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Rocking My World Friday...


Has it really been a week already? Where is the time going? 

So what's been happening this week. Hmm.

Well, I went to see the consultant... not exactly sure why I had to. It was one of those occasions where I was in the waiting room longer than in the actual appointment. Then, just to be told, we'll keep you under the midwife unless your back plays up... okaaaay. So, same as usual then. And am I sure I don't want a home birth? Um... that would be a big fat YES! Where are all the drugs and doctors and midwives and the delicious Heaven on Earth toast and tea after the birth? In H.O.S.P.I.T.A.L! I mean, I don't have all the drugs. Gas and air makes me throw up so I just have a pethidine jab so I can rest in between all the pain but hey, should something go wrong I know where I'd rather be. Our hospital gets a lot of stick and bad press but let me tell you, having had 2 of my babies there, the baby part of it cannot be praised highly enough in my opinion. 

But anyway - the good part about seeing Mr Consultant was that I got another scan. Very unexpected! I didn't even know our little local one had the facilities. Mr Consultant agreed with the scanner lady from before - he said he wasn't 100% but thought he could definitely see 'something'... and of course as soon as he said it, little rascal in my tum crossed his/her legs. Suffice to say we are now thinking of more boy names than girls but are still not going to say it for definite ;)
... ... ... ... ...

Silver Crow has been spotted again. Very close, Devvie caught him on camera this time. This was taken from our back door so he definitely likes our area.
I do feel sorry for all the birds in this wet weather we've been having. Doesn't he look bedraggled? Am so pleased he's sticking local though :) He's got so big as well.

Talking of wet weather... we've had some sun for two days in a row! *Gasp* It said on the news last night that we've officially had the wettest April on record. Good news is that most of England has now been released from the drought warning. Everywhere that is except... the South East! Typical, not that we need to use hose pipes or anything at the moment... Not that I have a garden that even needs a hosepipe. It just made me chuckle.
... ... ... ... ...
I've started doing the survey sites again. Stopped before Christmas because you just seem to sit there for aaaages and a lot of them are so repetitive or screen you out after you've sat there for 20 minutes filling in the damn thing.  It also seems to take an age for any points you earn to be credited to your account. BUT when they finally do get credited, I reckon I've done a tenners worth this week which means at some point in my life (hopefully soon!)  I'll be claiming a £10 Amazon voucher. And if you read my post last week, we all know what I'll be buying don't we.
... ... ... ... ...
Have been tidying up my messy desk and it's starting to look good out there. Hopefully you'll start to see more creativity posted here. I have all these ideas brimming over in my head but that's about as far as they get. I have procrastination-itis. It really is just a case of being tired and achy. (I wont go into that! You really don't want me to.) The ideas are there but it would involve actually moving my posterior.  And yet I really miss getting messy and having a play. I'm supposed to be in the stage of pregnancy where I get loads of energy - have to say I am yet to feel it. Have had to go lay down for a nap a couple of times in the afternoons this week... cannot wait to get that energy burst! But anyway - least my messy desk will be ready for me ;)
... ... ... ... ...
Baby bunnies running around the fields we pass on our way to school. We saw a pure white baby bunny on the side of the road (very much alive and scoffing grass) on our last drive home from Hastings! Never seen a white one in the wild before, I wondered if someone had released a house bunny and it had mated in the wild, who knows. Just love seeing the baby bunnies.

Saw a baby robin today. Thought at first it was a sparrow because it didn't have a red breast but no, it was a robin. Craig was most chuffed when I pointed it out to him, said you don't see one of those very often.
... ... ... ... ...
Do you know, I'm sitting here, beside my back door at 7pm at night. The door is open, the sun is streaming onto my back and warming it up lovely. All I can hear is birds singing. It's fabulous. After so much grey and rain. Just wonderful.

