned it all. Decluttered out there and thought, might as well do it properly and de-stashed all my paper and embellies indoors as well. (You can see what it looks like now in the post below) The look of horror when he came in and saw it all spread out over the table and floor. He did an about face and went back to his office to work. Haha. But it's much better now and all done in one evening mainly. Whatever I hadn't looked at in months I let the girls pick over and the rest was recycled. 

So yes. Craig. Top bloke of mine.
... ... ... ... ... 
Money, money, money! For books, books, books! Managed to sell some books on eBay this week. Has the double positive that not only do I get some shelf space for my overspill but I can buy... MORE BOOKS! Also, I've discovered Amazon Trade In. Have you? It seems to be more cost worthy to trade in text books rather than fiction (which they are offering laughable prices for, I'd rather give them away!) but I had some art & craft books on my shelves that I just wasn't going to read again. Either I'd bought them on a whim and just didn't follow through on that crafty branch or they just didn't appeal and had been sitting on my shelf a while. Of course I checked eBay first to see how much I could sell them for but they probably wouldn't have sold so I took the Amazon trade-in price. So now I have some pennies sitting in my Amazon account and some pennies in my Paypal. I have about a tenner waiting to be credited to my surveys account (which is paid out in Amazon vouchers) and then I'll be able to go on a book/stash spree! Huzzah! Have to buy Craig's birthday present first - mustn't forget that in my glee! But am already thinking what to buy, which to choose. So many books to choose from. Must pick wisely! Am slobbering at the thought.
... ... ... ... ...
I'm back to Craig again. Amazon recommended me the Sim City 4 Deluxe game... Amazon you are a curse to me! I love sim type games but somehow I've never got round to trying any of the Sim City games. So I went to check prices on eBay and they were going quite cheap. Only thing was I never had any money in my Paypal at the time. So my beloved let me use his account and I got the game in nearly mint condition for only a few quid. It arrived today. Annoyingly for Craig, the very next day after the auction ended, my books all sold! Hardy ha!

So if I go missing for a while, you know where I am and what I'm playing ;)
... ... ... ... ...
There hasn't been to much rain this week. What there has been has been just showers. Ruby has a new Peppa Pig umbrella so was quite happy to walk to school. Meaning we have hardly used the car at all this week. Hurrah! We're on a petrol saving drive, the new car guzzles it something silly on short journeys!
... ... ... ... ...
Tesco nipple cream works brilliant on acne! Ah the things you find out when pregnant ;)
... ... ... ... ...
The Walking Dead season 2 finally hit 'normal' telly! Hurrah! That kid of theirs annoys me something stupid. Does he creep anyone else out? Looks like his head should start spinning or he should have 666 tattooed on his head or something. Great first episode though. Now we just need the most recent True Blood - I see Sky is already getting trailers for the NEXT season! Pfft!
... ... ... ... ...
The two eldest monsters. Both going through various exams at the moment. Pheebs with her SATS and Devvie with some GCSE stuff. Both kind of keeping their cool, though I do think they are stressing a bit, just hiding it quite well. Was chuffed to bits when Devvie came home and said the bits I'd gone over with her the night before in her Science revision had popped up in her exam. She hadn't known the answer the night before so it just goes to show that revision right up till the last minute does help! We were also pleased to discover some audio revison files on the Bite Size website so she's downloading those to listen to when she's in bed. Might help. Can't hurt.

Ruby monster has received her prospectus through for big school! She starts in September - no more half days at nursery. Ooer! Can't believe it - she's growing up so fast!
... ... ... ... ...
Boot fairs. OK, by the time Ruby has finished shaking us down for money to go on the bouncy castle, ice-cream and a drink... we aren't actually saving much but hey, it's nice to be out in the fresh air and kid ourselves we are finding some bargains.
... ... ... ... ...
That's about me for this week. How has your week been? I'm going to link up with Virginia - follow me over if you fancy joining in.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Sounds like you've had a good week! Tell the girls good luck from me with their exams xxx

