What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 151

Ooer - I feel like a newbie again. It's been so long since I played. I'm slowly, slowly getting back to doing the things I enjoy in Blogland. I got so behind on everything for a while there.

Here we go. This is my little area of the house, as it was about half hour ago :) Excuse the feet in the bottom of the picture - literally had to sprawl on my back, across the dinner table to get this one.
Zoom in to my desk, I have to try and keep this area tidy because it's in our living room/dining room. (One of those knocked through jobs)
The paintings on the shelf are not my work. They are by Amy and I adore them. The box in the middle (standing on it's side) is one I did at a Pickleberry Crafts workshop. Love their workshops, wish I could afford to do more. The Marmite jars... I just can't seem to throw them out when they are empty so they accumulate on my shelves and I put pens and brushes in them, a pretence that they are not some weird collection but actually very useful items. Ahem.

All the books... some are for review, a couple are borrowed, some are just overspill where my two solitary allocated shelves are full. The ones on top of the printer are sketchbooks.

This was the dinner table last night, I'm desperately trying to get some sketchbooks finished this week from a Round Robin I'm in. Once I'm all caught up I'll hopefully start creating some more. It's been so long what with one thing and another. 
And so we head outside to my messy desk...
Aptly named and I can't actually get to it at the moment. The board in front is what I rest my canvasses on to paint (now starring in my banner up top of the blog  there.)  Craig's bird shed hoover is in the way as is Ruby Monster's bike. But I'll be out there this week. Getting painty and messy have no fear!

So that's me :) It's good to be back and I'd like to play more regularly. I might need a prod remembering the day is coming. I forget what hour it is so easily lately never mind what day. If you fancy playing along, share your work desk or rummage through others - be sure to head over to Julia's place, Desk Mistress extraordinaire, and link up.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Love your desk(s) today... good to see you back here again!

  2. Wow, your inside work area is incredibly tidy! The Marmite jars collection is not normal but I bet however much you wash them, they still smell of marmite, yes? And you still sniff them don't you?! I wonder if there is a local branch of Marmite Anonymous near you.............?!

    Your outside work space is really rather a different matter! It's calling to you to get out there and get on with some arting ;D Wear your wellies though 'cos today is going to be the wettest day this year (I've got the buckets out in the conservatory, collecting the drips).


  3. ooh an invitation to prod - accepted - I am concerned about you sprawling on tables in your condition, glad you are feeling weller, I suspect that room may never get tidy...don't fall off the table PLEASE
    dx @108

  4. Good to see all of your creative spaces today....go and get messy girl :-)
    A x #38

  5. Hi Carmen I know what you mean about getting back into blogland, I don't know why but I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with it. I think life is just getting busier and busier and there are so many things I should be doing, I know that I want to do my art and visit my blog friends but I always seem to have to put everything else first.....hmmmmm.....I'm going to have to change things I think :0)

    Lovely to see your work space!!! And I'm glad everything is going well for you and your little one ;0) xoxoox

  6. thank you for the look around your crafting space today

    vicky #104 woyww
    Ps I also have saturated canary candy on my blog

  7. Sprawl away, my dear!! Legs Akimbo could be your new Nom de Plume!!! LOL
    Your desk area is looking great - love Amy's paintings too. But Carmen, get a grip...you CAN throw Marmite pots away! It's not like you're never going to see another one is it??? Can you tell I don't like the black stuff, lol!
    Keep well and happy,
    LLJ #33 xx

  8. Great post!! Glad you have joined us again. Thanks for the snoop - sketchbook pages looking good! x Jo

  9. LOL the lengths you'll go to for art!!!! I'm really glad that you're a marmite jar hoarder!!! It makes my bon mamon and Sainsbury peanut butter jar haul seem much more socially acceptable!!!

    Enjoy your week!

    Claire xxx

  10. Love your crafty space! Looks pretty perfect to me!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Nadia 117

  11. What a co-incidence, I mentioned the marmite pot on my desk today as well!
    Carolyn #90

  12. Hello!

    So many interesting things - lots of possibility here! I love the name of your blog - so creative and fun! I have never tasted this Marmite yet - still holding out with my peanut butter! :< Wishing you some sunshine today!


    Barbara Diane

  13. Ah, I must remember to add my number...thanks for visiting..on my table is the comics from the Sunday newspaper with wax paper over it..

  14. looks like a cozy corner, even if it's in the dining room!
    wishing you to find some creative time the coming days ;)
    have a happy week!