While I'm thinking about nature and colour. Rape fields. I know they play havoc with people who have hay fever but I love them. There's loads this year and as soon as you walk out the door you can smell that distinctive scent heavy in the air, as you walk you can see the yellow fields peeping through the gaps in the houses. Just love it. Much better than the smell of car fumes.
... ... ... ... ...
I think that's about me done apart from the usual nod to Craig and the girls for putting up with me, letting me nap, cooking dinner occasionally and doing the dishes, making me copious amounts of tea etc. (I can drink tea again! Yay!) Top bunch.

Going to pop on over to Virginia's and link up now. Why don't you follow me over and play along yourself?

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  1. Glad you had a good week. Mine's improved slightly today - went to the Stitches show in Brighton and bought some awesome mdf stuff. :D

    Fingers crossed that we see a little bit more of the yellow stuff this week.

    Claire xxx

  2. So interesting to read about how health care differs in your neck of the woods from mine. Having babies at home is not common here. Insurance doesn't cover it and Doctors don't just offer it to you. You have to go to special facilities that specialize in it and pay for it yourself (and it is quite expensive!). My Aunt is the only person I know who has had 2 home births.

    I love the pics of Silver Crow! What an amazing sight!
    Love to you all, including Babe in Tumblyland :)
    I wanted to call him Mini Man in Tumblyland....but, since we don't know for sure if he is, indeed, a he....I'll wait :)


  3. Wow awesome list Carmen, the extra scan is awesome - even if junior decided he/she didn't want to play - guess the sex LOL! Loving the silver crow even if he does look very bedraggled, I'm loving the blue skies and sunshine too, it would be nice if it stayed a little while! Also loving the baby bunnies and baby robins, we saw a baby bunny in a field on a geo-cache this afternoon - sooooooooooooo cute! We also saw a dead one - but we won't dwell on that!

    Hope you have a fabulous week ahead and hope that energy burst is soon winging its way to you - I'm just knackered at the minute - but then we did do a lengthy walk today so it's probably that!

    Hugs as always

  4. I just left a great comment and now it's disappeared - bloody blogger sometimes Shortened version - yay for the consultant and his guesses - yay for hospital births - I liked the gas and air - wanted a bottle to bring home I was the only female in the hospital laughing her ass off - quite literally! Loving the silver crow and the blue skies and the sunshine and the baby bunnies we saw one today on our way back from a geo-cache find! Fingers crossed you get your burst of energy so you can get messy and painty and splodgy!

    Hugs to you all!

  5. And then it reappears grrrrrrrrrr

  6. Sounds like a great week! Your silver crow obviously sees you as his family! And now a white bunny too... sending hugs.

  7. Gas and air made me sick too! I love the rape fields as well-what an amazing colour they are!!

  8. A very lyrical post today with your baby bird sightings :) I'm right with you on hospital births. I took every drug going..

  9. An extra scan-bonus! I definately would not have wanted a home birth although I only had gas and air with my second, at least you know the drugs are there!
    Your silver crow has got huge! We have ha robins in our garden evry year since we moved in but I have not seen a baby one, I did see a mummy thrush with her baby though, pecking at the bread I put out! Your energy will return to you soon i'm sure, in the meantime make the most of those afternoon naps! Hope you have a great week x

  10. Thanks for dropping by ....yet again i seem to have probably lost so much stored information fault for not backing up things ...will i ever learn.
    So glad things are going well with the pregnancy ...i'm with you ...who would want to give birth at home and then be rushed in if something went wrong.

    Is it an albino crow? ...maybe it is being picked on by other birds....and I too LOVE rape fields ....but I cant say so as Vicki suffers so badly when they are all bright and wonderfully golden. Take Care. xx

  11. Oooh, fantastic piccie of silver crow - I hope he isn't getting hassled by the others. Meanies.

    Fab that you got an unexpected extra bubba scan. And no, I wouldn't want a home birth either - not that they would ever let me as I tend to have ridiculous complicated life threatening births. Pah. Glad I don't have to go through all that again really :) I can still get all broody over yours though :D

    Here's to more sunshine :) have a great week!


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