  2. A good lists of positives! BTW how does someone find out that nipple cream is good for acne??!! Craig sounds like he deserves husband of the week award-what a star he is.It is so nice to have someone to support you and take up the slack.
    Let me know what you buy with your book pennies, I always love your recomendations (BTW, I am really enjoying the suzi blu book).
    Caleb is always stressing over his GCSE stuff, it doesnt help that the school messed up one of the controlled assesments and all of the ignite group (The brainy bunch) got D's and E's for one of their science assesments. This has brought out major panics in Caleb before any science exam, which I am treating with nice calming reiki! Hope the girls don't get too stressed-I think ice cream eases stress??!!
    What channel is walking dead on, I have not seen it advertised? I watched first series and then they moved it to syfy channel...How many episodes have i missed?

    Hope you have a great weekend x

  3. Am reading your week with a grin on my face! I think Craig deserves man of the year never mind week! Well done for trading in some books (hmmmmmmmm probably something I should try!) have a good weekend.

  4. AS Levels here..horrible. They hadn't been invented when I was at school and that was a very good thing. Best of luck with it all! and with that baby growing, which sounds like it is picking up speed..

  5. Oh what a lush list - Craig for being an utter star - he obviously knows what you need, I remember being absolutely shattered with said 11 year old - slept for the first three months and didn't really get that burst until much later into my pregnancy hopefully yours will put in an appearance very soon! Amazon trade in sounds great, de-cluttering and money - a great mix!

    Devvie for making tea a couple of nights and the time spent together revising being worthwhile can only be a good thing!

    Tidy craft spaces - awesome, I just find it hard trying to get started again LOL - just sat doing a bit now but it's been hard going - it was too tidy!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead hugs


  6. I smiled throughout my reading of sound so happy (if tired) and Craig deserves Man of the Decade....give him a hug from me for looking after you so well.
    And Devvie deserves a hug for cooking.
    Fingers crossed for your girls and the SATs....the boy has just finished (well, a couple of hours ago) his final Uni exam...where have those three years gone??
    Hope your weekend is as good as your week.
    Hugs xx

  7. Yeah, the kid from Walking Dead freaks us all out too with his stary eyes. Glad you're enjoying it; the acting is brilliant, isn't it? What fun to play a zombie (some days I probably look like I am!).

    Ugh, sorry to hear you're feeling so knackered with baby. Have you seen Rosemary's Baby? I'm not suggesting your baby is the spawn of the devil but............ ;D Craig is Top Man (although he could be in league with the coven, have you thought of that?).

    Nipple cream for acne? As Sam asks, how on earth did you make that discovery?!

    You sound a happy girl, Carmen, and it's lovely.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the sats/exams, it's not much fun (and they say school days are supposed to be the happiest days of your life? I don't think so!!).

  8. What a fab week you've had! Make the most of your naps - a good nana nap does the world of good ;D

    Good luck to the girls with their exams.

    Have a fab weekend

    Claire xxx

  9. I think my OH would faint if i spoke about him so nicely haha!! Only kidding!! Glad you had a good week!!

  10. eeek I've just realised I still haven't checked out all last week's Friday posts....and it's Friday already again!

    better catch up quick before the new wave hits :)

    First of all, I hope you are starting to get a bit of your energy back - I remember how exhausted I was when pregnant with Connor – it turned out that being up the duff at age 36 was a tad more tiring than it was when I was 22!

    Fab that you have such a supportive man around to help you out, my ex wasn’t so :) Hence the ‘ex’ part :)

    Good news that you are amassing book funds, as I know how much you love your reading material. I am the same but I really have to stop buying them quicker than I can read them!

    I really need to watch that Walking Dead prog, I know I’d enjoy it….but like my pile of unread books, I also have hours of unwatched recorded TV to catch up on. I need more hours in the day!  Don’t we all….

    I hope your older girlies have both finished their exams by now and can relax a bit. The month of May is never fun when you’re exam age.

    Well, I would say 'have a great week' but it's already over, so I hope you HAD a great week!


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