  15. I think your canvas made a wonderful banner...what a great idea! I think you outside desk looks most familiar to me (the mess and all) Happy WOYWW #159 Thanks for visiting!

  16. I remember when I first started stamping in our little house and I had to share the living room, too! I'm thankful now that I have a little (8'x10') room all to my self. I enjoyed "visiting" your home! Thanks!
    Carol #147

  17. I adore your tiny little corner of the room. It contains art work that you love and is very neat. dani138

  18. I love marmite, and I love your space so tidy too I can only dream of being that tidy :-) thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog :-) xx

  19. Your banner is wonderful! Your desk is very fun!

  20. lovely desks....and marmite jars as storage...genius!!

    Happy WOYWW


  21. I really like your small work area, it is cute and cozy. I also love that you have a second desk for your messes. Linda #145

  22. I like your small space and I like that being in the living/dining area keeps you motivated to keep it clean. That doesn't seem to work for me. I would weep to only have 2 bookshelves full but I do think what I have is overkill. But I did learn books make fab wall insulation up against my uninsulated cinder blocks. The sketchbooks look fun. Hopefully you can finish them up soon.

  23. I am ever so nosy...so a peek into other's personal crafty spaces makes me giddy! Messy ones, especially, make me feel like I'm not alone :)

    So glad you're making your way back to creating and blogging again...bet it feels good to get your hands all painty again ;P

  24. It seems to be the fashionable thing to do to use up those marmite jars, cant eat the stuff, dont like it, yuk. Love your spaces(s) especially the one outside. Go and whip up a storm and be creative girl.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Eliza #26

  25. Great post! Your space is so well organized. Thanks for visiting mine. Artie #143

  26. Loving the space Carmen, glad you are back to creating! Loving the sketchbook and love how you managed to incorporate your board into your blog header - genius!

  27. First I want to say Thanks for stopping by and leaving a commnet about my Dog looking out the window... she's patroling for Squriles.... if they only know she was there!
    Your place is just so nice an orderly... Love you bolg too.. I enjoyed my look around and will be back to give it a closer look too!!

  28. I don't think it is messy at all! Quite tidy for a shared space!! I could look at your pictures all day, there is so much good stuff to see!!
    Happy WOYWW!! (a day late)

  29. Fab pics and such a super corner of crafty goodness! Take care, am still working my way through the list, doing so in stints and making sure I have snacks to munch! Zo xx 77

  30. Oooh your space(s) look lovely and creative! Thanks for your comment on my blog... we've actually already moved house 2 years ago, just hadn't gotten around to selling the old place yet! :lol: And the house we've moved to is right next to a river... which is currently on a floor alert! No surprise there!

    Ali #126

  31. Now that is a great idea the tidy workspace and the messy one but think both of mine would be messy lol. Thank you or visiting me and welcome back to WOYWW. Hugs, Amanda #133

  32. So neat and tidy and then the truth is revealed lol! I had my space in our dinning room for a while, hated it because I couldn't just leave everything out. So glad to be back in my space now!

    Angie #154

  33. Our desks do look similar! Mine is also placed in our living area so i try to keep it as neat as possible =)


  34. Your indoor crafting area looks lovely and lol about the Marmite jars!

    Thanks for coming to see my desk (sorry I'm so late!) The pens you saw were the new Tim Holtz ones - and so far so good, although I've really only tried the one technique with them so far (colouring in stamps, spritz with water, then stamp onto paper for a watercolour look). I don't have any Copics myself so can't do a comparison.

    Hope you have a good week xx

  35. I love your marmite jars! They really are a design statement in themselves aren't they! Thanks for sharing and for visiting too. Liz at 194 x.

  36. Both your desks look great.
    Happy very belated WOYWW

  37. Wow! Great space! You seem so very organized!!! I LOVE some of your canvasses!!!

  38. Oooh, your outside desk area is just begging for a pegboard with a shelf above it to get your space all cleared up and organized...so you will have your nice big black surface free for messing, creatively, of course! You're inside space is very very tidy...I can't imagine having to keep my craft space tidy! I love being organized, but tidy? That's a whole 'nother ballgame, yah?
    Thanks for stopping by and seeing my sewing cabinet. This week, I say this week since I'm ridiculously late getting around to see last weeks desks, I'll put up pictures of my pegboard...I heart pegboard! ;)

  39. I understand trying to get back to the things you love in the blogosphere! I'm 2 weeks behind on my WOYWW comments and didn't have a chance to participate this past week...

    Love all the detail shots and I collect cans of my favorite snack mix - Hapi. Surround yourself with things you love!

    Have a lovely Mother's Day!



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