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How've you been this week? Good, I hope? I nearly never came on to do my Rocking post - no reason in particular. Just been feeling weary and bone tired which brought on a bad case of the procrastinations this week. But I don't think feeling positive should get caught up in all that, do you? No, and I agree :)

So lets begin. Hmmm...

Watching a 15 year old and her 4 year old sister playing zumba on the wii. Hilarious and cute at the same time. The same two are now snuggled up on the sofa watching cBeebies :)
... ... ... ... ...
Ever increasingly obvious butterfly tickles in my tummy. Usually when I've eaten or drank something cold. Hello little one! I love Ruby asking me every night if she can kiss her baby goodnight and then asking if I will be going pop or plop anytime soon. She is not quite sure which way her new brother or sister will be arriving. She also has this image that when I eat, baby is sitting in my tummy with his/her mouth open so the food can drop in. Must start writing this all down for when she's older!
... ... ... ... ...
Amazon wishlist. When I've felt like doing booger all, it's a great way to window shop without actually moving much more than my finger. Loads of books to save for, funny though how just reading the titles and descriptions can inspire you too. Or is that just me? I think I am deep in the throes of an Amazon Recommends addiction and can spend literally hours on and off just browsing. 
One of the books I discovered this week has given me some great ideas without actually reading it. I've been thinking for ages about getting a dolls house to sit on our fireplace and then getting the girls to help me decorate it. Nothing strict like perfectly to scale or anything, blimey can you imagine me trying that? Nah - disaster waiting to happen. I just thought it would be  a fun thing to do together. Haven't mentioned it to the girls yet as can't afford to go out and buy a dolls house at the moment. But then, I saw Mixed-Media Dollhouses pop up in my recommendations. What a great idea. Already I'm getting fizzes of inspiration. So that's one I'll definitely be getting at some point.
So yes. Amazon Recommends and Wishlist, my not so secret affair at the moment. Craig just looks over my shoulder, sighs and walks away lately. 
... ... ... ... ...
Facebook groups and the friends in them that just make me laugh and laugh!I was really thinking about coming off of there, just so much negativity lately. Plus I seem to upset people left right and centre,  without knowing how but these girls, they make it worth staying.
... ... ... ... ...
I have a consultants appointment this week for my back! This will be my 4th baby and the first time I will have been referred to a consultant! I find it highly amusing. It might have something to do with the fact that I told the midwife, during my booking appointment, that I didn't know I was in labour last time. See, with my back problem I get all my contractions in my back. Not a single one in my tummy. Same during that time of the month, all cramps are in my back. And they all feel the same as the usual pain I get on and off anyway in varying degrees. So when I went in to be induced last time, got all hooked up to the machines, midwife turns to me and says "can't you feel that?" "Feel what?"  I say. she turns the machine towards me to show the graph with spikes all over it... "oh that!" I says. "That's just my back giving me a bit of gyp!" "No." She replies, "that's you in labour!" Oops. So yes, 4th baby, 1st consultant referral. Doubt it will help much but hey, it's worth hearing what he has to say eh? Even though I've mentioned my problem each and every time and it's been in my notes each and every time... not knowing you are having contractions is apparently the clincher that seals the deal :D
... ... ... ... ...
Think that's me this week, doesn't seem like much but I literally have been lazing about doing nothing... oh wait. I better list Craig hadn't I? For putting up with me lazing about, having no energy and generally acting like the Queen of Sheba to everyone. Yeah - he's pretty amazing.

Off to link up with Virginia now and catch up with the other Friday Rockers. You really should come play you know. Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Loving this post!
    Your Craig is pretty amazing...he's definitely a keeper.
    I too could spend hours on Amazon going through the recommendations....some of mine are weird though as I've used my account to buy books for DH and the many books on the Spanish Civil war is too many???
    Ouch to back problems.....looking forward to seeing what the consultant says....I'm still waiting for an answer to "how do I breast feed with inverted nipples?".....been waiting 23 years now!!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. sorry if that's TMI!

    1. Surely your son is off the boob by now, Susie?!

  2. Glad you managed a Rocking list - you could say you're early for this coming Friday?! How wonderful to be having the butterfly tummy tickles, that has to be one of THE BEST feelings there is and I envy you experiencing it again :o) I don't envy your constant back pain, however. I do hope the consultant is able to do something to help you.

    The mixed media dollshouse book looks FAB, and I'm pretty tempted to buy one myself (although Grant gave me 'the chat' this week about money - you know the one?! - so I might have to wait a couple of weeks). I love how you can create room by room in a random way. Mind you, I'm not so sure about tracking down a very cheap source of cigar boxes in the UK. I must get me down to a local 'smokes' shop, as the author puts it!

    I can't imagine you upsetting anyone, Carmen.

    Have a lovely week,


  3. Love Ruby!!! Glad you decided to write your list - I miss it if you don't.
    BTW thanks for all your lovely comments - but I can't take the credit for the title Kaleidoscope of colour, as that's what the Simon Says team used... thanks for thinking I could though.

  4. Ahhh bless Ruby - I too now have a vision akin to that of a baby bird waiting to be fed! Just love the way kids minds work :D

    I'm soooo not gonna look at the book - have a bit of a fixation for boxes/houses and all things that can be decorated at the moment and totally won't need any encouragement!!!

    Of to finish my "top secret" project now! Hoping that the ink has dried - good job you posted otherwise I'd be bored and fiddling with it and probs messing things up!!!

    Claire xxx

  5. Hi Carmen, so sweet about Ruby and the baby, make sure you do write it down, you don't want to forget that one! When I was pregnant with Shelby, Caleb said if it was a girl he would bite her head off like a jelly baby...not sure he knew it would be a real baby!
    I bet its wonderful to feel those flutterings again. Craig sounds like a true sweetheart!
    I am staying away from my amazon always leads to spending!
    Hope you have a great week x

  6. AMAZON RULES :-) lovely rocking your world friday/monday as usual :-)

  7. Going to try again this morning, loving the post as always, also loving the comments from Ruby - you need to document these! Watching the kids play on the Wii sounds great fun, really need to get myself back on that when I'm feeling a little more human!

    I hope you have a fabulous day


  8. Amazon wish lists are fun aren't they. At least you'll have everything written down handy when your lottery win comes in :)

    Enjoy your tummy flutters!

  9. I remember that fluttery feeling fondly....*sigh* I am so glad I got the chance to experience it...

    4 times for you is such a gift....enjoy it, Sweetie...such an amazing time for everyone in your house right now...

    Won't be long til the noise and smell starts and Ruby may want you to return it to whence it came....haha!


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